Your Mother And Your Moon in Your Chart

apple pieA friend’s mother stopped in at her job. After she left, a young co-worker asked, “Is that your Mom?” She had a lilt in her voice.

“Yes,” my friend answered. ‘That’s my Mom.”

“She seems sweet”, the girl chirped.

“Well she’s not. Be careful. I love her. She’s my mom but she’s definitely not sweet…”

Where is your Moon and how is it aspected?
What is your mother, not? 

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  1. My Gemini Moon is in the 8th house, square the Sun, opposite Neptune, trine Venus and trine Pluto. It’s 10 degrees away from Mars in the 8th.

    My mother is intense, resourceful, powerful in the family, insightful, interested in many subjects, very loving, neptunian (imaginative, confused, found in many victim/saviour dynamics), can be manipulative and can be quite needy with blurred boundaries.

    Having (and important, keeping) boundaries with her – and also respecting her boundaries – is what eventually worked to have a better relationship with her.

    She is an Hades Moon mum for sure so it’s never light yet nor she or I are ‘light.’ Yet I, at least, acknowledge this fact whereas she’s quite unaware of her emotional power and intensity.

    1. Wait. I’m wrong – she’s aware of her power.

      A better way of explaining her is that she says she’s more of a wallflower/innocent when all in the family experience her intensity and power subtly yet clearly.

      Hades Moon…

  2. My Moon is in Scorpio in the tenth House, my Mother has her Moon in Aries in the third house aspecting my tenth.

    Well she thought she could run my career, and I don’t actually want one and never have.

    We certainly have had our battles and made our truces. Mars on Mars. It was not a warm and cosy relationship. There was never a lot of hugs.

    Nw its is more like two old consort battleships.

  3. Donna Cunningham published a hilarious look at this called “Postcards from Mom”, and she was dead-on! Laughed so hard!

  4. My Moon is in Cancer in 12th house and squares my Uranus and Midheaven.
    I would say my mother’s real personality is hidden from the world and changes a lot. People would tell her how nice she is and she would honestly say that they were only seeing 1 to 2 sides of her.
    She has Aquarian Sun and Taurus Moon, very stubborn and kinda lazy, but does have a sweet side. I just never know if it is real or not.
    Like the woman said, she is my mother. I have learned many many times that she can’t be trusted :(, but I love her anyway.

  5. My Cancer Moon is conjunct my mother’s Pluto. She is also a Cancer Sun and Moon, and her MC is Cancer.

    My Cancer is 6th house, hers 10th house.

    She reigned over the household, I was but a servant.

    Yep, to outsiders she appeared a “sweet lady”. Reality, behind closed doors, was anything but sweet.

    We’ve both changed over the years, but we still don’t connect. We’re still trying though.

  6. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    My Mother: Aquarius Sun, Cap ASC, Gemini Moon

    DETATCHED, EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE, TWISTED TRUTH TO FIT WHAT SHE PREFERRED TO BELIEVE… a little delusional. However – strong as f*ck, didn’t take sh*t from anyone, and had a successful career in government. Was a single parent. Not the best at mothering by any means, and would remind me that “all your needs are met (housing, food, clothing) so be grateful”. Thank God I had a lovely woman that babysat me for the first 8 years of my life – she is who nurtured me and I have deep love for her. I still visit and keep in contact with her to this day after 44 years. She’s a Cancer Sun…

  7. My Aquarian moon is 5th house in 3 degree opposition to my son’s Scorpio moon in the 10th house. Thoughts on this, anyone?

    1. Welcome, Ann. Scorpio and Aquarius don’t oppose each other. You may mean they square each other.
      You’d have different emotional temperaments but it’s hard to say more without considering the whole chart(s).

  8. Moi: Sag (Nov 30)
    (Non)Mother: Viciously cruel, cluster B personality (Libra Oct 11) with inter-generational mother/daughter cutoffs (to the grave) and malignant narcissism.

    We are no contact.
    She has relations with her 2 granddaughters (sisters… also Libras Oct 11 and Oct 13 … 8 years apart).

    1. Thanks to all the brave souls weighing in on the (non)mothering…
      To clarify… the grand-daughters are my (non)sister’s kids…(all no contact).

      One day, I am hoping to be married/partnered in a safe, loving relationship…

      I am giving Christmas gifts to area foster children and will take myself out for a swell Birthday on Saturday.

      There is great love here for you. 😀

  9. Biological mum X1 Still alive (never met) Adopted Mum 2nd (sent me back?!) 3rd Mum; Adopted Mum (Aquarius Sun) DIED (2 weeks before 11th Birthday)!!!
    I have a Scorpio Moon and no luck with Mums… Maybe in my next life I’ll have ONE really amazing kind loving Mum OR Not?
    It baffles me why I had such unfair trauma loosing 1 Mum is enough: But 3 WTF?!

    1. How traumatic and trully unfair to have those triple losses.

      I hope you meet/have good-enough surrogate mother/maternal figures in your life. Fingers crossed for you.

  10. My moon is in Scorpio – conjuct Uranus!
    My mother…it’s complicated :D, not as complicated as Starwoman, but yes, I do have a deep mother wound

  11. Moon 4’Sag squared by Pluto in Virgo on the Desc. Need I say power struggle? She wanted in on all the details so she could advise. She had some conflicting feelings on being a Mom but did a bang up job really. I grew to respect women and obey the rules! As a Cap Sun Mom and A Gemini Son we did pretty well and saw life with the same values in many ways. Her Venus was also on my Moon so we both liked to stay active socially and sports wise. I have a Leo Stellium in loose trine to my moon.

  12. My Scorpio Moon is exactly conjunct my Mars, and 1.5 degrees from Mercury, and 2 more degrees from Neptune. My mother was a vindictive, hysterical bitch at home, ripping my hair out every morning while brushing it and me in pain and crying every morning for as long as I could remember, until I could brush my own hair.
    In front of the neighbors or my dad, she was a different person.

  13. I have a Scorpio moon conjunct Pluto in the 4th house. This is interesting to me as my mom does not have attributes that are usually associated with this placement. She is not controlling in the slightest nor is she manipulative. She is a Virgo sun/Capricorn moon. She responds to situations in a practical manner instead of emotionally-which I think was very helpful for me growing up as she served as a guide in managing my own intense emotions. This is something I have come to appreciate more the older I get. She is the first person I call when I need advice- in particular when I’m feeling overwhelmed by my emotions. She gives me plenty of space and respects my boundaries. Her own mother, however, though well-meaning was overbearing and controlling at times.

  14. i’m really glad that my mother is very religious and tries her best, no one is perfect i know, but she tried in her best; and it reminded me of my jupiterian moon. it makes sense why i have a strong faith/religious oriented moon, due to my mother. she tried to embody all the goodness she learned and also from her mother and father who are also good loving kind human beings.

  15. Mom and I shared Moon in Leo and Gemini subs. My moon in the 8th house conjunct Pluto so we had a deep connection. She died August 2031 at 93.

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