Aquarius Man Carries Torch For Aries Woman

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I’m an Aquarian man who is hopelessly in love with his ex-girlfriend, an Aries. We broke up over two years ago and we are both seeing other people… but I still love her dearly.

I’m not one for divination or tarot cards or astrology, but recently I have started reading into the zodiac and I was amazed at how much birth signs impact a person’s personality. When reading the attributes for my birth sign and my ex’s, it was surreal. Everything was almost dead on. If I had known this stuff years ago I would have been a far more considerate and loving boyfriend and would have chosen to work on the relationship instead of defiantly just letting it go.

I think about her all the time, and more than anything I wish that I could have one more chance with her. I would treat her the way she deserves: with love, respect, and support, instead of being such a narcissistic ass like I was. I would spend the rest of my life with her and not give it a second thought. I was too young to realize how much of an incredibly dynamic person she was and she had an indelible impact on my life.

I’m a very logical and methodical person, so this is very difficult for me to ask the advice of a complete stranger. I just wish someone would tell me something different than “forget her, just move on, things are different now…”

I love her a lot, and she still is cold to me and only wants to communicate via email – but even just writing to her made me feel amazing. What do you do when you realize that you want to spend the rest of your life with a person who has moved on? I would do anything to get her back, and two years later I still dream about her. I m not psychotic, and I realize that I’m not the first person in history to feel this way, but I don’t want to give up. I want to spend the rest of my life with her, and if it takes me fifteen years to get her back, then it was worth every second.

I would greatly appreciate your words.

Aquarian Man

Dear Aquarian,

I’ve thought about this a lot and realize no can advise you because you don’t want actually want advice. You are running your own life which is appropriate and you sound utterly committed to loving this woman… indefinitely and regardless of any circumstance.

I am not going to tell you this is a bad idea because I don’t think it is. For one thing love is not an “idea”. Love is a feeling and if you love someone then you love them and that is all there is to it. And although there are any number of things you can do with the love, you feel it seems you know what you want to do with yours – you’re going to try to win this woman back. You have a commitment and with Saturn conjunct your Mars and square Venus in Capricorn, I don’t think anyone is going to dissuade you from goal!

I will say your chart shows hard karma when it comes to relationships, combined with a very idealistic vision of love. One manifestation of this would be to dream this girl up and then be deprived of her, which describes your current situation. But I can’t say it could not be possible; you could create a dream partnership with this girl through commitment to making a sustained effort, because for all I know you can. And though I am not sure I know any better than you do how to win this girl back, I will offer this:

Aries needs a challenge. So if you are slobbering on this girl’s doorstep she is not going to be moved, except in the other direction. So if what you’re doing is not working and it sounds as if it is not, I would seriously (Saturn word) consider pulling my horns in and waiting/seeing if she comes to you, even if this takes 15 years. Because if you can’t get her to come to you, then you can’t get her.

Good luck.


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  1. I find this disconcerting. If you have broken up over two years ago…I’d say it’s time to accept reality and surgically remove yourself from this situation.
    I was obsessed with a man for years and years and years, and it was a relief to finally let go of that obsession. That only happened when I realized what I was doing: I was projecting all of my fantasies onto him.
    I could ignore the reality of my own life (I was in a relationship with an addict and it was killing me). Everything was going to work out…eventually…when this person woke up to how much I really loved him and would look after him!
    It wasn’t until I turned that love and respect to MYSELF was I freed from being obsessed.

    A couple of bigger questions: why did you break up and why are you still pining over someone and dating someone else? If my ex was in a relationship and harassing me, you bet your booty I’d be limiting contact.

  2. I have to agree with kashmiri. If she won’t even see you in person or talk to you on the phone, then you might want to give it up before she files for a restraining order to keep you from contacting her. She’s with someone else anyway, right? How do you know she’s not happy with them? You said yourself that she’s cold to you… Let the woman get on with her life already.

  3. I’m not saying it is the case with this aquarius, but it sure reminds me of a few aquarius I’ve met who only value people that don’t want them. I think deep down they don’t love themselves, and don’t respect people that do. So they chase the ones that don’t. It’s sick.

    Aquarian Man, Kashmiri is right about this, it’s absurd that you realised you are so deeply in love with her and still haven’t quit your present relationship. Huge “WTF?” in my mind about this. 🙂

  4. I think she is cold to you and limiting contact out of hurt – why did you break up? you said yourself that you were a ‘narcissistic ass’ before, it’s not surprising that she would be afraid to be in contact with you as you could hurt her again. And if she still has feelings for you, just talking to you might dredge those up as well and make her second guess her present relationship. It is just far easier for her to shut out the past and go forward. Why do you want her now? do you really care about her or just want her because you’ve lost her? It took 2 years for you to get to this point so it will probably take her a while to believe in you again. If you really want her back, SHOW her you have changed. Don’t slobber at her doorstep, but don’t retreat and wait for her to make the moves. If you messed things up, it is up to you to make it up now. Be patient, keep in contact and gradually demonstrate how you have really changed. Steady, consistent caring shows that you are serious in a way that words cannot. So don’t just talk and share feelings – why should she believe any of those? Especially if it is just once and you withdraw. Do, show, act. Be willing to make yourself available/unattached, be patient, be consistent over time. And by all means, should she give you any attention, do NOT play any games with her or try and push/pull – she will just see it as more evidence to avoid you and limit contact further. Be serious, and if she still cares about you she just might come back! Good luck!

  5. dear mister aquarian man,

    i hope that you find a lot of value in the advice of all four that came before me here. however, as an ARIES woman whose last relationship was with an AQUARIAN “narcissistic ass” of a man, i will tell you that your best bet is to most carefully consider ana’s advice. if your love for her is this strong and your sense of what is meant to be is what you write that it is, you have a lot of work to do. “Do, show, act.” This very important in rebuilding anything for such a tarnished past. As it is, she has no reason to think you are anyone but who you were two years ago.

    you want to follow everyones advice by putting an end to attempting to rekindle things with your aries while simultaneously dating other women. i can understand why you are doing this, but if you love her as much as you say you do, it’ll be worth the sacrifice to celibate yourself. your description of what your relationship with aries woman was and is is a pretty close reflection of mine. he calls every month, wanting information, wanting to know when we can see each other. in response, i ask how his girlfriend is doing. i certainly do not want to allow him to make someone else feel the way he made me feel.

    good luck.

  6. this string of emails and answers is nothing short of incredible. I guess many other people have been through the Aries Love issue. Recently have ended??? a relationship with a ’57 Aries and I am a 1959 Taurus (I did not end it , she did, and via e:mail). there were a lot of very messy things going on in our relationship including my still being married and a very messy divorce which is finally over. My relationship with Ramzila was nothing short of incredible very passionate and I am very depressed about that I cannot even bring myself to do many things, that it seems to be over. I would do anything ANYTHING to get her back she is an incredible person and woman and I think about her every moment of the day. She is a one in a million person. We have been apart for about 4 months with very little contact. Also to complicate matters further she recently had surgery to remove cancer from her body so that was part of what happened as well. It looks like she is going to be okay and recover which is of course great. We dated and saw each other exclusively for about 2 years. We made many trips together including Paris France for her 50th birthday. I am not complaining but I spent 20 to 30,000 on this woman during the course of our relationship including big engagement ring which is now in my safe on ice and now she is gone. I feel like my heart has been smashed into a million pieces. I could go on and on but if you are an Aries and or a Taurean I think I have said enough. Any advice on how to get her back is appreciated. I have no desire to begin anew with anyone else again ever. I would like nothing more in the world to be with her again. Last year the holidays were great.

    I guess I have said enough.

    I could really use some good advice, I am at witts end and have no desire to move on, suck it up or any of that. There is no money issue here, I never see that mentioned in the posts, we are both well off with good incomes and assets in seven figures.

    Please help!

  7. I am a leo women and my aquarius man was acting differnt towards me, I asked him if someone else was in his life and he told me no. I went to where he hangs and he was with two women I asked him again and he said he never cheated on me, It has been 3 weeks now. He called me last week and said this is hard I think about you we were together a while. That night i called him and he let a women answer the phone and she said he couldnt have called you he was in bed with me and my girlfreien

    1. OMG!! I know that aqua man are very sexual to females and they’re like magnets to other females. Mine once told me that him and his other ex had a fight, was on a break (they were seeing each other at the time) an that moment they fought, he slept with his previous ex. He didn’t believe that was cheating tho. Now, ever since that story – I’m very frisky and skeptical of him each time ‘we’ fight and he’s completely ‘silent’.

      Mind you, I’m also not the type of GF that calls him often and whenever he’s with his so called “buddies” which includes many female friends, I don’t even send him a single msg. Therefore he DOES have it ‘freely’ with me. But after reading what you wrote, I’m a bit more insecure with this guy now. (I’m an Aries)

  8. I am an aries woman, and I think everything you said was just so sweet, maybe you should tell her exactly how you feel and if you have already and she has moved on then i am sure that you will find a great girl that will love you as much as you love her. I just recently broke up with my boyfriend, yesterday. We had been going out for 2 years and it was the most meaningful relationship i have ever been in ..i have never cared or loved someone so much in my life, feeling like you are so empty without them and every moment you can you want to spend with them, i was totally in love. But things started to go downhill, we spent so much time together, every waking second-literally. We started arguing and that turned into heated battles and eventually we were calling eachother names and being childish.Every time we talked to eachother it would turn into a argument and not just a little tiny ones fights that lasted for days not seeing eachother for a week at a time. So eventually I made my self write down all the things he made me feel. i would write down happy ones and bad ones and the bad ones defiantly outweighed the good ones. But after thinking about it for such a long time and comming up with many conclusions and or options and trying and trying and it feeling like i am trying for nothing and feeling so alone i finally figured out i loved the person he USED to be .not who he is now . and i will always love him but i know relationships arent susposed ot be liek that and if you try and try and it still dosernt work dont waste what little of life you have trying to make something impossible i am basically saying if you are putting all your heart into this girl and she dosent want to be with you anymore then there is some girl out there just looking for a sweet guy liek you . dont worry everything happens for a reason and you will find your soulmate .!

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    ok maybe i am not the typical aries girl but i need lots of attention! That is what is bugging me about the aquarius guy i am seeing. is this just me?

    1. No, it’s NOT just you… Aquarius man are very aloof. It’s always when it’s available and good for ‘them’ and that YOU are to adjust your schedule time and emotions according to theirs. They believe they’re KING. Mine is hard to deal with too. they say that Aries and Aquarius are perfect match if they learn to understand and compromise with each other. But in truth? The Aries Woman Can’t always be the one to give in when a critical situation / fight occurs. The Aqua man ALWAYS must be ‘right’ while he’s NOT!

      It’s quite disturbing as the fire within us Aries are flaming up each time they do such thing. So Upsetting!

      1. Oh, and they are definitely NOT the type of guy to ‘commit’ bcuz they ‘know’ in their own little ego and world they can get any females they want. At least, that’s what “mine” shows off as…

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    Libra hurt by Aquarius

    I just broke up a 2 year relationship with an Auarius. They say that Libra and Aquarius are the perfect match but the truth was that I was miserable in this relationship. No affection, no attention no intimacy. I guess that with Aquariuses it all depends on whether they are ready to commit.

  11. Hi Aquarian. I am also an aquarian. its really intresting to read your story. Aquarian is your birth personality. but that gets shaped with your experience and others experience also. try to get shaped.
    understand man, everything (including relationships) are experiences for us. be good to ur present girl.
    you know what, if you get that ex- girl back, then u wont be like how you are now, u will look all -ves of her and will think in an exactly opposite was that u would have never thought.
    just try to think like this. if ur present girl leaves you, then among the two girls you will love the girl who is more experienced, more realistic, and the girl who is more happy with out you. hehehehe. thats the character of us. so try to hold your girl and think that she should not leave u. u will be happy then.
    enjoy the life man, understand every thing is an experience for us. so just experience everything.

    1. Im aqua girl and my ex was aries. I have the situation with him.still crush on him deeply , madly sometimes. But I do realize he doesn’t care for me anymore. He is indifferent. Not heard from him since last 5years.

  12. Ok, Aries woman here, still reeling from a two year long distance relationship with an Aquarian man…

    As an Aries, he won me with wit, charm, flattery and passion. In early stages, I could not get into a long distance situation, didn’t see it working, but he showered me with compliment and humor and I melted. I fell madly in love with him. True, honest to god, would’ve married him love, which I had never felt before.

    Now, I’d give anything to have him back. We talk, but he isn’t as attentive as I’d like and I just ache for the attention (which I know would return if I could treat him the way he treats me…f*cker. :P)

    So, my advice…one, don’t be telling her you ache for her if you aren’t prepared to leave your current lady, and if you are willing, then do it. It isn’t fair to her if she thinks you love her.

    It took me a year to see my guy in person, we are timid inside when we know you have power over us. If you’ve hurt us…we will be cautious of you.

    Tell her she is the smartest, most creative, most beautiful creature on the planet. Tell her you can’t find women attractive because they’re not her, but don’t be pushy. If you chase too hard, we’ll recoil and think you’re selling something. You are a very charming sign when you want to be…shower her with flattery, find ways to jab with compliment while talking about the weather.

    But, make sure she is what you want. If you manage to get her back (and believe me, I will always cave for attention and sincere compliment…it’s a fault) and then decide that the chase was all you wanted, then you should be alone before you get your lucky ass hands on another Aries. We are freakin awesome, tomcat, lust bunnies, with sharp wits and strength to spare…don’t make us headbutt you.

  13. Hi Elsa,

    I was married to a Taurus for 13 years and we divorced earlier in 2008. I had no intention of meeting anybody new, I wanted to take some time, many months, to deal with it and learn who the “single” me is after having been with this woman for 15 years (since I was 23 yrs old). Yet, I randomly met another woman, by chance, shortly before the divorce was final and INSTANTLY felt a bond and attraction. I didn’t share this with her until she revealed the same to me a month or so later. This woman is a Virgo, which I am told is my “opposite” sign. However, we shared such a strong bond, right away.

    Now many tell me it is just because I was going through the divorce, that she is too young for me (I’m 38 she is 26), that it is a whole number of things. But I know from experience, this one is different, it is like it was meant to be. So things were going very, very well, we didn’t have a lot of time together, and that started wearing on me because I wanted more time. I will admit, I did not deal with the loss of my wife and as such, put the grieving process aside. Well, about three months into this new relationship, I started breaking down a bit mentally as I finally tried to cope with the loss of my marriage. I ended up saying some very harsh things to this new woman, and acted a bit irrationally towards her. She was truly, THE ONE, but I ended up losing her.

    So, after my “breakdown” I sent her a huge batch of flowers at work telling her “even though I know I can’t win you back, I want you to know I am truly sorry….” She immediately called and said “I don’t hate you, I don’t think bad of you….you just need to find your single identity…” The phone call ended with me stating, don’t be a stranger, you can call anytime. And she responded, “likewise.” Now I am so embarassed by the way I acted I have yet to call her, and fear that if I do and she does not respond, I may not be able to deal with. Or fear, that she may not call back because she feels I have not spent enough time dealing with it. Essentially, I have not had enough time, but I am a little hurt she has not even called to see how I am doing, and basically, I just want to keep the lines of communication open. That way, when I get a little better mentally, we may be able to try to start over.

    With all that said, my question to you is, “What would be a typical way for a Virgo to act in a situation such as this?” Would Virgos let it go to work itself out, would they just move on without telling the other person, am I just another lovestruck pisces putting too much hope into this. I know we had a chance at an amazing future, yet it was all too much, too soon. I’d love to win her back, but I am not familiar with Virgo’s and don’t want to “over” or “under” do anything. So any comments about Virgos as it relates to this situation and any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Pouting Pisces

  14. Sagittarius, check out that video (side bar, how to make a Satittarius fall in love with you) it is about your sign, it is so so so so so s so funny,

    signed, Loonsounds the (mostly) Atypical Taurus

  15. OH NOO ariesgirl run in the other direction. If you need attention Aquarius will never understand that you need attention. He is going to be indifferent and he doesn’t change.If you want attention try Cancer or Pisces. I am happy now because I met a Pisceas and my life is magical again. Aquarians always want what they can’t have.

  16. (which I know would return if I could treat him the way he treats me…f*cker. :P)

    LOL that Aqua called me back and I just laughed at him on the phone. Please…you don’t deserve a passionate creature like me. But later on I said no I won’t meet you and I am no longer looking. I thought it was funny that he thought he could just pick up where he left off. He called many times. They have no passion they aren’t nice that was just an act. They are selfish and very manipulative and covertly abusive. I don’t want to generalize but that guy was.

  17. Hey Pouting Pisces..Keep sending the flowers and be her friend..Virgos and I am one are practical…You want her proove it shovel her driveway, take her to the grocery store, check the air in her tires.

    And keep apologizing and make sure you show concrete proof of your changes..


    Right now she is thinking you are a nut bar and too emotional and unsure that you really want her. In her practical mind she is a bridge for your divorce. Do you know what her moon sign is ?

  18. Loonsounds the (mostly) Atypical Taurus

    LOL that was very amusing. But Sagittarians are usually smart and love the opera. Do they stray? I am a Scorpio cusp Nov 24 and loyal and secretly possessive.

  19. I’m also Aries and I probably know quite well how she’s thinking 😉 She’s mad, because you didn’t hold her up like a princess and now she wants to make you a bit jealous as a “revenge”. I think she also wants you back, but you must come back and tell her how great, beautiful etc she is, and that she is your #1 woman.
    First she wont go back to you, but when she thought about it for a while, I’m 100 % sure she’ll come back. All you must do is tell her how much you think of her and how much you love her! Trust me 🙂

  20. Hello Aquarious man, think you are just frustrated for the way things ended up and have the challenge wich does not mean you love her . The question is , given the chance you get her back , are you able to give her 100% attention 24/7 ? Aries women are like children and I certainly dont think aquarious man are equiped to give so much attention to one person. You earlier or later will desperatedly need freedom again and will balk and she will react the same way like a spoild child that cannot cope with your way of seing things and will call you fucker narcisist . It requires a very open mind and patience, selfconfidence and a deal of other things to be with an aquarious man .

    Basically this is a very intense realtionship but does not mean is love and the best couple. So learn the lesson and MOVE ON MAN !

  21. Why carry a torch for one when there are so many other beautiful people out there looking to get love and give love in return? Life is far too short to spend it letting someone else make you miserable – share it with someone who makes you ecstatic. They are out there – but you may have your blinders on because you are so focused on an old flame.

    “Live, laugh, and love today, for tomorrow you may be gone away.”

  22. Uh Aqua men are Narcissists and this guy only wants her now because she has someone else and she is not showing him any interest. Aqua men only want the women that don’t want them..Let her drop her guard and take him back. As soon as he gets comfortable again he is going to mistreat her again.Aqua men only want the women that bring the pain. I hope she does the smart thing and keep moving..

  23. I am an Aries woman readying to marry an Aquarius and I have to tell you that it is not just the signs that make a difference. We are also fortunate to have the numbers 8 and 9 in our birth dates that make our union very special. We are an older couple who have not been sexual and it has been evident from day one that we were sent to each other before time to be together in this time of our lives. We’ve known each other less than three months and have both thought of marrying each other in weeks and WE ARE going to marry very shortly and our sure with so many other areas of our lives that we can share and experience professionally also, we have the rest of our lives to enjoy life and each other in it. We are just that in tuned. Not knowing your age and the “sign” of the person she is dating now may indicate whether you may indeed still have a chance with her and or if it would be worth either of your time. (I wouldn’t suggest however “searching” for an Aries to fulfill her absence) If it is a Leo she is dating, you would have a hard time getting back in, if that is what you may care to try as a suggestion of another Aries on this site, by simply telling her like it is. Leo is suppose to be “the best match”, but Aquarius is “the best friend.” Word to the wise, also marry your friend or better yet, make sure you are good friends before. The thing also is if you were true friends before you both (assuming) went to “the next level” Ask yourself, how quick before you too became sexual. You know as an Aquarius man that it is not a good thing for you to move too quickly. It could be if you did, why you did not have time to understand your emotions or hers. As an Aries female, I can also tell you that she already knows if you are the one or if you were to her in this time of her life. It could be that SHE IS NOT ready for a long term relationship but the likes of one… the excitement of any. Don’t get it twisted though, Aries is the best sign at NOT having to need either a man or relationship, it welcomed, liked and appreciated if it’s not stifling or a job, but not having one or a mate is not going to keep Aries in the house or away from pursuing and achieving goals. Not by along shot. Please keep in mind that March and April Aries have different temperments. According to the time in her life, she could be going through the stage of just needing to pursue her calling that she may or may not know what that is… and if you or any other mate in her life are not ready to support her ever changing and learning phase in finding or doing that… no matter how much you are infactuated by this woman, a long term relationship will not work should you get back with her. Also, if you are not one with a plan or showing potential of doing some community minded showmanship in mind, spirit or deed, your already 50% out of the league of truly keeping her interest. Don’t even try being one who procrastinates. SHE MUST be able to still have her freedom and be able to be secured about you and your ways when you take hers. Aries is the first sign and there is a need to run off and still be nurtured as children need and loves to do too. Hope this all was insightful

  24. I randomly came across this article and was infact blown away how freakishly similar this is to my experience. I am sure I can distract myself for 20 minutes from the books!

    Each arian-aquarius couple is different but the core characteristics are the same as you have gathered from your zodiac research. So I hope this advice helps your situation because mine has pretty much come to the end of the road.

    This situation is all too familiar. If she is in a relationship she clearly wants to respect her partner and that’s something beautiful in her and you will have to respect it. Although contact from you will ignite old flames to a certain extent (might I add that’s something you subconsciously want although you may not easily admit it)- it’s not fair on her and you are putting her in difficulty and more likely pushing her into a state of confusion. At the end of the day she is human and is weak so don’t unfairly play on her weakness. Put your selfishness aside and put yourself in her position. If you really care for her, let her go and she will respect you for it. You can’t have everything and somethings are simply not meant to be.

    If she’s single, it MAY be a different story. So this advice is for when she is single and she is willing to talk to you. TO CLARIFY NOT WHEN SHE IS ALREADY WITH SOMEONE!!!!

    You need to ask yourself-do you actually want her or do you simply find the chase exhilarating? Men love a challenge. Being a typical aquarian- a typical arian woman is a challenge! Not just in pursuing her-the biggest challenge comes in KEEPING her! The wise aquarian will be aware of this fact. Question is are there any wise Aquarians when it comes to this basic principle?!

    Aries women are REAL women so they need REAL men. PERIOD! They are passionate and unique and love their independence and are drawn to those who are similar to them-hence why you got together in the first place. I’m pretty sure I’ve hit it on the nail when I say what separated you was your lack of consideration of putting her first. Aries women need to be put first so that they know that they are loved. Not once- OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! They’re like babies and need constant nurturing and affection and attention. You were drawn to her innocence and refreshing nature- so keep this momentum going. They are very lovable so therefore love them!! Not your interpretation of love- try to love her on HER interpretation of love. You need to find out what that is by communication or using that beautiful mind of yours- which is an Aquarian trait (obviously don’t know you personally!)
    She is a romantic and likes compliments, affection and the stares and the beautiful actions- ROMANTIC GESTURES!! Woo her and seduce and satisfy her every want. Not just wants- NEEDS! You may think haughtily “why do I have to do all that?” The answer lies in through satisfying and pleasing her and by putting her needs and wants FIRST will keep her happy and inturn she will keep YOU happy.

    Do I hear you say how do I be romantic?? Or I’m not the romantic type! That’s a lie you are feeding yourself. Every man has it within them and the right girl can unlock this. Truth is majority of people aren’t naturally romantic. This can be learned and practised and can definitely be ACQUIRED!!! Buy her flowers, buy her presents, kiss and cuddle her and be touchy-feely. You won’t be less of a man, you’ll be more of one! And if you’re afraid of what the other lads will say. Don’t be, it’ll be your secret! Let’s face it. They’re doing all that stuff too, but keeping it on the down low!! Otherwise how the hell will they get their women and keep them!! Those who say they treat them mean to keep them keen are downright LIARS and clearly not giving you sincere advice.

    My understanding of Aquarians are that they have a deep-rooted appreciation for friendships which in itself is beautiful. Companionship should be the foundation of any love relationship. But give your fellow Arian lady some credit- she’ll be cool with you seeing your friends and will be understanding but put her FIRST before your friends and make her your BEST FRIEND. That’s something you should strive to attain with her. It’ll be worth every moment!!!

    My apologies for my bluntness. Another arian trait which I am sure you are familiar with. The moral of the story (or statement shall i say). Change the condition within yourself in order for your overall condition to chance. All the best in getting this girl and more importantly KEEPING HER!!!!

  25. Fatecha, thanks for the insight about us Aries. I like that advice and I like how you so beautifully put the ways to our hearts. I have been with an aquarius for 10 months now and the one thing I can say is that I do desire more attention from him. I tell my man he puts me on the back burner all the time. It’s like he gets lost in time and lose track of it. His other interests are always number one with him. Often we make plans to get together but he will get so lost in what he’s doing or his friends that I get forgotten. Just today I had to text and call with a message about how bad I feel with him leaving me high and dry. He called back to say he was sorry and will make sure to meet later. But much of the time I leave him to his thing and give him much space. I am pretty good with him having that as I need it myself. We are growing slowly but understanding and communication is key to that growth. Knowing what your partner wants and needs will only make for a greater relationship.

  26. I’ve read every single comment about Aquarius and Aries.. Thanks for the advices., I think Aries girls need too much attention and even though I like her
    I can’t give her what she needs.. As an Aquarius guy, I’m too’s been almost 3 weeks and she ain’t call me anymore so I guess this is over..I’ll let go now 🙁 ..hope she finds someone who can..

  27. You are probably right about letting go of this Aries if after 3 weeks of hearing nothing from her. Believe me if she was in to you, she would not stop until she gets her man. I’m sorry this didn’t workout for you. I hope in the future if you meet another Aries that this experience will not stop you from pursuing her if you like this woman. Remember, not all Arians are the same. Sure we may have some of the same traits but they very according to experience and enviroment. Anyway, good luck. I know it’s hard for the aquarians, but be patient. The right one will come.

  28. Hmm I’m ok with idea of letting go this girl, but when I don’t think of her anymore I see her on my way to work when she gets out of school and it makes me want to go and talk to her and ask her why she turned so cold and stop talking to me…. : (. When she was the one who used to call me every night. Aries women are weird and addicted to sex which I liked it lol.. She asked me for my phone number after I met her and were at my house drinking playing and we had sex the first day I met her.. She called me and asked me for a date and I took her To my house after that and we didn’t have sex cause she told me she have had sex with many guys just for fun and She said “you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, cuz I would be in the same position if it was me, I would never do it with a guy who I know have had so many girls just for fun” she told me to leave her home, we kissed and I texted her 4 days after that and got no respond, I called her and she never answered me, till I call her again after a week and she was busy so i said I call u in 2 hours, I called after almost 3 hours and never answer me, but she used to be the one who call me evry night so I stopped calling her too and I haven’t talked to her in almost a month : (

  29. Fateha, I loved your comment. 🙂 Others, too.

    I’m supposed to be asleep, but have a stupid crush on an earthy Aquarian. He says he likes communicating with his partners, and doesn’t need that much space, which sounds nice, if things do take off.

  30. Hey, im kinda in the same boat you are in. my thing is just a little bit different. I met this girl in feb, we have been through so much together but were distant from each other. I mean situations and circumstances occured to her as also for me, but each day we talked on the phone with each other until recently we were able to meet again! now on a personal note, we both deal with mental diagnosis’; which makes it incredibly difficult for me and probably for her. when i say diagnosis im talking some intense stuff. it got to a point to where there was a misunderstanding and lack of communication its really tough for me right now but i just have to be patient and keep on waiting with my emotions on the side for now or it will drive me insane, happened before lol. anyways what im trying to get at is, there was something that i started to do a while back, I started to relax myself and just meditate in complete silence, I focus my energy within the universe sort of like a prayer in a sense, and I would say “let it be that i have clarity of this situation” “let it be that i find patience and understanding” “let it be that i remain calm and center minded” and so on. i started to see results with this, so what im basically suggesting to you is try meditating and focusing your energy within you within the universe and see where that takes you. no fancy words or anything of that sort just a sincere train of thought and focus, put your energy out there and see where that takes you!! good luck

  31. thank you Elsa,
    you’re talking and i feel like you’re referring to my relationship with the narcissistic table-turning malevolent man i loved.
    thank you

  32. Avatar
    piscean wrecked by aquarian man

    i’m pisces,
    i took my aqua ex three times before he dumped me for the last time.. every time he found a way to twist things and make ME apologize when it was him who hurt me . aqua men are very blunt under the excuse of “honesty” he told me crap like “don’t expect me to care about you more than i care about myself” when i asked him to come see me for a hug right after break up. he told me things like “stop crying so loud on the phone, gees you’re hurting my head” and yet whenever i started to respect myself and disappear he’d tell me he s thknking of me. oh and typical aquarius: when you call to say hi after a long while, they’re so happy to hear from you but AS SOON AS YOU TALK ABOUT EMOTIONS they snap and become rude and erratic.
    and the insane thing is that he loved me so much and his best friends all told me. aquarius men freak out when they fall in love, they’re better off as just friends . it’s sad really SAD!!

    STAY VERY FAR AWAY FROM AQUARIUS MEN. IF I KNEW what i know today i would not have been with him!!!

    1. OMG!! Mine is somewhat similar! Each time we fight, it’s always “his” way or the highway! No matter what, he makes it ALL ‘my’ fault and that he have NO fault in anyway at all…
      I think they’re really bad lovers, being with Aqua men is very exhausting and the constant waits for HIM to contact / call / txt you is like ‘forever!’ They contact you as they please and if not, don’t bother them cuz they’ll through a hard ball on you – then that’s where the fight starts and it all becomes YOUR ‘fault’.


  33. Avatar
    piscean wrecked by aquarian man

    i see you posted your msg in feb 2010 saying you’ve been with an aqua for 10 months. at that time feb 2010 i had also been with my aqua for 10 months. we broke up early 2012. i hope you’re okay, cause those aquas are horrible “lovers”. AND I CONFIRM EACH THING SAID ABOUT THEM ABOVE.

    take care

  34. “You may think haughtily “why do I have to do all that?” The answer lies in through satisfying and pleasing her and by putting her needs and wants FIRST will keep her happy and in turn she will keep YOU happy.”

    Spot on, Fateha. I have Aries Moon, my ex (who still pines for me) has Aquarius Moon. I refuse to go back to him, despite my own longing, because he is a dunderhead who doesn’t *get* this.

  35. I’ve pined for an ex, not an aqua-they’re too superficial imo, 14 years after the split. Saturn much?? 🙂 Took me 14 years to pine. Geeez. I’m a shit, i tell you. 🙁

    I can’t relate to aquas too much. As friends, i relate.

  36. I would really love to know if after 5 years, the “Aquarian Man” ever won his Aries lady back???? (Call me a hopeless romantic I guess….)

  37. I read all the post about an Aqauarian and have to say the man I was dealing with for 3 yrs on and off was like and rollercoaster. He was so nice in the begining and last year in Sept he turned into a monster!!! He was verbal and physical abusive towards me. but I kept going back because I felt like I loved him so much and the sex was great!! I am Aries woman that is 30 and he is 48 we both have kids from our previous marriage and we both are divorce. he used to say nice things and we used to spend so much time together until Aug 16th thats the night when he was drinking a lil too much and beat me really bad that my cuz had to call the cops when I went to her house that night.. So now we are not talking and I have to wait to go to court for this case… He is really mad that the cops were called and now he does not talk to me at all.. But I am happy because now I am free and I know that I deserve so much more and I have kids to worry about. I hope I stay strong and not call him no more because he is not worth it..

  38. bonjour , je suis femme bélier et je suis avc homme verseau , ca fait pas longtemps qu’on est ensemble , mais deja je narrive pas à le comprendre il est dur avc moi je sais pas qu’est ce qu’il veut exacte.. je suis vraiment perturbée et jai peur de le perdre , je pense que je suis amoureuse de lui et que je me rend meme pas compte , c lui que je veux pour létérnité mais est ce que c réciproque je le sais pas , il montre pas ses sentiments , auj il est bien il maime je suis la femme de sa vie et le lendemain il change de comportement avc moi , jen peux plus .. que dois je faire , je veux pas le quitter parce que je le veux et à moi seule mais lui il est pas tout le temps libre , il a bcp de chose à faire il n’est pas disponible , il aime sortir avc ses amis , etre libre dans sa vie …et moi je suis jalouse je le veux que pour moi !!

  39. Bonjour amel!

    Les verseaux peuvent avoir un air détaché concernant l’amour. Je ne connais pas le reste de ta charte astrologique, mais apparemment ce qui unit les verseaux et les béliers, c’est la créativité du verseau et l’initiative du bélier. Le bélier a plein de passion, mais le verseau a peu de passion et si tu te concentres trop sur ce point, le risque de rupture existe. Mais si tu te concentres sur ce qui peut vous unir, le couple peut marcher. Comme les sagittaires, les verseaux ont besoin de liberté, donc il a besoin de voir ses amis.

    Voilà ce que j’ai à te conseiller pour faire ton couple fonctionner. J’ai traduit ton message pour que d’autres membres puissent te conseiller.

    All right I will translate amel’s message for the rest of the community so that they can provide helpful suggestions to amel.

    “Amel said: hello, I am an Aries woman with an Aquarian man, we’ve been together for a short time, but already I can’t understand him he is hard on me I don’t know what he wants…I am very disturbed and I am scared of losing him, I think I am in love with him and I don’t even realize it, I want him for eternity, but I don’t know if he feels the same way. He doesn’t show his feelings today he is fine he loves me I am the love of his life and the next day he changes behavior with me…I can’t take it anymore. What should I do? I don’t want to leave him because I want him all for myself but he’s not always free, he has lots of things to do but he is not available, he loves going out with his friends, be free in his life…and I am jealous I want him for myself!”

    Here is my response.

    “Hello amel!

    Aquarians can have a detached attitude towards love. I do not know the rest of your astrological chart, but apparently what unites Aquarius and Aries is the creativity of the Aquarius and the initiative of the Aries. Aries has a lot of passion, but Aquarius has little passion and if you focus too much on that point, the risk of a break-up exists. But if you focus on what can unite the both of you, the couple can work. Like Sagittarius, Aquarius needs some freedom, so he needs to see his friends.

    That’s my advice to help your couple work. I translated your message so that other members can advise you.”

  40. Should I contact an Aries girl who I have known nothing about in almost a year?. I disappeared on her almost 2 years ago and last time I texted her was almost a year ago and we agreed on going out on the weekend and I totally forgot to text her back : (.. she also seemed enthusiastic with the idea of going out, since we haven’t seen each other in almost 2 years. I really liked this girl and I regret to have disappeared out of nowhere. I miss her!.. can aries girls forget aqua guys that easy? its been a while and still cant get her out of my head.

    1. It depends if aries love you an you have memories she’s more than likely missing you too. For me I’m an aries girl who is deeply in love with my Aquarius but when we go sooo long without talking I question if our relationship is worth it. It literally ache when we spend tooooo much time apart.

    2. She was mad, reaaaally mad.
      You hurt her feelings if she really was that happy about that date.
      And I think it’s obvious why she didn’t made the first move after.Aries women have a lot of pride and are very orgolious.
      You still have a chance if but you have to do the first moves because she isn’t going to do that, NEVER.
      P.S.I know, I’m an aries woman myself, after all.

  41. I am an Aries girl and I had a fling with a much younger Aquarius man two years ago and he was so sweet and laid back. The sex was amazing and I felt so close to him. He recently married a girl his own age and I’m very happy for him and we are still friends. I recently met an Aquarius man my own age and I have been single 4 yrs now and we had a connection from the first date which ended up in two dates in one night and me not leaving till the next day. This man is smart passionate considerate and so sweet to me and non-judgemental as I have a little bit of drama in my life right now. I’m am excited to see where it goes. I haven’t felt chemistry like this in awhile. I hope the Aquarian man got his Aries woman back. I’m not a typical Aries on the cusp of Pisces with Scorpio. I am big on romantic gestures and words. My sister who is also an Aries is much more cold and is married to an Aquarius that is a jerk to me? So who knows. I hope he got her back?

  42. I am an aries womN very much in love with an aquarius man. But i have to admit there are times he has left me thinking that i dont mean as much to him as he does to me. I think you should move on with your life as best as you cn and if she decides to come back to you if your heart still yearns for hr then go back to her. I believe tht i am meant to be with my aquarius man and when he decides he wants to commit i hopeits not too late. But as fr as you n ur aries woman i hope uget wat u want

  43. I’m an aries woman and I would say that you have to give her some space to think but still be around.You have to show her you cherish her.I loved an aquarius man, my childhood friend, for a long time and I think I still do and he doesn’t see me like that.
    I think the worst thing you can do to a aries woman is to make her feel like she isn’t loved.We want attention, we want someone who believe in us.
    Aries women seem very confident but that doesn’t mean we are cold.After all we are a fire sign, we need a warm person.
    But if she isn’t responding to your feelings you have to leave her alone.If you really are able to change, go on if not don’t hurt her feelings and her pride because this is really hurtful for our orgolious self.
    P.S. This is what all women want in general.

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