Why Does My Jupiter Transit Suck?

jupiter suckHas this ever been you: You check your transits and see a big, great Jupiter transit coming. Maybe Jupiter is about to conjunct your Midheaven or trine your Venus. You gear yourself up, expecting great things, only for…well, nothing. Not much happens at all. Maybe things go just a little easier, or maybe you get inundated with more of the same. Bigger workloads, more crappy dates, etc. You’re understandably frustrated, because Jupiter is supposed to be the Great Benefic. It’s supposed to be good! So what gives?

As an astrologer, I have seen this time and again. Jupiter transits sometimes just fall flat. And Over years of observation, I think I’ve found a key: Jupiter only provides what you have room for, what you believe you deserve, and what you can ethically hold.

-Jupiter is not one to waste his energy. There is no reason to give someone something they can’t do anything with.

-Jupiter requires faith. He is the ruler of Pisces for a reason. Jupiter asks that we trust him to provide.

-Jupiter is not only a generous sky daddy. He is also traditionally associated with justice, morals, and ethics. Jupiter wants good things, but only if they can be done right.

So take our previous examples. Maybe you want the big promotion, but the job you have now takes all of your energy and then some. If the promotion will mean a greater workload (and it almost always does), could you honestly manage it? Is “more“ really what you need right now? Why would Jupiter, who has our best interests at heart, give you more than you can handle?

Or say you’re on the dating scene, and every new prospect is worse than the last. Maybe they spend the evening showing you pictures of their ex, or maybe they tell you that all your beliefs are idiotic and your body sucks, then they invite you back to their place and are shocked when you decline (a real experience of mine!) At that point, the only sensible thing to do is to turn your attention back to yourself. Why are you going out with men who are so critical or unavailable? Is it possible that you believe that you don’t deserve any better? Do you believe that most men are at least a little terrible? Do you believe that dating is inherently excruciating? Do you believe that everyone ends up settling? If so, why would Jupiter send you something better? Why give someone something they don’t believe they deserve or that they don’t believe even exists? If you have no faith, why would Jupiter disabuse you of that notion?

Or maybe you’re feeling stuck in a terrible relationship, hoping desperately for someone wonderful to come save you. Well, sure, that could be nice, but it could also be messy and cause even more pain for everyone involved. Why would Jupiter, He of High Morals, give you something that you can’t ethically take? If your relationship slot is already filled, how is there room for more? How can you hold that new love and nurture it in the way it deserves? Why would you want to start your new life on that kind of note?

Nine times out of ten, when a Jupiter transit doesn’t bring us what we hope, one of these is the issue. We have to make a conscious effort to make room in our lives for what we want. We have to have faith, and sometimes even take great leaps of faith, to fully accept his blessings. And we absolutely, positively MUST make sure that what we want is ethical and right. When I have worked with clients to build specific plans for Jupiter transits, they always include these principles. And you know what? It almost always works.

Want to make the most of your Jupiter transit? Consult with me!

Have you ever had a disappointing Jupiter transit? How about a great one? Did these principles apply?

13 thoughts on “Why Does My Jupiter Transit Suck?”

  1. You might be onto something. I have jupiter in virgo and a lot of saturn. If it comes easy- I don’t want it or don’t feel quite good about it. Until I exert, push and overcome the struggle, to feel like the effort was worth it, it won’t feel that ‘lucky’ to me. With jupiter transits there are lots of expectations too. Expecting the big and bold. I like to be surprised with ‘bad’ transits showing something good in themselves than the other way around. I just had jupiter in 1st for some time, yea it was good for morale and but not good for my waist/ again. You know what happens when I have a mars square saturn transit? I turn the house upside down and keep healthy habits. Now that’s what I like, that makes me feel alive and enthusiastic about life- to be busy, useful and healthy- jupiter in virgo. ?

  2. Yes, this is me now! Jupiter is about to trine my MC, then Uranus, Mars and Venus in turn. I have been mindful to not expect the Moon on a stick, and be open to new opportunities, BUT, Saturn is just about to square the same stellium, so in my experience, I think it’ll be six of one and half a dozen of the other!

  3. I have Jupiter in Virgo, out of sign conjunct Pluto square angular Saturn. The millionaire conjunction with Jupiter in detriment to a Pluto ruled taskmaster. Somewhat generational. Bingo on ethics!

  4. On my birthday March 7, East coast US, Jupiter is 15:19 and 5th house begins exactly at 15:30. Jupiter then is about 1.5 degrees away from my sun at 17:4 degrees. Wondering if bc Jupiter is only nearby and technically in the 4th, not the 5th house, how much bearing does that have on its effect?? Or is it close enough to have some good effect?

  5. Jupiter is now in my 7th house. Was there in May / June 2021 for a brief “hi, how are ya”, and I was so looking forward to its return Dec. 29. So far, it has been very rocky and I’m not feeling the LOVE. I feel it simmering, but not on boil. Reaching out to you for a session Midara – this is what I want to concentrate on… thank you

  6. For the next 10 days, Tr Jupiter in my Pisces 1H will be trining my natal 9H Jupiter in Scorpio. I am feeling Jupiter’s pull to explore new philosophical studies. With the new year, this adventure seems timely.

  7. Right! When Jupiter hits my 2′ Pisces Asc now, it is opposed to natal Pluto and square my natal Jupiter/Moon but trine and sextile to Neptune and Saturn. It’s a mixed bag of blessings for sure. What Jupiter offers can be taken away.

  8. Jupiter transits can act as protection. You avoid a car accident as you swerved the other way, like a near miss. Or disappointed you didn’t get that dream job to later find the boss had been swindling company money.

    1. Avatar

      Your comment on the “disaster averted” car crash makes me think of the quote I’ve heard before “Miracles don’t happen – they are noticed.”
      Or maybe the miracle itself is when the “miracle” gets noticed!

  9. I have come to dread Jupiter transits and greatly look forward to Saturn transits. The latter has brought a lot more good to my life. Go figure.

  10. Going through big jupiter transit right now, my Sun is 1st degree Pisces. No new developments, making sure I’m making room for what I need. I’m positive and open minded so definitely not blocking myself.
    But Jupiter or not things will come in their on time.

  11. Same here, Jupiter’s transit into Pisces brings me much frustration, but I wanted to understand why and here is what I found: start with Jupiter return in the natal sign and from there calculate the big phases: waxing square, opposition, and waning square and right away I could see why it is so frustrating for me Jupiter in Pisces. Because it is a waning square!!! Not only that, but Jupiter works with the other planets a lot, especially the Lunar Nodes. See the natal House of Jupiter and consider it in aspect with transiting Jupiter.

  12. Thank you, Midara! This is brilliant!
    Aim high and have faith because you can never get more than you think you deserve. Aim only for what is ethical and appropriate.

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