Libra, Capricorn, Mercury And The Last Word

HawkeyeLibra likes balance. Capricorn likes control. Both are cardinal, signs which are known to be controlling. Mercury rules communications. I remember watching an episode of M*A*S*H* where Hawkeye and B.J. squared off, each needing the last word. I remember thinking, “Hey, that’s me!

I have a 7th house (Libra’s house) Mercury and like a balanced exchange. I seek balance in my conversations in general. That tends to work out just fine most of the time, unless I am talking with someone who is also of this ilk. Then it can go on and on and on. I also have a Capricorn Moon, a Saturn-ruled Moon that needs to have things settled. It’s in sextile to my Mercury. Probably the kindest thing someone can do for me in this regard is to tell me it’s all right to not reply. That is a relief (Moon).

This is the kind of self-realization that can be uncomfortable at first, when you realize you are so controlling that you feel out of control. However, self-knowledge is helpful in the long run, particularly when it comes to control. You can always make the decision to control yourself. You can decide to balance by allowing someone else the last word!

Do you need the final word? Where is your Mercury?

13 thoughts on “Libra, Capricorn, Mercury And The Last Word”

  1. Do I need the last word?

    My family would laugh hearing such a question. My father said I should have been a lawyer.

    Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter in Cap.

    I’d say, about 5 years ago, the tendency to frequently be heard, be correct, no longer exists. If it were a subject I knew anything about, I’d chime in, or even try to shock people or be affable with the information I know. Deep, meaningful conversations are really enjoyable for me. It’s the Scorpio portion I have that does that I believe.

    I began tutoring math when I began college, and found I had an ability to relay information, to be a liason in other words. I don’t want to be a teacher, at least nothing below college.

  2. In sales the one who speaks last loses… I avoid having the last word… Mercury conjunct Venus conjunct Neptune in Scorpio (5th house) opposite moon in Taurus.

  3. I have Mercury in Scorpio.

    I tend to use the silent, cold stare-down when I get into an argument with someone.

  4. Great post. Worked hard on not going overboard with talking and having the final say…it’s still a problem for me, even if it’s completely calm conversations. Mercury in Aries and 10th house. I can’t stand myself sometimes, and it’s always in the back of my mind during too, so I don’t get this compulsion of emptying out everything I know. And in writing its the opposite, and I notice how much it frustrates me not to let it flow, but I should be grateful. Over spilling all the time , and I’m afraid it’s alienating people.

  5. one thing I learned… if you stay silent, people are often compelled to fill the silence. and you learn more that way.

  6. With my Mercury conjunct Saturn in Virgo I’ll let them have that last word; resolve it orderly within myself and then let it go. After all, if it makes them feel good and I feel strong within myself, then it’s all right. Only in the rare instance that their last word suddenly becomes an attack or is outrageously inaccurate, do I take the firm stand and speak out with authority. Once said, that last word was mine, regardless what comes after. Hmm-m, great insight.

  7. I don’t know, really. 12th house Mercury in Cancer, so I’m pretty self-conscious about talking. But I love to write! And write a TON. So I have a friend who is like this via email. Has very heavy Libra placements and is extremely thorough (Merc/Moon Scorpio)…so is compelled to write back and address every. single. point mentioned. And seems to equate equal input with equal output so this person stresses over unmatched dialogue (“Are the scales balanced enough??) Knowing my friend was busy, finally had to say (Saturn/Virgo) that it was OK to not reply and/or if a reply was given that it was NOT held to some arbitrary deadline AND it did NOT have to be the kind that matches my, pardon my French here, keyboard diarrhea spells. 😛 When I said that, I could literally feel the stress and Libra clouds lift off my friend’s shoulder. Pressure gone. And the level of honesty accelerated. (But now I ponder… maybe I do like to have the last word, after all? 😉

  8. @Bluestar: LOL “that last word was mine regardless of what comes after”. I had to beam at that one!

    I have Saturn conj. Merc. I think so but if someone communicates with me at the very heart of things, I will see the truth in it and back down if I deem or feel it’s value and worth in trying to put things right. Honesty is key for me. I do not like convoluted replies or game playing. I can usually tell when someone is just trying to mess with my head. Then I won’t stop messing with theirs.

  9. My Merc is in Cap, I am a Cap sun, and Virgo Moon.

    The last 4 sentances of your post is identical to how I am but have never articulated it with such simplicity as you did. Thank you for clarity just now. Namaste,

  10. Mercury in Libra. YES. I WILL have the last word! Because you need to know the Truth! CAPITAL T!! And you’re clearly TOO BIASED!!! So you have to listen to me!! Hahaha. 😛

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