Love And Art And Danger: Piss Off An Artist At Your Own Risk

The other night the soldier and I were listening to Julian Lennon and Jakob Dylan both talented and oppressed by their fathers.

Watching their videos it about breaks your mind trying to fathom it but that aside we were discussing the meaning of one of the songs and sounded to me (and him) as if some gal had betrayed…

I was curious enough to research and found out we had misinterpreted but then today I thought of this again and it occurred to me it is dangerous to piss off an artist. You’ll wind up in a song, see? There are any number of ways you might be mocked and it stuck me as funny. People don’t think of artists as dangerous but they are.

I mentioned this before. Cheat on Hank Williams and people are singing about, “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” for the next 50 years. Whoops!

And since we’re telling the story of me meeting my in laws…. well my sister is a psychic. And that story took place in the early 90’s, I had never written a thing in my life nor did I have any aspiration in that direction.

That did not stop her from telling me I would be a writer (to which I rolled my eyes) and regarding this family, this is what she said:

“They better not piss you off too bad,” she said. “If they do they’ll be sorry.”

“What do you mean?” I asked having never done anything to anyone that I could recall.

“You’ll put them in your book,” she said.

“Oh for Godsakes, I don’t have a book.”

“You don’t have a book yet but you will have a book and they’ll wind up part of it if they’re not careful and they won’t like that shit, lemme tell you.”

Seeing as I would not start writing for TEN years, I had little idea how to respond.

‘Look. I know you don’t know what I’m talking about but in the future you are going to write and when you do most people are going to love it when they are in one of your books.”


“Because it will get them attention and lots of it. But if someone has fucked you up… well they’re going to sorry and I think this family is at risk of that. They are definitely gunning for you, you just don’t realize it and if they fuck you up too bad – well you’ll put them in your book like the mincemeat that they are.”

I laughed. ‘You have an imagination.”

“Well yeah I do but I am also psychic and what I am saying is right.”

I think is a good post for Mars in Pisces (attack via music).

Know any dangerous artists?

20 thoughts on “Love And Art And Danger: Piss Off An Artist At Your Own Risk”

  1. Me too…. I write about what I know and who I know and have already gotten into trouble over this. I think I learned my lesson though. I changed names but left a first initial… bad mistake.

    But if I have a love affair with you? Yep — art’s gonna be made :)and it’s gonna go public

  2. Isn’t it Fall Out Boy that says “You’re just a line in a song” Oh yeah, Alanis, good one.

    My favorite song is Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” with the “You probably think this song is about you” line. Even currently American Rejects’ “Gives You Hell.”

  3. I love the wallflowers even more than I love Bob Dylan.

    I’m not thinking of a specific artist but just artists in general, a neptune/pisces/12thhouse thang. I think good or bad you accrue double karma points when you mess with someone with that energy. universe takin’ care of its own and whatnot: the sparrow, the lilies in the field.

  4. ME!!! Many a poem I have written in a passion–darn good ones, too. I even made a doll of one chick… Medusa, associated with Algol in astrology. It was conjunct her Moon!

  5. this is so true. as what pablo picasso one said: we, artist are indestructible. so true. as being a writer and artist myself, i have this on my mind since the time i learn to feel pain. there are people who were really just mean. and theyll be in my memory till the earth dies. i’ll take my revenge soon, on literature. theyll see.

  6. LOL. This post is great.

    I second falconbridge’s admiration of Carly Simon’s diss at Warren Beatty in “You’re So Vain”.

  7. Hahaha oh YEAH!! I haven’t written poetry in a few years, but it’s always a man who gets me going… And I’ve been the subject of few things like that too.

    There’s one ‘artist'(more of a cartoonist really!) who was always putting me in his paintings which were of the London scene. He’d tried to get me into bed for years (no way Hosay) and took his revenge by putting me in a lot of paintings… He was fascinated by my semi-secret relationship with The Man and a lot of these painted scenes involved the two of us – always in imagined scenarios which he got quite wrong… in fact the only photo of me and The Man together is taken at a Private View looking at one of these fantasies lol. It got quite nasty in fact, and the final painting was an unflattering and very large canvas, purportedly of me naked on a bicycle which took pride of place at another of his shows, in a fashionable London club…

    In fact I nearly posted about that on the thread about people mis-remembering you, since he accused me of rushing out of the club in tears when no such thing happened! Typical. He’s now a lonely old man which gives me some satisfaction – keeps turning up at all these funerals in town, looking grey and ghoulish. He’s a Scorpio of course.

    There was an interesting piece about this on Julie Demboski’s blog not so long ago, with astrology – Dylan and Baez:

  8. Jakob Dylan had an oppressive relationship with his Dad? I never heard that but it would make sense since he got the talent. Bob had a difficult relation with his father as can be seen in Masked and Anonymous. Yoko had Sean born on John’s birthday so he would inherit his legacy, talent. Julian got it. Gotta pay your dues I guess.

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