Living In A Fake World – Saturn Square Neptune In Pisces

fake profileI was talking to a client, last night, about the legions of disillusioned people. The US elections and the media coverage of whatever, disturb people but it’s the tip of the iceberg.

Someone around here wrote about looking for a job (online) and coming to understand, many of the job listings aren’t real. I hadn’t heard this before, but it’s not hard to believe. We do know that most the female profiles on Ashley Madison are fake.  I’m bet it’s no different on the more mainstream dating sites.

I am solicited on facebook, by fake men with fake military backgrounds, on a daily basis.  Facebook in general is largely an illusion on a variety of levels.

I bought an 80 0z jug of honey last week. Should have been 10 cups in the jug, there were 6.5.

In the same vein, I was shopping for vanilla a few weeks ago. I buy vanilla in bulk so I was interested in the price per ounce. I was staring at the computer generated shelf tag. 12 oz of vanilla cost $10. The shelf tag informed me that this was 50 cents per ounce. Ummm…no it’s not.

When the veil drops, it’s very painful. You really wanted that (fake) job, that (fake) man or woman. You believed! Maybe you trusted the official looking computer printout to do your math for you. SNAG!

Colorado keeps sending me demand letters for $819 that I don’t owe them. Every time I get a letter, I call them. We both agree, I don’t owe this money. It was paid on time, electronically. We both have records of this, but I still keep getting letters (three and counting) outlining my (fake) problem.

I will get the nerve killed in neck, next week. I have been trying to get treatment for this since, November, 2015!  Seriously. I am on my 6th doctor now, 7th if you count the physical therapist, but this one will do the trick.

You simply have to persevere (Saturn), even it things are clouded and you feel confused. Remember satori’s wisdom, “If it hasn’t ended well, it’s because it hasn’t ended.”

This really is quite a phenomena. If you’re lost, I can offer you this – Staying Stable As Reality Morphs.

One more thing. Liars are lying in ways and at rates that seem unprecedented to me.  And many continue to believe, not wanting to face to devastation, emotional and otherwise, when the truth does out.

What’s fake in your life? Misleading? Denied?

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    1. Hah! Yes, that’s always been somewhat entertaining for me. But, I had always hoped, and still do, that the extra air is to cushion the chips to help keep them whole, instead of becoming crumbs during shipping and handling.


      Thank you Elsa.

  1. When people deceive themselves thinking worldly material gains and success will make them happy. People give up on love for this pursuit. Theres absolutely wonderful caring and nourishing relationships in front of their faces that’s real and tangible,why would any human being give it up for delusions that aren’t guaranteed?? I don’t want to be in that situation where I have all the material gains I’ve ever asked and worked for but no one there to hold my hand when I’m on my death bed. Some dreams can come true but the pursuit of happiness in itself could be fake.

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      Sometimes people manically pursue worldly success because there’s no love available to give them up for. It’s a very sweet idea that if only people would focus on what they really want, they would get it. Sadly, when it comes to finding satisfying romantic love, that is absolutely not true.

  2. which is why maybe i chose to hike 7 miles yesterday I really needed time to think because the outside world is horrendous the beach was better than home actually

  3. As you illustrated, the levels of deceit & illusion are just too deep, Elsa. What sucks the most is how prone humans are to self-deception. Myself, included! I catch myself all the time thinking really stupid shit because my ego is whispering in my ear. It’s hard to fight but, I try, for my sanity. The shit in the outside world? Can’t do anything about it, really. I refuse to enter into a relationship right now because of it. I’ve dealt with enough deception over the years. What does it matter if I’m single forever? I have my cats. ??

  4. Another thing…so many are simply checked out. Not necessarily for a bad reason.

    Take my husband. He’s not shopped for groceries in a dozen years. He’s at work! I try to explain to him that a box of freezer bags used to have 40 bags in the box…now there are 15-20 – same size box. And the price has doubled. I don’t think he can function on this. It’s painfully mind boggling, so people set it aside.

    There are those who know and those who think there is nothing to know. It’s so funny. I’m talking about the grocery store.

    If you pay facebook for clicks, are you sure you get the clicks you pay for.


    Google is so honest…not.

    And then people who believe KNOWN liars. They KNOW the person lies like a rug, but it’s important or sensitive so they believe on x or y, wanting to stave off the pain they’re going to suffer at some point. The more they avoid it, the worse it will be.

  5. I think for me I know something might be a lie but there isn’t much alternative because I have no control over the process…so I wait for the lie to be exposed before I call it a lie. But all the while, prior to the lie being exposed, I hold on to the hope I might be wrong and the world isn’t as shitty as it appears. If I didn’t do this I would buy a gun and start administering my own brand of justice (something I know for sure is real). I honestly believe this is why we have so many lone gunman incidents going. These guys are tired of the bullshit. It’s kind of like listening to a compulsive liar feed you a yarn. You can either laugh and be entertained by how Ludacris it is or you can say enough with this shit and call them out all abrupt and violent. Expose them on the spot and without mercy. Like shock them out of lying again. Show them what consequence feels like (since they obviously think they are getting away with it)

  6. ‘Liars are lying in ways and at rates that seem unprecedented to me.’ Made me laugh. Sometimes it is so ridiculous that all I can do is laugh. Laugh at the stream of lies. Also funny is when someone is scratching their head with that vacant say-what look as they try to make sense out of something. I so get that. It just doesn’t make sense.

  7. Have you seen the videos of the college students trying to fake they possess some basic knowledge. I click it off. Don’t want to know.

  8. Deception has become truth and truth deception. We are pounded daily by deceptive t.v. news, advertising,politicians and “religious” leaders. The discernment between deception and truth can be quite difficult at times, especially if it is someone you have trusted.

    The consensus reality is morphing at, what I think is an unprecedented rate in the U.S. Trying to hold true to our own reality is becoming more difficult. It seems like one has to stay undercover at times. People who are like minded and not in agreement with the concensus seem to be forming small support groups. It will take a great deal of personal strength and the support of true friends to make it trough this very difficult period.

    1. “People who are like minded and not in agreement with the consensus seem to be forming small support groups. It will take a great deal of personal strength and the support of true friends to make it through this very difficult period”

      Very well said. I see this as well. 🙂

  9. Lying has become “normal”. I have stopped clicking on those Facebook articles that start with “blah blah blah… this is INCREDIBLE!!” because all it is is a face full of ads that make it impossible to even find the arrow to follow the story… and the story ends up being a big fat NOTHING anyway.

    So that’s what we’ve come to. It’s now “acceptable” to lie outright. People are numb to it.

    Today while driving, I got the “fake finger”. Some kid passed me on the right (3 lane road, no traffic, we were both just driving along) and gave me the finger while he passed. Ooops, red light… he had to stop. I rolled up beside him, rolled the window down and said WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM? YOU GIVE ME THE FINGER JUST BECAUSE THE BREEZE IS BLOWING? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????? He just stared straight ahead… didn’t say a word…. he didn’t think he’d have to deal with me calling out his fake finger, but the red light caught him up.

    I’ll say it again…. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HUMANITY? I am so disappointed, so disillusioned (the saturn/neptune square is aspecting my 9 degree virgo venus) and so DEPRESSED about what passes as humanity right now. That kid and his finger said it all. He gave me the finger because he COULD. Because no one cares, no one taught him any better, or because he just felt like it. I know it’s just a finger, but it says a lot about the state of people today.

    And what do you guys mean about the “fake eclipse?” Did I miss something?

  10. Where I work they advertised for a “fake” job after I was there for several months. I got paranoid, thinking it was my job, but it wasn’t. I can’t come up w/ 1 reason why they did that.I saw 3-4 resumes from the ad, but nothing came of it, of course. I’ve heard from others about “fake” job postings.

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    The world has become twisted to the point where people get far angrier at the person who speaks out against crime than the people actually committing the crimes. It is eerily similar to the dynamic that can happen in abusive families. Really disturbing.

    1. Yes. And people “say” (type) the most vile things at one another on social media. It is appalling! Why do people take remarks so personally? Is it just that goddamn hard to accept another viewpoint/perspective/belief/religion, whatever, that is not exactly parallel with one’s own?

      The whole world has gone off the rails. It is terrifying & revolting & I for one, am ready for the Saturn-Neptune sq to end.

      Bring on those bookend eclipses in Sep. Doesn’t that sound like a monster kegger? Boy howdy.

  12. Lately it feels like I’m surrounded by liars, and have become a bit of one myself. It’s scary.

    Saturn/Neptune currently aspects my 9 degree Virgo Venus (in the 9th house). Life feels like a big delusion at this point. Hold everything, including your own belief system, lightly–it could be nothing but a mirage.

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    I love the fake job ads for writers that ask you to write several posts for them in the job application and it’s set so that you can’t even submit the form if you don’t prove you’re willing to work for free. Aaaargh!

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    Fake job postings and fake dating profiles/overtures are the definition of kicking people when they’re down. I can’t wait to see Saturn in Sag go to work on all the deception.

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    I also received several collection calls for a medical bill I not only paid, but personally handed to the receptionist with the doctor physically in the waiting room. When I called the office to inform them of their mistake, they acted like I was imposing on them if not outright lying before remembering who I was and apologizing. Ridiculously screwed-up situations but at least that one got sorted out.

  16. Once upon a time there was a farmer. He lived in a modest house at the edge of a great, dark wood with a wide field in front and a clear running stream at the bottom of the land. He had a young wife who bore him many healthy children and together they worked the land and tended their field. Life was good for them, with warm sunny days and bountiful harvests. There was always the sound of laughter and of puppies barking and cows lowing in the field. The orchard that they planted grew strong and the barn was filled with sweet hay to feed their livestock.

    One day the farmer and his wife sat together and looked out upon their field with pride.

    “We should clear some of the forest on the other side of the stream.” He said. “With the additional acreage we can grow even more crops and make a profit. I can sell the firewood that I cut and use the coin to pay for two more cows so we can expand our herds and you can churn even more butter and sell it in the village.”

    And so they set out to clear the land and expand their farm. The extra work required that the children pitch in and so they did, eager to please their parents. The sons swung their axes and split the wood, sweating and laughing together as they worked. The Farmer tilled the cleared land and planted his crops while the Farmer’s wife and her daughters milked the cows and churned the butter to sell in the village. Soon they had earned enough to buy a fine new horse so that it could carry their wares even further where they would fetch a higher price and so increase their returns.

    To do this though they needed a cart and so the Farmer worked his sons even harder and cleared even more land and they obeyed his instructions, although they laughed less often and only when someone hurt themselves or looked foolish. The Farmer was so busy with selling their wares and expanding his flocks and herds that he rarely had time to work with his sons and so hired a man from outside to see that they stayed busy and did not sneak away to swim in the stream or pick berries as they had in the past.

    His wife for all of her efforts spent less time at home and traveled further away to sell her butter and cream and as she spent more time in the bigger towns she felt embarrassed by her simple clothes and dirty shoes, and so she spent their hard earned silver on clothes that would make her look as fine as the other ladies in the town who were married to judges and shopkeepers. Her daughters saw the finery their Mother wore and pleaded and begged for clothes of their own, refusing to help with the milking and churning until the Farmer relented to their demands. At first they were happy with their new clothes but soon went back to their sullen and petulant ways. “We cannot milk the cows in such nice clothes,” They said, “They will get dirty and be ruined.” and so the Farmer’s wife spent their profits on hired girls from the village to milk the cows and churn the butter.

    The Farmer, who had seen himself as doing well could not understand why their profits were dwindling away and blamed his sons for being lazy. He worked them even harder now and demanded that his foremen put the branch to them if they complained. From the top of the hill there was the continuous sound of axes and saws, but never a laugh or pleasant voice was heard. The daughters were now dressed so well that they couldn’t even gather the eggs from the hen house, or pick the tomatoes in the garden, so even more help was brought in. Soon there wasn’t enough money to pay for the help, so the Farmer went to visit the Banker and take out a loan.

    “You have done very well for yourself.” The Banker said. “You’ve cleared off your forest and tilled up your fields and expanded your herds, what you need now is a fine house to show everyone how successful you are and I will lend you the money to build you a new one.” The Farmer took out the loan with his land as collateral and with it he built a new house of stone and brick. He was so busy with overseeing it’s construction that he barely had time to sit with his wife in the evening or to listen to his daughters play their flute by the fire. His sons, exhausted from their work, ate their meals and went to their rooms without a word, their efforts barely noticed by their parents.

    Soon the magnificent house was completed and they moved in, each member of the family to their own room where they spent their hours alone, involved in their own thoughts. The fields expanded, the animals flourished, the produce was sold and the profits increased. The Farmer could hardly believe his good fortune. One night he woke up trembling in fear from a dream. He had dreamed that there were men who would steal what was his and so when he awoke he hurried off to buy himself guard dogs to protect his home. These dogs were bred to be vicious and to have no master but one and they followed the Farmer wherever he went and when his sons would approach they would growls and bare their teeth.

    This made the Farmer wonder if perhaps his own sons had designs on what he had acquired, after all it wasn’t their work that had given him all of these fine things, the great stone house and the thousand acres of profitable land, it was his efforts and his alone. And so he began to treat them with suspicion and told his overseers to keep a close watch on them and to never spare the rod should they complain or shirk. His daughters spent all their time dressing up and going to parties, for now the Farmer was well respected for what he had, the stately house, the fine horses and splendid carriage, the beautiful daughters and the haughty wife dressed in silks and satin. There was nothing that they could think of or desire that the Farmer would not grant them, but their appreciation seemed to ebb as quickly as he granted their wishes and their needs to expand faster than he could keep up.

    One day they all sat together at the table in front of a feast. The sons all ate with their heads down while the daughters chatted excitedly about the things they were going to do in the city when they went together to shop. The Farmer noticed something was amiss and when it finally dawned on him he was angry.

    “Where is my eldest son?” He demanded, for he was not at the table.

    The next Son in line raised his face to his Father and said, “He has gone away to make his own fortune. Far away.” And he returned to his plate, wiping it clean with bread. The Farmer was incensed at this rebellion. Had he not given his Sons all that they could ever want, food, clothing, shelter and his protection? All he had ever asked of them was to work as he did on the land and to contribute their fair share and now they turned against him?

    He decided to cut their rations and to move them out of the fine house and into the stables with the horses to teach them a lesson. Then he instructed his foremen to hire new men from far away to do the work his sons wouldn’t do and to make sure to pay them only what they needed to feed themselves so they would not grow indolent and careless like his Sons. Beside the Farmer at his feet the guard dogs bared their teeth when the sons stood up from the table and made their way to the barn.

    The years passed and the Farmer grew older. His wife, once a great beauty was now grey and not as appealing as she had been when they were young, so he got rid of her and found a young beauty from a distant city to take her place. His daughters were spoiled beyond repair and had drifted off with a series of men and when he saw them at all they were alien to him, dressed in scandalous clothes, marked from head to toe and pierced with bits of cheap metal and colored glass. He could barely make himself to look upon them and it grieved his heart to see what they had become.

    His sons, when he saw them, were hollow and shiftless. Their jobs had been given over to new men from far away who kept their distance and played more at work than they actually accomplished. The foremen were brutal and uncaring and his dogs had become bloodthirsty whenever anyone approached the Farmer’s house, snapping at them and drawing blood for pleasure. The Farmer himself had taken to spending more and more time with the Judges and the Bankers than he did with his own family or neighbors and when they got together they drank until they were half blind. They told fabulous stories that entertained themselves but were without truth, but what mattered was the status of the company, not the character of it.

    One day the Farmer sat upon his porch and looked out upon his view- the trees were all gone now and there were no longer cool breezes to relieve the heat. The fine stone walls that had lined his fields were gap toothed and fallen and his workers seemed to always be on break though their demands for higher wages and more benefits grew by the day. His foreman stole from him his produce and sold it on the black market.

    His maids listened in on his conversations and tattled in the marketplace when they weren’t pilfering his pockets and his drawers. When his statements came from the bank he saw that rather than being a wealthy man as he pretended he was, that his debts were monstrous and could never be re-paid. His beautiful young wife was never around, traveling into the city most nights with the handsome coachman and only his guard dogs remained close by, eager for the treats he handed out to them and a place by the warm fire to lay down at night.

    As happens in every story the Farmer came to the last days of his life, alone in his bed, untended and unloved. All he had accomplished was returning to naught; the fields overgrown with weeds and saplings, the stalls empty but for a tired nag and that standing in manure up to it’s fetlocks. His loved ones long ago having turned their backs on the beloved Father who had become someone they could hardly recognize. His second wife- or was it his third?

    Had taken everything that wasn’t nailed down and left with the Banker’s son. Even the roof leaked above his bed, soiled and uncomfortable in his old age. As he lay there drawing his final breath he heard a sound of feet on the stairs and in his mind he saw his oldest son returning from afar and his heart skipped a beat and his memory returned to those days when they were penniless but happy, their faces shining and the air filled with laughter. He saw his beloved wife again as she was on their wedding day and tears rolled down his cheeks.

    “They have come back!” He thought to himself. “They love me still and wish to pay their last respects for all I have given to them, for all my hard work and leadership as a Father and Husband!”

    The steps grew louder and it was not one, but many approaching his stately room to bid him farewell and he looked to the great door with anticipation. It was curious that the dogs made no sound, but then he remembered that even they had drifted off and gone away when he could no longer provide them with treats or build a fire to warm them.

    He looked to the door with a tear streaked gaze and then it opened and the Farmer reaped what he had sown.

    The End. (Courtesy of

  17. About that honey… you’ve seen, “sold by weight, not by volume”
    A cup of honey WEIGHS 12 ounces. 8 ounces of honey fills 2/3 of a MEASURING cup.
    Your jug is a bit generous — 6 cups by volume is 72 oz, the extra half-cup weighs 6 oz and you got 8!

    Imagine what a cup of dried parsley would weigh, and this all makes sense. Honey is heavy and dense. Sold by weight, not by volume!

    No such accountability for dating or job sites, though.

      1. Elsa, my reply vanished!

        There are 20 cups of flour in a 5 lb. bag.
        There are 10 cups of sugar in a 5 lb. bag.
        There are 6 2/3 cups cups of honey in a 5 lb. jug.

        You weren’t ripped off, it’s just badly worded science.

        1. yes, that’s right. I still feel it’s misleading. And if you need 10 cups of honey and you buy 80 oz, that’s what you think you’re getting.

          1. Turns out there’s a National Honey Board that says only with water does 8 fluid ounces = one cup. I must have been absent the day we learned that! You, too?

            “How much does honey weigh?

            Eight fluid ounces (or 1 cup) of honey weighs 12 oz. Be careful in buying and measuring quantities of honey. Honey is typically sold by weight, rather than volume. It is heavier than water; the standard for “fluid ounces”, which is why one cup of water is considered 8 fluid ounces, but one cup of honey will actually weigh 12 oz. A gallon of honey weighs approximately 12 lbs.”

            1. Yes, I googled this, trying to figure it out. You can get quarts of honey from local farmers for $12 around here. 3 pounds. I just wanted to measure cups and I was pissed. 🙂

  18. “And many continue to believe, not wanting to face to devastation, emotional and otherwise, when the truth does out.”

    It’s at a point where I wonder if some folks will ever stop believing some lies.

      1. And that is one of the roles of Saturn (in truth-telling Saggo) sq Neptune. For the lifelong, prolific liars, this aspect is a punishment. It is the veil & the other shoe – dropping. BOOM. In often a very public, very humiliating, no-denying-the-elephant-pile-in-the-living-room kinda way.

        Big ouchie, & not enough salve in the Universe for those gigantic ego, false identity wounds. Some people will implode under the pressure, self-destruct. Their labyrinth of lies existence outed for all to see.

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