Love & Relationships: How Does Synastry Work?

Planet stories love I have an acute interest in how people relate. I’ve studied this, intently, since I was a teenager.

I’m not exaggerating.  I worked as a bartender for six years, when I was young. I watched men and women interact, eight hours a day and boy did I learn.

My pursuit of knowledge in this area is clearly shown in my natal chart. I have Mars conjunct Mercury in Libra, in my 9th house. I am driven to understand relationships. I also want an edge as I will compete in this realm!

The study of relationships in astrology is called, “synastry”. I’ve made it my business to understand how people interact, and how they affect each other.  I’ve been at this for decades! I can’t help it. This is an endless quest for me.

If this interests you as well, check these tags on this site.

I also really enjoy helping people get together and even more importantly, stay together.  If you need help with this – Consult!

I also offer compatibility reports that go beyond the basic and can really jump-start your learning, if that’s what you want to do.

Do you use astrology to understand yourself, the other, or yourself in relationship with the other?  If so, what’s your number one tip for people reading this?


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    Chantal Lotorto

    My boy friend and I r 5 years apart and we both r cancers with Aquarius moons and Ares rising. How often do u see that?

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