Voice Of South Node In Aries: Past Life Soldier – Gladiator

roman-gladiator.jpg“Yeah, I know,” I told the soldier who claims many, many past lives where he is always a soldier, never anything but. “You showed me you nose in bathtub,” I said. “I see your Roman nose. I see that you look like a Roman soldier / Rhino.”

“Yep, can’t help it, P. That’s what I am.”

“I think it’s funny you’ve got 3 times as much Arab in you as Italian but you do definitely look Roman.”

“That’s right. And I don’t have time for any of those Gladatorial bastards either.”

“Gladiators, P! They fought in the coliseum. But not me. I’m not doing that. I’m going to fight a WAR!”

“You and your nose.”

“Yep. Me and this schnoz here, P. We aren’t wasting time in no coliseum. Straight to war! Get me to a war and get me there now!”

3 thoughts on “Voice Of South Node In Aries: Past Life Soldier – Gladiator”

  1. No, he’s not Spanish, he’s something else. He just speaks Spanish, allllllll Spanish including Albuquerque New Mexico, Valley Girl Spanish as he calls it. And he is Southern and speaks everything with a proper accent (Venus in Gemini) which is beguiling to all.

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