Falco – Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon: Must I Die To Live?

falco tripletsI first wrote about Falco, back in 2008. My husband introduced me to him. He was living in Germany when Falco burst onto the scene. He was fortunate to see him perform live, many times.  He’s really striking.

Today we watched a documentary about his life, Too Young To Die – Falco.  It was interesting, especially from an astrological perspective.

Falco was a Pisces with a Scorpio moon conjunct Neptune. He was the only survivor of a triplets birth.  This is unusual and from what I’ve gathered, every day of his life was like that.  Note the graphic; moon Neptune in Scorpio, he carries the family legacy, which leaks through.

Falco was recognized as a child prodigy and schooled in classical music. This video was my first introduction to his work – Der Kommissar. It looked “Aquarian” to me, mocking communism.  Sure enough, he has Venus, Mercury, Chiron and the Black Moon Lilith conjunct in the sign.

The sunglasses are so Scorpio and he’s so far ahead (and behind) the times.

You can check the lyrics in English here.

But this is what I’m referring to:

“…Hear the children
Don’t turn around, oh oh
Der Kommissar’s in town, oh oh
He’s got the power
And you’re so weak
And you’re frustration will not let you speak…”

We don’t like being monitored!

I highly recommend the documentary. It’s chock full of interesting tidbits. For example, Falco, used to get drunk as snot before concerts, then have a doctor transfuse his blood.  He nearly died in this process, many times.

You can also ascertain this was not an uncommon thing to do.  One of his friends tell of a time they were in Japan in the middle of this procedure, when they realized they did not have the needed coagulant. No one spoke Japanese which would have hindered their ability to get help, but someone in the hotel recognized what was happening and took the steps necessary to save him. A lyric in one of his songs translates to, “Must I die to live”.

Hopefully that will inspire you to check this this most interesting character. But outside of the documentary, my husband told me of another Falco song that haunts him.

I might mention at this point, my husband also has a moon Neptune conjunction in Scorpio. In whatever case, “Jeanny” is a song about an older man who murder a young girl/woman.  The song is written from the killer’s perspective and the video is… well, you can watch it.

Jeez but he breaks the rules.

If you don’t like dark themes or if you’d rather just be entertained, there’s always this – Rock Me Amadeus. One of Falco’s friends did two of my husband’s tattoos. It’s one of the bikers in this video.

There is one more point to make in this… it might be better presented in it’s own post but it’s, Falco, who said it: “Americans have no irony.” Context here is that he found Americans hard to talk too, due to this lack.

I’m an American, but I believe I understand his meaning. Do you?

Click to see Falco’s chart…

15 thoughts on “Falco – Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon: Must I Die To Live?”

        1. “Pluto in Libra Americans definitely have irony.”

          That makes sense.

          When I agreed with him, I was primarily thinking of the difference between Americans and Australians.

          Also, if you watch the documentary, it will be clear how out-in-space this man is. He had a lot of trouble dealing, period. So maybe you find people(s) where you have the easiest time being *not blended*

          He died in the Dominican Republic, where he was living at the time…

          Awhile back I had a client; she could perceive my hesitation in making some statement, I don’t remember the topic.

          “Just say it, Elsa. I’m not an American – you can talk.”

          I laughed and spit it out.

  1. I had knee surgery a few years back with fentanyl anesthesia – From what I understand – it is basically a controlled respiratory death. The refreshing emotive quality when I awoke was striking. The renewal of life is somehow linked to death.

    Emotive elimination/death followed by transformative renewal is there frequently for me with a Scorpio rising and an exact Moon Pluto square. That dynamic is also there in the Moon Nodes and the Black Moon axis for everyone.

  2. I love this post, becauze i used to listen to Rock me Amadeus a lot when i was a kid. My friends and i used to sing along to Jeanny as well, portraying the creepy guy while doing it. We’ve all got some moon-pluto and/or moon/neptune connection in our charts.

    I just looked up his date of birth and the guy shared his birthday with my dad, my sister and one of my uncles!

    Didn’t know he died though, or i forgot.
    And i’m not sure about the irony. Maybe Americans are just too damn fast to have irony.

    1. His bio is really interesting. He’s got a daughter and she’s in it, along with a number of other people who were close to him. They’re all very candid and they all draw similar conclusions about him, independently.

      He reminds me of Tom Petty, in this way: both men knew what they were going to do from an early age. They knew they were going to make it BIG.

      But, Falco, was absolutely plagued with self doubt, in spite his confidence. How’s that for Pisces? 🙂

  3. I have loved Falco and his music from the 80ies! Attractive and mysterious man, big charisma, so sorry he died so unexpectedly (see the ruler of his 8th house in 1st house…)
    Unfortunately the documentary is not available on youtube anymore, hope it will return…

      1. Thank you so much Elsa! It still says ‘video not available’. Maybe youtube wants me to make an account, or it is blocked for Europeans?! Sounds crazy, but you never know… I’ll try it later on, will try on my phone! 🙂

      2. BTW, transit Saturn is conjunct my 12th house Venus right now, so everything that I love is blocked… frustrating! And this video thing (that I love) is just a minor example 😉

  4. My husband is a fan of is. I will have to point out this documentary to him.

    Interestingly enough, our daughter is a Pisces Sun-Scorpio Moon (Uranus conjunct Sun). I’ve often felt she was going to find success where ever she looks – is looking towards music.

  5. Just finished watching it, you are always an interesting person to get my input from. I’d like to see the tattoo. And your husband’s full of surprise stories for me, took. Thanks for your suggestion, I love documentary biographies.

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