Life In Chaos: Pluto Transit Square Saturn

Dear Elsa,

I am passing through an extremely rough patch in my life. I am undergoing a divorce, had to abort my child and have changed 5 jobs in the past year. I have fallen into another affair which is also not interesting me at all. Finances have also dwindled. I have lost my decision making power.

Also, astrologically I am passing through the seven & a half year transit of Saturn. When will all this end? I crave some stability in my life.


Dear Overwhelmed,

Some of these things are within your power to control, and others will work out in their own time frame. When you are feeling overwhelmed and inundated, it always helps to slow down and simplify. You’re in a crisis, see? So it’d be in your best interest to clear your decks of everything extraneous in your life so you can better focus.

Now it seems obvious the first thing to nix is the lover because all he is doing is taking up your time while boring you. In other words, he’s a sink! And I’m sure you hoped for some kind of relief and respite when you hooked up with him, but as you can see this is not helping your situation.

So I would say, get rid of the guy, and don’t run out and try to replace him either. Instead focus on getting your financial and emotional life together, while your divorce completes.

Once you manage this, you can address the cause of why you are changing jobs like hats and once you’ve got that figured out… once you can reliably pay your bills, then it will be time to go out there and find yourself an un-boring man.


3 thoughts on “Life In Chaos: Pluto Transit Square Saturn”

  1. Certainly there must be additional challenging aspects going on than simply Pluto sq Saturn to account for that much turmoil. Not to mention Saturn transits do not last 7 years usually-even if things were lined up all in a row!

    Things will look up if you do the hard work of Saturn and look within to sort out ongoing issues. Sometimes Life just piles up junk and Pluto and Uranus comes along to clean house and set us straight!!

    Good Luck!

  2. My natal saturn is in 12th house and Pluto will transit square in 9th house. What events shall I expect as this transit goes on?


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