Elsa P, The Hologram – Neptune – Reality Obscured – Tricks And Manipulation

I work with a lot of people who deal with Neptune in various ways. Perhaps their strength and confidence comes and goes. I told one gal that when I was feeling punky, I could throw a video up here and let my hologram stand in. I happen to feel great today but I could be circling the drain and feeling horrific, put this talking head up here and people would or could look at that it leaving reality (Saturn) obscured (Neptune).

This illustration has broad application. I am always talking about discerning information that comes in and you can see just how easy it is to trick and manipulate… everything / anything. It’s like throwing up a shiny penny. People look at it and the person who threw the coin can act while people are distracted, even if the action is as innocuous as going to sleep.

I could put this video up today and then go rob a bank. It would be like a quarterback who fakes throwing right, then throws left. Or a politician who uses children to speak for him in a campaign ad. What is obscured there?

I think this proves what I always say, energy is neutral until directed. I can use this video to have a day off or to distract people from some dastardly deed. I can set posts to load ahead at various intervals, leading people to think I’m on the job when I am actually doing… whatever.

That’s illusion for you and it is common. It’s not like David Copperfield has this market cornered by any stretch of the imagination.

44 thoughts on “Elsa P, The Hologram – Neptune – Reality Obscured – Tricks And Manipulation”

  1. hehehe I get that.
    If I were to do something like this, I’d probably be sitting in a dark room illuminated only by a candle and I’d wear a mask and distort my voice. The result would be very creepy. Thank God I’m not doing it. 😉

  2. how funny—
    i was actually wondering about those shirts!
    i would think to myself: wow, she bought the same shirt in all these different colors.

    you see, in my life, i DO do that. i don’t vary my wardrobe much and will buy a shirt that i like in a few colors (if i have money that day…)

    (venus in the 12th squaring saturn and neptune — confused, hidden beauty!)

  3. I was wondering about the shirts, too! That’s cheating! I want to see the real wardrobe! 😛

    I’m baffled by the meaning of my own midheaven. 10th house Gemini. I don’t understand Gemini in the slightest, so I’m just sitting here, scratching my head, wondering what other folks are seeing. lol

  4. seeking zen:

    i also have a gemini mid-heaven. It could very well have something to do with your career… do you have more than one? are you easily distracted or seek variety in that area of your life?

    I would love to have ONE job, one thing. But it’s not that way for me….

  5. Balls! I’ve been staring at my chart regularly for years now and just now realized I’ve got a Pisces MC! Now I’ve got to find out how this plays in my life, especially with the Sun-Neptune trine (which, appropriately, I’m still hazy on).

  6. No idea what you are talking about SaDiablo and I refuse to find out. It’s a Saturn in Virgo revolt! I ain’t fixin’ a fuckin’ thang!

  7. SaDiablo, and here I was just about to get my gun and hunt you like a rabbit.

    Actually I don’t have a gun and I don’t hunt rabbits. I am far too pretty to get blood on me but it’s fun to say that. 😉

  8. It’s the mouth you must beware. If nothing else you will need a hearing aid once I’m done with you! I don’t know why someone doesn’t shoot me. Is it because they know I want to die?


    Not s’posed to say that!

  9. Funny you should post about this today, Elsa… After the MOST EXCELLENT reading you gave me on Saturday (readers, if you’re considering requesting a consultation, you really can’t go wrong!), it occurred to me that your phone presence in real time gives a completely different impression from the persona made up of your blog and your comment voice and your videos. It was a little unnerving to realize how much of you was just a projection in my own head. Not that I thought you were an alcoholic or anything. 🙂 Very cool that you’re addressing this very subject today!

  10. E, You’ll bring the Wrath of the Soldier down on you talking that way!
    Nah, we keep you around because you’re fun — anyone this vivacious must be a keeper. Doesn’t mean that every once in a while we don’t eye the duct tape. . .. 😉

  11. *nodnod* Two strong-willed people with emphatic, differing viewpoints and opposing Mars’? Gonna have a brawl sometime! If it wasn’t this it’d be something else — it’s not your fault he’s a controlling shit who won’t let you take that bullet. Or whatever method of acquiesence you were envisioning.
    Plus, he’s got truck-fever. Makes one antsy. Next time, tell him to get some hand lotion and call you in the morning. 😛

    (Libra, Libra, Libra! See, neither of you are to blame. *eyeroll*)

  12. I dunno, I never had any real impression of you, Elsa. You’re from the land of internet, that’s all…heh…in all seriousness, the extent/content of my interior life has me believing that anything is possible, and if you aren’t screwing with me, or my life, then I have no reason or desire to wonder what you’re doing, really.

    I think I mentioned the shirt thing a few months ago, but mostly that was ‘my what a lovely neck she has’ you know, me being a Taurus and all, I notice everyone’s neck.

    I instinctively got the “I am a hologram” proclamation but that line of belief goes hand in hand with my own life philosophy and I don’t have enough human time to question it, especially when my relationship to you (Elsa) is based upon my responses to your creative/life work, and we are friends of a different strain.
    I really think this type of relationship has so much potential as it can easily transcend this type of analysis that can bog down emotional responses in *real time.

    To be honest, I see you as an artist and I try not to question the motives of most people, least of all artists (I think that would lead to a black-hole, because I can analyze to death if I wanted to). I find if I go into the territory of ‘what does she mean by’ and ‘what if this was’ etc doesn’t gel with me very well. It makes me desperately unhappy, in fact.

    I especially like how you write longer sentences. My brain likes to be stretched this way.

    SaDiablo all those ‘nows’ made me laff, too!

  13. hehehe one of my favorite tricks is hiding in plain sight. So much so that if you really looked around my house.. particularly in “my” spaces, you could probably find some really damning stuff. For example, Ive had some old diaries I used to keep sitting beside my bed on the floor for probably a year now. No one has bothered them, not my husband (but he wouldnt.. hes not the type) nor my three daughters, one of which is at least as snoopy as I am. I tell my husband this all of the time, that the best place to hide something is in plain sight. When my ultra religious mother came to visit, I had my tarot cards in a wooden box on my coffee table in the living room, right where she was putting her purse and other things (moms religion is wayyyy anti anything like that.. tarots, astrology *snicker* palmistry etc etc) She wasnt ever aware that they were in there. I was surprised actually because shes just the type to say “Oh what a pretty box” and open it up. Right under her nose :::shaking head::::
    And as an aside, I never write things in real time. Like if Im having a really hard time personally, no one will know. I dont blog about it, I dont cry in email to a friend.. nothing. I keep all of that stuff under the radar. After the fact, after the wound is healed.. then I “might” mention it in passing. No major details just like an “after that argument Storm & I had last year…” its really funny.

  14. Layered people (complex types who have a range of characteristics that take alot of knowing to get to know) will often attract many projections because people will see a piece and think its the whole. I like to think i get the essence of you as you are (though i rather like the fairy in a white box image, kinda cute) but i’m unlikely to ever know for sure. What i see and read i like and thats enough.

  15. moonpluto – You might have something there! I’ve never been stable in a career. Forever changing directions or going off to have babies!

  16. Hi Elsa, I was on a Moon-Saturn retreat, haven’t written for awhile. I’d say on the internet we all are holograms (or holographs) there is no other way to be in a virtual space. But that’s not the key, the key is what we generate in whatever shape we appear or talk to the world. So, if your hologram is effective, it is real. As are good books or movies from people we will never see in “real life”. Thank you for your blog!

  17. Hey!

    I had to finally comment here. I’m the one who “thought” Elsa was actually busy. Here she was having a bed day, like me. I love hanging out in my dimly lit bedroom living life in my head. Sometimes I have to come out and work. . .such an interruption:)

    So, speaking of illusions, I had to address an issue with my boss today. Usually, I’d run at it all angry. Instead, I though, play the game, be a hologram and see how that goes. He actually apologized to me and said he probably shouldn’t have meddled in my account. I had to rub it in just a little and drop in a “yeah” but I did it gently.

    I don’t particularly like being “fake” but when I make it an astrological game, it is kind of funny.

    Elsa rocks! Thank goodness for her consults or I’d be one lost fish (well, two lost fish swimming in circles;)

    Ciao for now,

  18. In real life I wear green skirts and clothes that seeeeeem to make me look Puerto Rican or… Greek… or there was that one guy who asked me if I was Egyptian.

    “No, it’s just a haircut,” I said regarding my Cleopatra bangs.

  19. I have Pisces midheaven, also Sun/Neptune conj in libra in the 4th house

    I wear a ‘uniform’ – limited palette, almost no patterns. I prefer to ‘not be seen in public’ and dress accordingly. I can spend days alone at home with no problems. I work from home, as well.
    Oh, and, although my house is in a small, picturesque city, my property is surrounded by thicket – hiding in plain sight. 🙂

  20. Elsa- I hope you are feeling better today! On hiding in plain sight. It looks like people can see right through you, but sometimes they don’t even know that you are there and when they do really see you they sometimes have no clue what you are really about. Am I getting warmer?

  21. yeah, thanks. I am sick of feeling sick by now. Arrrrgh. But my other writing project is working out I have to say. I am exhausted though but too stuffy-headed… oh gurgle, gurgle, gurgle..

  22. I’ve got Pisces on the MC. And totally oblivious to what people think… maybe I should start investigating.

    Your hair is looking totally fab in latest videos.

  23. i’ve got pisces on the mc (also venus in pisces conjunct the mc). have felt both invisible and self-conscious in public, oddly enough.

    interesting you’ve got a wardrobe for the videos. find it unbelievable people would tell you how you should decorate or what to wear.

    wish everyone would just mind their own business.

  24. Wow that’s weird! I would’ve never thought of something like buying something to wear especially for making those videos. So Neptune on the Midheaven is a conscious action, as well. Is the position also prone to deception, though, or is it just hard to pin one down with this position?

    I see you as a feisty, independent, honest, self-focused and friendly woman. I don’t know if that’s also another interpretation of Neptune on the MC, or if it’s actually close to the truth (of course, as others have said, the truth is hard to get from the internet).

    One of my professors whom I had a really good bond with has Neptune on the MC as well (in Scorpio). I’ve always found him hard to figure out and my putting my feelers out did not help me much in figuring him out. (I’m a Scorpio rising with Pluto conjunct so I tend to want to always know who I’m dealing with). Then, one day, when I his class ended and I came to tell him goodbye, boom he comes with this amazingly accurate perception of who I am (while never having said anything in that direction before, always playing nice and such). He always seemed like a deep and complicated man but the only thing deep about him seems to be his Uranus and Pluto in the 8th, while the rest is all more “easy going” (Libra Sun/Aries Moon/Venus & Mars in Sag) except for his Ascendant which is Capricorn.

    I could never really place the intense look and analyzing mode he seemed to have, though, and along with that the fact that it was so complicated to pin him down. But I guess Neptune on the MC in Scorpio is my answer.

    Thanks, Elsa!

  25. Another example is all the airbrushed models out there, and porn for that matter. That’s the shiny coin – you can look at it and become drunk / mesmerized. Meanwhile, life happens.

  26. Avatar

    “Pay no attention to that Elsa behind the curtain!” quoth the Great and Mighty Oz…
    The interwebs is just like TV… It’s not always what you see is what you get! Hahahaha!
    Real time isn’t interwebs time!
    Good one, Elsa!

  27. I like the uniform. I do something similar, except they are my real clothes. Given my Gemini-in-your-face first house, I don’t hide in them. 😀

  28. @ Elsa, i dunno if you read my last comment on your dragon thread, but i do hope you didnt try using dragon with a head cold, the interpretations of what it thinks you are saying are soooo helarious and triggered massive coughing fits in me, even my sneeze, bull cherubs???????? what the hahahahaha!

  29. The video made me laugh! in that nice “Aha”-understood way 😉 Neptune conjunct mc in Cap…i have 5 mc conjunctions in my natal chart but this sneaky one is the strongest of them all! Your posts are wonderful, even more so on this topic so a special thank you for that!

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