Cool People vs The Others, Like Me

Tam wrote, “satori you are so funny” in response to her comment on the Neptune statue: “I like that statue– dude looks like he’s havin’ a chesterfield while airing out his junk.”

satori is one of the cool people. You know – the cool people?  The people who if you get one of them for your friend, then you are sort of cool yourself?   satori is one of them and I am not one of them.

I am one of the people who you would like to be friends with, but there is great risk involved. God only knows what I am going to do next. I surely have no idea  so only the very nervy admit to knowing me, or link me from their blog or something. In fact I ought to say that distinctly:

If you are someone who links me, thank you very much.  I am a guilty pleasure for so many. I am heartened by anyone who will admit they like me but anyway, satori and I talked about this. She said she knew she was a cool person and she always had been.  She went on to say what a horror it was and I was completely fascinated because what she said made sense and it was all new to me.

Maybe she’ll come on here and tell you guys what she told me, because her thoughts really were insightful and interesting. I would tell you myself but unfortunately I’m not cool enough to talk like her so you know.  We’re hosed if we’re relying on me but aside from that, here is my question:

Are you one of those cool people who increase a persons status by association? What’s on your Midheaven?

72 thoughts on “Cool People vs The Others, Like Me”

  1. Have never been one of the cool kids although have always run with them. Was never interested in being cool. Libra mid heaven, conjunct Venus in Libra, loosely conjunct Pluto in Scorpio. Alwya have the right friends but tend not to be so interesting myself. I’m kinda like Angela from My So-called Life.

  2. It’s funny – reading through the comments it struck me how many different interpretations of “cool” there are. I’ve always been told that I am cool. I think my brand of it, though, is intimidating, detached, the “not giving an F” variety, glamorous I suppose. I have Venus (my chart ruler) conjunct the MC by 1 degree in Aquarius. So there is that kind of cool, which I think has a lot to do with one’s public image and thus the MC. Doesn’t have a whole lot to do really with what people who know you think about your character.

  3. People find me interesting – Gemini MC. I have to be careful on how I come across (MC sq Pluto opp Mercury?). I’m too humble to consider myself cool. Well liked is better word for me. Cool brings images of superficiality to fit in; other peoples’ context may however be different. I am loved due to my generous, warming nature. I “see” people that I like.

  4. @Elsa; I think you are cool, for me … I have Sag MC and I am seeing a therapist who has a Sag sun. I told her to start reading your blog so that she can understand some of my fears and anxieties with Saturn in Scorpio and she started reading you. So you have made at least 1 therapist cooler….

  5. Elsa … this just makes me smile. You are far and away one of the coolest people on the internet and this is because you are who you are. You tell it straight, you have a good sense of humor and the absurd, you have a good sense of compassion but you also temper it with common sense. You don’t have to “feel” cool, Elsa, because you “ARE” cool. It’s natural for you!

    Maybe you just need to add a little dash of leopard print to your wardrobe so you can “feel” as cool as you really are. 🙂

  6. I’ve always been one of the cool kids, right up into my late 30s! Libra on the MC, conjunct with Mercury/Jupiter/Uranus.

    And with Venus in Leo, people know I make the party happen, so I’ll always get an invite.

    Something odd I realized recently – I’ve never tried to make a friend, they have always come to me. I think this is a deficit because shouldn’t every human being know how to befriend people?

  7. “what I’ve realized is I look slightly crazy…”

    Oh dear! Elsa, you have no idea of your own fabulousness. Every time I watch one of your videos I am always struck by the sparkle in your eyes and your natural beauty. And as for keeping your mouth shut, why would you ever want to do that? You’re so full of life and wisdom … share it with the rest of us!

    As for the leopard print, a little goes a long way. Think about it. 😉

  8. You know what I think is COOL? Something Satori brought up in a reading, that with Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, mutual reception..depth, authenticity, being REAL, value, intensity will emerge as cool.

    (or something of that ilk, can’t say it as cool as her!)

    My time has come…..also first time I posted in ages…

    Elsa you are the anti-cool, which is the coolest of cool! I am positive I would have gravitated to you at school, remember “The Outsiders” are the REAL cool ones.

    (MC Virgo conjunct Uranus/Pluto, sextile Neptune and exact trine POF)

    1. Thank you, Firecrab. I had a boyfriend and a sister who were popular in high school, so no one bothered me. But for a friend, I ran with a snarky gay boy, lol. We were both misfits, but had mouths on us which prevented us from being easy targets. 🙂

  9. “Maybe you just need to add a little dash of leopard print to your wardrobe so you can “feel” as cool as you really are.”

    Thanks, Fritz, but what I’ve realized is I look slightly crazy, whatever I wear, unless I wear a plain black dress, a black purse, and keep my mouth shut, which of course I never do. 🙂

    Why not?

    Too much trouble! 🙂

  10. I never thought I was cool, but someone once told me I was a cool kid (in the work place) and I was so taken aback! Huh? So strange how others perceive us…

  11. People thought I was pretty cool when I ran with the cool crowd, in the city and before that on the island

    Now I live surrounded by very conventional people, and I’m moving into old age, so I’m not longer seen as cool, in fact I’ve become kind of invisible

    Uranus on the MC in Gemini. I think it takes cool people to see my cool, if that makes any sense: people who can respond to my Gemini and Merc

  12. Elsa, I think you are delightfully weird and that’s what I like best about you, among many things. I find the unusual nurturing and though you’re just a little older than me, you often remind me of my mother, or how I wish my mother could have been.

    I hope you take it as the compliment it’s intended to be. After all, I’m a Cancer, I love my mother. 🙂

  13. I am “cool” sometimes “too cool” def. not something I’m doing, just made that way. Howev I like who I like, never part of a clique. What I like is people being genuine. Great comments, the new and the old.

  14. pluto on mh. It is rarely acknowleged. I love seeing others take credit for my stuff. It’s the only acknowlegement I get for the most part. It’s the scorpio empowerment thing, if you are successful, I have been successful.

  15. Im not cool, I know that being friends with me doesn’t increase your status popularity wise however those who know me after a period of time know that having me as a friend means that the mention of my name as your friend immediately means your worth in status goes up. I bring up peoples stock so to speak. I believe this is due to my saturn-pluto-sun conjunction in the 8th. Im also a scorp.

    In the same regard people know if you are no longer my friend, I have cut you or have distanced myself from you then you have properly taken my friendship or energy for granted and your worth plummets. I have an 8th house stellium with heavy planets there. Im a quality energy giver and it has taken me years to realise this!!

  16. Zombies??? Yikes. I was just thinking the Nem is alot like the long dead Stinky Aunt Leona. Nasty and scary. And oh dear oh dear however shall we get that smell out of the stuffed chair. My mom would get phone calls from strangers requesting information about how to remove the stench. Heloise’s nightmare.

  17. I used to be “cool”. I have Virgo on my MC. Now it’s Scorpio. It all depends on how people like Scorps which is all over the map.

  18. …but Angela was totally cool, Eli, so that’s your core, and I can’t help feeling that everyone’s true self is cool (if only we could be our true selves, all of us, always). I remember in junior high, standing in a circle, the same circle each break, and witnessing the cool of each other person, with desire to join, never truly realizing that I was part of it. Deja vu occurred in that circle one day. I still haven’t gotten over it.

  19. Ehh, I know one cool person and she’s a capricorn sun (with some fire like aries moon, leo jupiter). Direct and doesn’t give a hoot but not in a mean ridiculous way. Keeps it real and we have lots to talk about. I don’t see myself belonging with her group of friends and not even trying but very nice to chat one on one. Also, lots of people can be direct and so on but you know when a person has that jazz, that confidence and naturalness. As for me, no. But I was very touched with what an aquarius told me once, she said she trusted my opinion and my compliments of her. She said people always tell lots of things (that they don’t mean) but she truly believed in my words. Which means that at least some people take me seriously and it was also on point that the exchange was very raw, I wasn’t bullshitting her. I have a scorp mc.

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