13 thoughts on “Long Term Consequences Of Messing Up Your Saturn Return”

  1. This is a great vid. I love this type of honesty Elsa. This type of honesty is usually unpopular. . . . ha! Honesty should be very popular.

  2. anonymoushermit

    I swear I screwed up during old age at my Saturn Return at age 90, in my last life. My life was pretty bad until age 25 this lifetime!

    There may be something to this video.

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    Yeah I agree with this, my Saturn return coincides almost perfectly with a major wrong turn career wise that I’m only now just coming back from. I think I have had the sense of a second chance at fixing it with my separating Saturn trine a decade later.

    But it’s only because I am not interested in money or accumulating wealth that I can look at making a career change to something more attuned with my destiny now. If I had heavily invested in the decision at the return (for eg going into debt based on the new income from that career)

    Also, I got married at that Saturn return at the same time and that relationship and another since have fallen through leaving me (a Libra no less!) feeling completely cynical about romance and partnership, and like I just want to be totally independent now and don’t have the emotional capacity to be in a couple situation, maybe never will!

    So I feel if you screw up your Saturn return it isn’t necessarily a disaster, but only if you are able to get totally comfortable with letting go of all the certainties and structures that you unwisely invested in.

    Interested to know if many others found that their Saturn returns coincided with moments of “signing on the dotted line” in my case, marriage and employment within a large bureaucratic structure.

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      Sorry, incomplete paragraph there, meant to say:

      If I had heavily invested in the decision at the return (for eg going into debt based on the new income from that career) then right now I would be feeling completely trapped and that my chance at happiness in this life would be shot.

      1. @scorpioByProgression; both my Saturn Rxs have been about “leaving” something major behind; in both returns it’s been leaving a house, marriage or a city. First Saturn Rx it was all at once.

  4. I just had my 2nd Saturn return. It was brief but I’m glad I was aware of it. Made a lot of happenings make more sense. I found out about the 1st one, way before the internet and ubiquitous astrology info, by accident. I consulted an silver for the first time! Nothing accidental about that! I was already trying to “grow up” at that point but it didn’t hurt to hear about it.

  5. I agree,I see shitty things happen to good people I see good things happen to shitty people, I heard long ago “there is no score keeper upstairs watching over fairness”
    Hurts some to think of. I am around kids( still bus driving,part time)
    I say when asked?we all get 24 hours,use your time, when in therapy
    A young woman said”stay in your hula hoop”
    My interpretation,direct your energy for your person,
    Wake up and use the day, it’s yours. I think I am close to have completed my second return, both tough parts of time,difficult to grade.
    Do I think life treated me fairly? Depends , who am I comparing myself to? The value of yourself and the world
    Your in is an opinion,compared to what? Yesterday?
    What do I believe ,let your heart lead you,not your head
    I grew up with a lot of viragos,lookers of the invisible, Scorpio dad, intense ,Leo mom, strong,I am a Capricorn?
    Where am I today,in my hula hoop in the dark windy morning,typing alone,thanking God it’s my first Saturday off since April,compared to ?when ,who,why ,priceless onward,but Elsa I am with ya,think about how you proceed
    It will matter

  6. I found that the pressures of career (long hours) and personal life (marry or not) hit a high during my first return at 30. It lead to physical and spiritual breakdown but I soldiered on into becoming a solo business owner, At 59 now I have the same grave decisions to make again, going back to a normal job and marriage possible again. Saturn is opposing my Sun natally from the 4th to the 10th, with a trine and sextile to 7th house Pluto and my Pisces Asc.

  7. I practically don’t know if I screwed up mine.
    But I have always had this heavy feeling that “What you’re doing counts in the larger picture, so thread wisely”.

    I did for the most part I think, cause I landed my first real job after the financial crisis around this time.
    That’s when my BF at the time had his SR (we were only 4 months apart in age), and broke up with me after 8 years of relationship that wasn’t going anywhwere regarding commitment. Saturn in Libra tests your relationships, that’s for sure.

    I was lucky to have a minimum of support at the time. I had been through depression some years ago that, and 3 years of unemployment – but this was WORSE. It was one of the worst thing I had ever lived through in my entire life – no matter my abusive childhood and alcoholic dysfuntional family.

    This breakup was worse, because I had only myself to blame for my circumstances, for lying to myself about my happiness, for Neptuning myself out the relationship’s actual issues and escape into a fantasy about how happy we were by reading romance novels and make our relationship a living romance novel…

    The lies we tell ourselves and have to recuperate from is in another realm of “so much worse” than if others are inflicting the pain.
    Also, Pluto was transitting my Mars in 12th house at the time – squaring my moon in 8th. I was so full of rage that I had a severe case of pimples on my back, due to the massive amount of negativity in my system.

  8. I honestly can’t tell if I messed mine up. Sometimes I think I did. I know I messed things up years earlier, and my Saturn return was pretty rough. It remains to be seen.

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