Who’s NOT Afraid Of The 2024 Eclipse In Aries?

1970 article about 2024 eclipseRegarding the upcoming April 8th eclipse, here’s a newspaper from 1970,that mentions it. I remember the March 7th eclipse in 1970.
I also remember the “end of the world” billboards that went up along the highway in my hometown at that time. Full of faith, in adults who put up billboards, I totally believed I would be toast on the other side of this thing.
I can’t say I was scared, as I’ve never been afraid to die. I thought I was to be part of this event; my Jupiter is strong enough, I’m ready for any experience. What I don’t like is lies!
By the time I was a teenager, I’d lived through a number of ends-of-the-world. I ceased to take these things seriously. I’m talking Y2K, Harmonic Convergence, Mayan Calendar, Hale-Bopp, Galactic Center stuff, etc.
eclipse-in-Aries-mars-conjunct-SaturnSo now we’ve got this eclipse coming in. It looks really good to me, but most astrologers predict doom…and the mainstream media, agrees!  I’m taking about closing schools for this thing due to safety concerns. I don’t want to be disrespectful and I hate to be wrong but I just don’t see it.
I see Mars invigorated.  The Mars conjunction with Saturn; it can be cruel but it’s also just effective.  If the motive (Mars) is to scare (Saturn) people – well done!
I’m not saying nothing bad will happen, but I sure won’t be waiting for it. I’d say if something does happen, it’s orchestrated.  Someone can opt to launch an attack at this time, but that would not be a natural occurrence, would it.
The Aries eclipse will land in my 3rd house. I will be writing and chatting as usual. I might get in a fight, but probably not; I’ll be busy.
Where will the eclipse land in your chart?  What do you make of this?
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30 thoughts on “Who’s NOT Afraid Of The 2024 Eclipse In Aries?”

  1. This will land in my 4th house. I’m desperate to move home, but the Mars/Saturn conjunction is sat right on my Pisces Moon and the Eclipse itself directly opposite my natal Sun, so I don’t think I’ll be feeling comfortable with this.
    As for the rest of the world, it seems to me something shocking will happen, but it will be orchestrated, as Elsa says.

  2. This time of year I feel we hear the saddest stories, so it seems timely that there be a little fear I don’t think of war as much as I think of outer space I wake up early ;where I live there are numerous cameras for the public to view different locations .I’m on a little island so one camera is at the boats so you could see the water and the line to get off I go to the one particular camera one where I will be at 6 :30AM each morning ,I like to see which way the wind is blowing so I can dress appropriately in the other morning. There was this item in the sky it was oblong it seemed to on the camera, which is a live camera have orange, red and yellow wiggling marks , I showed it to my coffee Goombas when I got there at 6:30 and they said oh must be some refracted light I said yeah but I’ve been looking at this camera every morning for the last three years, every morning. I’ve never seen it yet, so I don’t think of war I think of visitors ? It’s been in my thoughts constantly, what was it?

  3. It’s on my Chiron and I’m undergoing my return, and with my Progressed Midheaven on it. I’ve tried the best I could to embrace my wounds (at least what I’m capable of having in my consciousness). All I gotta say is, “just get it over with already!”

  4. It’s the cusp of my 6th house, conjuct Chiron and Jupiter. Month a go I started a new job, after 4 years of unemployment, so this eclipse brought big change. Also my chart ruler Mars is involved, 19 degrees Gemini.

  5. The eclipse is on the cusp of my 5th House tightly conjunct my IC (Aries 19) and conjunct my Moon (Aries 25). I have a Cardinal Grand Cross involving my Moon, IC, Chiron, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, MC, and Ceres. I am breaking ground (today) on a regenerative/permaculture style landscaping project for our new home. We will be actively engaged in applied creativity – transforming a piece of the earth.

      1. Well, let’s say I’m 21. My group of friends want to drive to the eclipse path… it’s a fun adventure. This would constitute “living” and it’s just frowned upon in this era.

        I have seen predictions of horrible storms on the eclipse path… it’s really, everywhere. Just all kinds of things. Five or six states, shutting down.

  6. I saw a total eclipse I think it was 1998, I was in Dieppe, France. Had travelled there to see it. I can understand why they might close schools as it could be pretty disruptive with everyone wanting to see it, lack of concentration, distraction, etc, a bit like a royal wedding here lol.

    Also, the atmosphere before and during the total eclipse gets very very eerie and uncanny. I remember it got really quiet and still, like time stopped or reality shifted. Then suddenly all the wildlife went berserk, with birds flying in groups making a racket. Like their systems/radar/cycles got affected. So, humans go weird too, and can act out, unconscious forces, destabilised, etc. We know that many humans at this point are unstable, so this could certainly encourage more of that.

    I find the hysterical astrology reporting annoying and irresponsible, but many astrologers are not grounded themselves.

    In general, on a personal level my intuition is that these 2 eclipses will be positive for me, 1st and 7th houses.

  7. maybe it’s a good thing there’s aries mercury in the mix, aries is brash and honest and while honest,can be harsh. but at least there may not be any fogginess with communication i hope.

  8. We lived near the path of totality for the August 2017 eclipse. Our local school let kids gather in a park to watch. It was very cool! I still have leftover glasses.

  9. So not cool… I don’t know what to think, hitting in my 6th, Mercury will be hitting my DC and Pluto is still sitting on my IC. Jupiter and Uranus dancing in my 7th while Saturn and Mars are dancing in my 5th. Every other transiting body is in my 6th…although no natal planets in the 5, 6 or 7th and only my true node in my 12th which I’m sure will be hit by something.

    I’m hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. I just had a clean bill of health and an excellent review at work. (6th House stuff)

    So if I’m lucky it will be out with old ways of communicating (arguments / disagreements) with personal (kids) and professional people and an opening for new developments???
    Only time will tell!

  10. wellllllll…lots of 11th and 12th house planets clustered, hoping *I* won’t be a clusterf***! 😆

    Sun, moon, Venus, NN, Ascendant, Chiron, and more, Mercury in 12th, and it’s a Saturn return for me. I’m trepidatious but open…?
    Words of wisdom and/or caution welcomed! 😄

  11. wellllllll…lots of 11th and 12th house planets clustered, hoping *I* won’t be a clusterf***! 😆

    Transiting Sun, moon, Venus, NN, Ascendant, Chiron, and more, Mercury in 12th, and it’s a natal 11th house Saturn return for me, too. I’m trepidatious but open…?
    Words of wisdom and/or caution welcomed! 😄

  12. This s not scaring me at all. It will be visible where I live so we are expecting an influx of tourists. The only thing to do is be prepared with stocking up with food and topping off the gas tank because with so many people coming necessities will be scarce. It will be in my 5th house so I am quite excited to get to view it from my back yard.

  13. My friend’s mother has a birthday on April 8th. She will be celebrating 88 years. Wondering if all those planets in Aries will be effecting her this next solar year! Isn’t that what many astrologers report that (big) stelliums especially along with a solar eclipse directly hitting on one’s birthday WILL EFFECT THE PERSON GREATLY somehow in that forthcoming year?

      1. The eclipse to my natal Venus and Saturn – It will be 3 degree difference with Venus and 1 degree difference with Saturn.

  14. My one daughter is 22 deg Aries, Virgo rising. All of this lands in her 8th house conjunct her sun. Close trine to Mars, Pluto and Moon in 4th house Sag.
    My hubby has Virgo rising so this lands in his 8th as well. The eclipse trines his 12th house stellium in Leo including Mars, Sun and Pluto. Mars is in my other daughter’s 4th house.
    What me worry?
    Neptune is tightly conjunct my Saturn return.
    But the eclipse is in my 11th house. Wish for the best!

  15. My birthday is April 8th. I’m not afraid, but I’m something… I don’t know what. I’ve faced an unusual amount of frustration and negativity over the past year, so maybe I’m hoping for relief. I’m more worried about other things happening at the same time as the eclipse, like Mars and Saturn conjunct my IC.

  16. I am not looking forward for this eclipse. It’s right on my mc at 19 Aries.. I don’t have a career to worry I will lose but I don’t see a new one coming either.. Saturn mars transit is in my 8H.. I pray for financial recovery after years of hardship but not anywhere soon I guess..

  17. the eclipse conjuncts my sun (8), sextiles my moon (6), and that mars/saturn thing is on top of my natal mars (7). i’m hoping some motion forward on building a new life…

  18. The eclipse takes place in my 10th, 13 minutes from my Jupiter position (19 11‘). Natally Jupiter opposes my Mars/Moon conjunction in my 4th. I have always felt that this constellation makes me especially prone to mad accidents (?) At least I really had my share of crazy bone fracture events, often occurring while a heavy transit hitted my Jupiter. So, I‘ll better be extra aware.

  19. I think the schools are right to close up. The eclipse ends at around 2-3pm in some areas. Having been through the eclipse in 2017, it took us 30 minutes to drive to the park and 4 hours to get back to the hotel. I can’t imagine the chaos of children stuck in school busses for that long! Traffic accidents increased by 31%, so I can see in fairness why extra precautions have been taken. There will be a massive influx of tourists to this area who are going to buy up gas and provisions. In southern Oklahoma and Arkansas, they are calling for stormy weather too!

    This eclipse is 4 degrees past my sun in 12th house. I have no idea how this is going to pan out!

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