With Venus In Leo, Hair Is Inseparable From Love

I have had a life time of hair complaints. Dating a Leo and decide to cut your hair? He will probably leave you!

Scott went berserk when I sent him a picture of me with “boy hair” after thirteen years. He accused me of deliberately sending him the most un-sexy picture I could (rather than the real fact that it was current).

The soldier also complains because my hair used to be straight when I was young. I have to hear this all the time, “P, P. Why did you have to go stick your finger in a light socket?”

And then there was the AMF.. he called the sticking up pieces, “tweakers”.

I don’t know how to tell all you people I don’t look in the mirror. I am just not going to spend my time doing that so it’s very simple:

I either look good or I don’t and if I don’t, that’s your problem because I don’t have to look at me!

Now you can see why I consider myself only moderately vain. I have a time limit on hair fixing and this is it: 14 seconds.

I figure you should be able to use your imagination to figure out what I look like and if you can’t manage well… —- off!

My parents are Aquarian, this should be all you need to know.

9 thoughts on “With Venus In Leo, Hair Is Inseparable From Love”

  1. I find this so funny because I am a very low-maintenance hair person but I somehow attract guys who spend a lifetime in front of the mirror doing their hair. IMO, 14 seconds is perfect!!! LOL

  2. Man I could talk about hair all day. I’m hoping Lupa will visit and advise me as to whether or not an apple cider vinegar soak will make my hair shinier.
    …Lupa..? Pretty please? Heh.

  3. How funny, I was admiring your hair the other day on this site. I have curly hair evny mine is straight. As a hairdresser I find we all want what we don’t have,lol.

  4. I did, Dina. I shaved it at the beginning of December 2007 and I have about 6 inches of growth I’m desperate to keep shiny at any cost. 😉
    You have a good memory!

  5. yea, that’s about where i am. i just don’t have time to mess with it, and there’s little point to getting perfectionist about it because my hair will do what it wants anyway 😉

  6. Kash, you can try the vinegar soak (if you haven’t already), but I’m a little leary. I have fairly long hair (mid-back) that’s healthy and “normal” — not dry and brittle, and gets oily only if I don’t wash for two days. The vinegar made my hair crunchy instead of shiny. *wry face* It didn’t damage it, but kind of the opposite of the effect I wanted.
    So, I vote try it and report back. It could totally be my chemistry, yanno?

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