64 thoughts on “Which Zodiac Sign Is The Most Misunderstood?”

  1. I vote libra too. Not just because I am one:) We’re a complicated bunch. And we have a lot of contradictions. I don’t even understand myself sometimes.

  2. I’m a Scorpio and also a Scorpio rising and I will say Scorpio. Yes a Scorpio choosing a Scorpio, why? It’s not just about being a sexed crazed mania, many are into marriages (some won’t say verbally though) we are too over emotional, think we are weird if we want to cuddle for long periods and not say anything (just being silent), think something is wrong if we don’t say good morning or send you a good morning text, (when we need our space to think, and regenerate, as sometimes we have a hard time understanding ourselves) oh and the ‘I hate Scrorpios!’

    Both my Mum and Brother is Tuareuans and my friends, and I don’t think they are misunderstood, Both Scorpio and Taurus is a fixed sign and Like to be right all the time even when wrong, Taurus takes it to another lever though. ‘Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results’…

    Sagittarius speak there mind, tell you what’s what, like love and intimacy just like any other sign,but like freedom and space, nothing misunderstanding about them.

    I say Pisces is misunderstood, heck when they go into their dream world there way of thinking is different. Cancers too, Cancers absorb people’s emotions, people say Cancers are too moody, to over emotional,

    Actually all water signs are misunderstood. We are too over emotional, moody, Emo, cry babies, sex crazy. Water signs are emphatic, read ang feel people’s thoughts and emotions, intuitive.

    As for Virgos, yes I think they are critical but at the same time I understand why, Virgos like Scorpio are observant, when we don’t say much we are looking watching soaking up the atmosphere.

  3. capricorns are really mis understood cos they really are not the showy type ppl tend to feel that they are cold and boring but they show love through action not words

  4. It’s a theory I’ve been bouncing around for awhile but I think in order to understand any sign, you have to look at their hidden anatomy and the legacy “spillover” effect of the prior sign. In astrology, that’s the solar 12th house. For example, a Cancer is secretly a talkative, electronic loving Gemini at home. A Virgo may be very passionate and generous like a Leo. A Capricorn may be bombastic like a Sagittarius during dinner parties. In specific natal charts, look at the 12th house. There’s the real person, secrets, agenda, and spiritual side. That’s why 12th house transits and synastry overlays are difficult: because we are totally exposed. ?

  5. Virgos probably, they can actually change their mind every day, as long as they have some scientific evidence to back them up. And there’s ALWAYS some scientific evidence to back them up, even if they change their minds 10 times a day. They still appear and want to appear rational. Ha ha!

    Virgos also want to be seen as if they don’t have emotions, as if they’re all logic. Ha ha again!

    Crappys of course get the “cold” blahblahblah, when they’re not. You have to have Saturn influence to understand it.

    Cancer is what I don’t understand. My MC is in Cancer, but I just cannot fathom it. My Moon is in Aries, my Mars is in 4th. Maybe I’m too much of a Mars Moon to understand Cancer. I love it though when someone takes care of me :)) I’m just crappy at it myself. Teaching and preaching is my thing.

    I couldn’t vote by the way, the poll doesn’t work.

  6. It’s tough being a Scorpio with libra right on my tail. Very secretive and mysterious. Loyalty is all important. At times I just hate everything. Once let in you are safe. Helluva way to live!

  7. I hate these generalisationsso much I had to comment. Capricorns get a bad rap. I have NEVER met a cold Capricorn; they are warm , friendly funny and easy going. Those who are more shy STILL have your considerations at heart, often to their detriment. It is then that they stand up and become cooler, defending their own wonderful ideas from being snatched by charlatans. Aries are bossy, Taurus are mainly fat an narrow minded, Gemini can be cruel as well as funny (the most indifferent sign) Aquarius can be more rigid than Capricorn, Sagittarius can be ditzy, instead of learned, Libra cannot seem to function without having a partner in tow, Leo wants to dictate terms, Virgo can be aloof but are wonderfully kinky and warm when you get to know them, Pisces are all things to all people, Cancer are fun and loving, sensitive but considerate. Scorpios are warm and good friends, they don;t pry in my experience and they are genuine, not secretive. So all in all a load of nonsense.

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