Love – Taurus Keeps It Simple

caveman.jpg“Oh that’s not what you did,” I said. “I know what you did because your whole life you’ve done the same thing. You wanted a wife so you went out like a cave man with a big stick. A club. First woman you saw you got ’em, drug ’em home, tried to marry ’em. Just put a ring on their finger fast as you can and be done with this! You started this when you were 10 and have been doing it ever since!”

“P, I did not do that,” he said, blushing. “I did not, did not, I did not, didn’t do that!”

“You did.”

“Did not. La la la la la la la, didn’t do it, can’t hear you, la la la, I can’t hear what you’re saying, P.”

“La la la, did do it and now you’re doin’ it again. Here I am, better marry me! No wonder you get slaughtered!”

“P, we’re not talking about that. I did no such a thing as you are suggesting,” he said with his eye wide and his face beet red but grinning. “Did not happen, did not not not and I don’t want to talk about it.”

Any other cavemen out there? How about cavewomen?

7 thoughts on “Love – Taurus Keeps It Simple”

  1. Yeah, I once came across a Taurus caveman who tried to do that to me, and (Aquarius rising that I am) I slipped away (to a foreign country no less) 🙂

    But cavewomen, hmm…

  2. ROFL that might be me. Friends with the guy for 7 years. One day I tell him he’d better umm f-me if he was serious about his flirting and also a proper date would be in order. Next thing you know I seem to be ordering around contractors to fix his house (roof has holes, two bathrooms are either non-functional or only the toilet is safe) etc.etc. He just never could stay in town long enough to get this stuff done. And so…

    I call his parents “my potential in-laws to be” While his mother is already decided that I’m her daughter in law and his father buys me all the power tools I want to fix the house.

    I may be a cavewoman but I’m a cavewomooman with mad skillz that he really really appreciates and is friends with so… maybe not so bad.

  3. The best boyfriend I ever had was like that. He didn’t care who he married, he just wanted to be married (he’s on wife number 3 now). He was telling me one night as we drove down the road how he had our future all planned out even a place for me to be buried someday! WTF?! LOL

    Well honey (Gemini) didn’t jump out the truck when she heard that, but honey was gone anyway!

  4. haha, Tam. That’s quite something!

    Yeah, the guy I mentioned earlier let me on to him when, on our second week of dating, he invited me to a wedding and told his friends he was bringing his “next wife.” (He’d been married once before). When I got a load of that I well, bought a ticket to Portugal 🙂

  5. this is funny.

    my husband “knew” we would be hitched as soon as we started going out. me? i was just looking for a good time. but it wasn’t Taurus doing it. It was his uber-Virgo energy: he said he knew if he got hooked up with me, he’d never have a reasonable, logical reason to leave me. if it doesn’t make sense to him, he doesn’t do it. So he had to decide at the outset if he wanted to attach.

    i’m glad he did. 😀

  6. “He didn’t care who he married, he just wanted to be married”

    Tam – I had this same feeling when I dated one of these guys in college. He really wanted to marry *someone*, and he eventually did right after graduation. Not me though, I didn’t feel like an individual around him. After all, he could always replace me so easily, just put someone else in my slot – anything will do. An impersonal kind of love. Damn Venus-Uranus needs a spark and to feel special 🙂

  7. I have Venus-Uranus too and attract somewhat Aquarian folks … in the end I have Venus in Taurus and they think I’m the cave women. But I ran from the 2 guys who did propose to me & wanted marriage for the sake of it. Could have been me or almost anyone.

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