Lousy Virgo Criticizes My Hair!

When you make videos (particularly about astrology) you leave yourself open to all kinds of abuse. But today was the livin’ end for my Venus in Leo when a Virgo dropped by one of my videos to ask, ‘Don’t you ever brush your hair?”

I responded, “Er… no”. Because matter of fact I don’t even own a brush but what I wanted to say was this:

“No, but I got laid last night and obviously you did not!”

The person was a Virgo so this is for him/her:

Quit fixing people… you’re making me craazy! A Saturn in Virgo Rant

16 thoughts on “Lousy Virgo Criticizes My Hair!”

  1. Elsa, your hair always looks great. If he doesn’t get that tossled Venus-in-Leo mane is the point in fact, then…….

    From a Moon in Leo,

  2. This is exactly the kind of thing that Virgo gets tagged for – with good reason! Being a Virgo myself it’s very difficult to associate with this kind of critical behaviour. I believe in ‘live and let live’. Apologies on behalf of your “Lousy Virgo”.

  3. I like your curls and well, I surround myself all the time with Virgos, and I am always astonished at their molecule-under-the-microscope vision. As a Pisces I always think the Virgo must be right. This is interesting to me, and very Libra balanced too, that both of you are Virgos — this is complex.

  4. well, this virgo thinks you’re charming already and likes your hair, but more importantly, since YOU are perfectly happy with your hair, that’s the only point there is, baby.

  5. You’ve probably pissed him off because he looks at your head and thinks bed-head. Then thinks of his empty bed. BWA HA AHA! 😉

    Who says that kind thing to people? I remember once some guy at work said to me “Wow you’re looking really HAGGARD today!”
    To which I replied, “Michael haven’t you been single for years and years? I’ll tell you how to woo a woman: don’t say such ignorant verbal diarrhea!”

    Then he ran away. And doesn’t talk to me at all (mission accomplished).

  6. I was watching Jon Stewart’s interview with Bill Maher about his new movie Religulous
    and wondered if in his argument about the illogical nature of religion, he’s trying to fix or control people who are set in their ways. I mean, should we stop trying to act on other people all together? To change others or change the world? Are any people attempting at persuading others really trying to fix and control them? I bet Bill Maher would have flipped a shit if he interviewed Bob Dylan in his Christian years. Maybe that is just the kind of progressive he is. How does he intend to teach or reach people without controlling them?

  7. I think your hair looks super!

    I have had mine long for so many years I am freaked about cutting it. I remember years ago.. I was like when I hit x age I will be too old for long hair and that always came and went.

    It was once down to the back of my knees but it gets so old it will break off at that point. It is now just past my ass, but I rarely wear it anything but braided. Plus my job has me wearing a hardhat so it is always wrapped under a bandana.

    Maybe it would be like a new start if I can actually get it whacked off. It makes me feel shakey just thinking about it LOL. I guess I do equate cutting it off as finally being old and I am not old yet!

  8. I have naturally curly hair, and I wear the messy ringlets on my weekends. For work, I blow dry it straight. If it’s really humid out, it will just curl anyway. It sure keeps my detractors guessing. More importantly, it satisfies my Venus in Aries. Just try to keep up with me, hair critics!

  9. bwaaaa! LOVE the video!

    I wish my hair did what your hair does. Stick straight foolishness…and my Virgo makes me screw around with it even though messy is cute as hell on other people.

  10. hah!
    yeah, brushingmy hair makes me go all seventies retro… though sometimes there’s a certain appeal to that, mostly it scares me… the fro… i mean… yikes!

  11. Elsa,

    I just wandered in to your site, and would like to tell you that the first thing I thought when I saw your picture is that you are a very attractive person. I think you have a beautiful face, great skin and coloring and you hair is wonderful.

    I have Venus conjunct Pluto and Pluto conjunct Uranus in the Eighth House, all in Virgo. I know beauty when I see it.

    Fuck that self-hating dickhead.

    Have a great New Year, and pardon my French!

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