Logjam Breaking

kid puzzleLife has been moving slow. Constipated is the word I want! But things will start to move now that Mars and Mercury in Virgo have cleared their opposition to Saturn.

Not that things are exactly flowing yet. We’ve got a stubborn Fixed T-square today, but it involves the moon so it’ll be hear today, gone tomorrow.

I’ve been channeling the hopped up Mercurial energy into writing my class. I think it’s going inordinately well.

Satori is editing. She took the time to summarize the parts of the class we’ve got done so far. This is to address the question around what will be covered.

Satori writes:

Intro – “Life teaches us, but astrology is a shortcut.” Reading a chart correctly is key to finding the shortcut, otherwise the supposed shortcut could actually be a tough slog through the swamp. See the real person in the chart, warts and all.

Chart two: So you’ve got a terrible transit and it’s wreaking havoc in your life. Everything is going so badly that you’re not sure you can go on. What if that’s not the real problem? Here’s how we get to the heart of the matter and get on with a life worth living. The magic is in the chart.

Chart three: Her people pleasing is out of control. How does she reel it back in and gain power over her life? The tools in her chart offer everything needed to take back her authority, to spread her wings and fly.

Chart four: A person can get stuck on a concept about themselves that’s wrong. It’s okay to make mistakes, but how do you know you’ve made one and get unstuck? What you tell yourself about yourself shapes your world.

Chart five: What if you’re doing everything right and STILL can’t get a second date? There are clues in the chart we can access to suss out the issues standing in the way of success. Dating advice is not “one size fits all”!


I’m happy with how it’s going and looking forward to my next puzzle! And yes, that is my kid up there. He became an engineer. Looking at that picture, it’s no surprise!

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