Less Stubborn…Less Pushy,

mutableI notice I’m becoming less stubborn these days. I think this has to do with Saturn and Jupiter transiting mutable signs. Scorpio is a Fixed sign.  With Saturn in Scorpio things had to be final and all or nothing. Jupiter was in Leo, another Fixed sign.  Everyone was STAR of their story.

These days, I feel willing and able to live with the other person’s story. I am far less stubborn and consequently I see less reason to push.  I’ll give you an example.

I hired someone to redo this site, it was supposed to be done, the last week of October. It’s still not done and I don’t care.

I like the guy. I know he’s busy. He’s around if there is an actual crisis. He’s got a day job and it just doesn’t matter all that much.  The site is up, isn’t it?

This goes in hand with the stuff I’ve been writing on the Finding The Truth post. If your story is that I’m horrible – well, okay! I don’t feel I need to work to change this or control it or transform it. I can easily change my path so that it won’t intersect with yours that much, if at all.

Basically, Saturn in Sagittarius has taught me to flow around obstacles and trouble and burdens of all kinds. It’s pretty cool.  I only need to accept that your truth is real to you. If we clash in a way that’s horrendous for either of us, I can take another path. Matter of fact, I can take it as a sign that I should take another path.

Is anyone else experiencing something like this?

10 thoughts on “Less Stubborn…Less Pushy,”

  1. I find that I’m more compliant about the things that don’t really matter. Or where I can’t win. Before I would’ve fought harder, longer, but now I’m the Queen of Meh. If they can’t be bothered to see me, to understand, I can’t be bothered to explain it again.

    1. I can imagine that. I feel in balance myself. I make an effort when an effort is being made.

      I’ve given up notions of pushing an agenda in relationships, or trying to create something that pertains to another on my own. I have Mars in Libra, so this is something. I’m not going to push “the other” one iota. It’s give and take and back and forth and mutually enjoyable or beneficial or I’ll pass.

      We work together or we work alone. If we’re working against each other, I’m going to take the first exit I see.

  2. Yes! I still obsess over things but I don’t want to control stuff as much. My issue with my “friend” who is being overbearing in my life. Last year I mightve reacted differently. I’m still on the defensive. Im just choosing to let things unfold while protecting myself. I feel myself changing in that direction. Honestly it feels more like giving up than growing but I’m just tired of fighting things. More and more I just want to keep to myself.

  3. Lately I’ve been butting heads at work. Lord knows I don’t mean to, and I do get along with some people there. But the struggles are taking a lot out of me, and dampening my spirits. One of the people I have issues with is the facility director. Several people have left because they’re tired of her crap, and I might be following them soon. After 15 years there I feel just like a beginner. I constantly second-guess and put myself down because I can’t meet company expectations, no matter how hard I try. Nothing we do is good enough–ever. So maybe it’s time I find another path.

    1. If it makes you feel better Blue_Rose I did the same for 20 years rearranging chairs on a sinking ship before I realized the problem was that the job was not really a good fit for me even though I was good at it, very good at it but I never felt like it was working for me. I left that industry in Mid-November heading on a whole new road and while things are scary and uncertain I have never one time looked back. I am only sorry that I didn’t do it sooner.

  4. I might never had seen Saturn and Jupiter transiting mutable signs as an explanation, but, that sure makes a lot of sense (Natal Saturn in Leo opposes tr Saturn in Sag … so there’s the motivation maybe?) For so many years now, and for so many reasons, I have been unable or unwilling to see that I COULD exercise in spite of the odds. Something happened a week or so ago, and I am on the trails (literally) climbing a small and steady hill, out of the dark woods where SADD exacerbates the chronic illness I live with. Simply being with more light helps. I am able to drive myself twenty minutes to what I’m calling my Outdoor Gym, at this time of the year, and feel myself in my body as I haven’t felt it for many years. Less stubborn about how I might do this? I’d say yes. Thanks for the perspective!

  5. I saw this when my Sun Progressed from Scorpio to Sag I am MUCH more mutable, and now with Saturn touring Sag in my first house my otherwise extremely extroverted persona as turned inward. I am content in and of my own thoughts as I rework Me. It’s weird for sure but okay. I have a strong Jupiter signature in my chart with Sag rising, stellium in the 9th and Jupiter conjunct my Sun in my 10th. Saturn in Sag in my first is like a valve controlling the flame, it’s still lit but not ablaze like I am used to it is a slow burn. I liked Daeshii’s term “Queen of Meh” LOL good descriptive for an otherwise open with her opinion, strong in her convictions former me.

  6. I feel this way, it’s to a point that I am being much more prudent about where I invest my energies to grow/expand (this is taking place currently in my 5th house). I find it much easier to ‘agree to disagree’ and put energy where it’s of value and walk away where it’s not. I know more of my own value and have internalized that to put it to use for me. Normally, I’d say I hope that made sense, but if it didn’t meh, that’s ok too 🙂

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