Lies We Tell Ourselves (And Others)

zodiac coinAstrology is really good at cutting through veneer. It’s pretty common I hear someone make claims that just don’t jibe with their chart.

I’ve done this myself. It usually indicates a person is divorced from some part of their character and it’s possible to live your whole life this way, which has a weird effect.

As an example a person may have a large stellium in the 7th house, but claim they’re happy to be alone and perhaps even believe it. Another person may have a vindictive nature, but kid themselves about that. A third person might have the chart of a strong parent but say they don’t want children.

It easy to see how this can happen. In most families or cultures there is an established standard of behavior. Being human, we try to conform to expectations even if the expectations are that we rebel. This is okay, unless you happen to be designed for something that is not popular in your era.

In the 1950’s a woman was expected to marry, whether she was suited to it or not. I grew up in climate were being a “free spirit” and “doing your own thing” was what was touted or talked up. I followed suit but now realize I am truly cut out to be in the middle of a Walton’s type family. That is what would really “free my spirit”.

Working as an astrologer, I am often the person who tips someone to their true nature.  This can create a huge storm in your life. Just being told something as simple and obvious as you don’t want to be alone, can throw a person for a loop, but it simultaneously  liberates you from from living a lie.

Are you living in accord with your deepest nature?

57 thoughts on “Lies We Tell Ourselves (And Others)”

  1. One thing that’s fallen by the wayside is a desire for a secure bought home. Saturn is transiting my 2nd, first I was terrified. But Im not sure my vision of adulthood is primarily that. I need a home, yes. But I think I want to moved toward being someone who acts righteously based on their integrity/ideals. Can I get there? I dont know. I hide or obfuscate my plans and commitments or play small. With an active 6th house, am I small? I dont want to be.

  2. You’re so right Elsa! I am what I am and I have a serious 7th house stellium in Taurus + 3 outter planets in Libra. I love having friends and romance. Quality Relationships are a big focus for me.

    Thank god for my Aquarius moon + Scorpio rising too. I don’t tolerate bs. I am not a doormat. I will amputate. I think these placement counter balance all that Venus. If the price of any relationship is too high (like the person is chaotic or a drama queen etc), I’d rather be alone!

    I learned a lot about how much fun I can have on my own after a devastating breakup/divorce 10 years ago. I taught myself to skateboard back then. Instead of looking for that rush in a situation with someone els, I was re-directing that need for passion and love right back into myself. Total game changer.

    Now at 43 yrs old, I own two small businesses that I created on my own. I have no biz partner or mentor. Ofc sometimes I wish I had someone to bounce ideas off of (work wise). It’s not easy at all and there have been many times I’ve cried and wished there was someone to help with the pressure or give me solid advice.

    Recently I had a realisation about myself… I am actually more dominant in personality than I thought! Ofc I can be supportive, accommodating, kind, diplomatic etc. I’m a venus woman. But reflecting on my past relationships, I realize that the ones that worked the best were the ones that let me lead. Now that I can see this about myself, I can better show it to a potential partner so it’s not such a surprise or power struggle later down the road.

  3. I think though not being a parent is becoming increasingly more common with the newer generations, so instead find a way to channel that energy differently.

    1. Good luck with that! Procreation is the ultimate creative act.
      Are “neopets” really equivalent?

      Not being mean. I can see how not having kids is sensible when living in hell, but don’t kid yourself around the magnitude of what’s been taken from you.

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