People Who Have Trouble Getting Diagnosed With (Or Without) Illness

I am Capricorn ascendant, which is associated with the body. Chart-ruler, Saturn is mashed up with Neptune.

This combination creates confusion when it comes to anything concerning my body. For example I have little idea my size. Once I was caught wearing shoes two sizes too big for my feet. I have had various things, just as dramatic occur all of my life.

I also tend to have tremendous trouble getting diagnosed whether I am ill or otherwise. You know those people who go from doc to doc to doc? I’m not one of them but I do have to go to the same doctor over and over in order to get something pinned down.

For example when you show up in a hospital after a car accident and your blood pressure is 80/50, the doctors don’t know what to do. There is actually nothing wrong with me when my blood pressure is that low and while they can figure this out after awhile, it cannot be explained. And it’s not like I can help them.

I give doctors the best information I have but it still takes them a week to find out my rib is broken. I mean, I was pointing to rib saying, “It hurts right here, it hurts right here really bad and by the way, it hurts here, right here in this spot here.” Is that clear enough? Apparently not.

Once I did a pretty fair impression of being on my deathbed. This story is in my book. I was told I would be dying imminently. Since the person who said this could see me and I could not see me (no one gave me a mirror!), I figured I ought to at least consider the possibility I might be drawing my last breathes even though I felt fine. This was disturbing.

“You’re going to die!”

“Oh really?”

I thought I should be more concerned but just couldn’t come up with a sense of panic to save my life.

Then there was the time the arm was broken but I was told the hugely swollen purple thing hanging from my shoulder was not broken.

How about the battery of tests for MS a some years ago (I don’t even have age appropriate lesions on my spine), the bad mammogram(s) that led to nothing.

I think I have a hernia but I really don’t know. It’s almost comical because if I do it is on top my ovary so they have to look at my ovary which they have already done twice in  three years!

“Better check out that ovary!!” Not that I have any symptoms but you know. I have to get this stuff checked because you just have to get this stuff checked.

Anyone else have experiences like these? Tell us.

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  1. Saturn in Pisces here. I have had chronic pain for the last ten years. About a year ago, after another minor car accident I finally had an mri that showed herniated disks in my neck. I believe they were injured originally in a previous accident and that has caused the unexplained pain in my arms.

    It has been frustrating because it mimics carpal tunnel but moves around and is further complicated by jobs I’ve had (Saturn is in the 4th, opposing 10th house Mars, Pluto and Uranus in Virgo) and tendonitis in both arms.

    There is no medical solution and because I have periods of time with less pain and greater function, people close to me either don’t believe it is as bad as I say or just get tired of acting sympathetic. I understand because god knows I’m bored with this tedious situation but I know pain. My youngest child was born at home without drugs. I KNOW I have a very high pain tolerance but this chronic stuff really messes with my head.

    p.s. Hoping for a best case scenario for you.

  2. Yeah I know this all to well. I have been to Doctor after doctor. I have problems having children. No one wants to fix it. So I just gave up. If I go in for anything they do all these unecessary things, put me thru loads of stress and then in the end I get to go home with no answers. Or some diagnosis that makes no sense. It doesn’t matter what is wrong with me. They never fix it. I remain broken or am told I have everything other than what is actually wrong… but usually I’m just fine and should go walk it off, or take a salt tablet LOL

    I could be on my death bed and I would just be sent home. LOL

  3. my dad brought my brother to the hospital once after a bike accident. they hooked him up to some heart monitor thingy and when no heartbeat came up the nurse SHRIEKED! he’s dead.

    uh, he’s sitting right here talking to you, my dad said. 🙂

  4. Oh yeah, and the blood tests! They test my blood so much I ought to just have a standing appointment. Go in once a month, have ’em take a gallon and test for whatever. It’d very strange and disorienting because nothing is ever wrong yet I know someday something will be.

    saturn neptune – hologram fear

  5. I’m with ya. Saturn in Pisces as well. First they said I had Lou Gehrig’s disease (no), then it was MS(no). Gah I hate MRI’s. Blood tests as well, blah blah blah.

    I finally got pissed off and went to have acupuncture. Within less than 30 days I went from not being able to walk or stand for very long, to riding my bicycle for 10 miles and walking on my lunch break for 35 minutes everyday.

    I’m not making fun of my doctor’s, but unless you have cancer or heart disease, I don’t think know anything. They just guess and try to eliminate the big name diseases.

  6. Oh dear! venusflytrap that is too funny!
    Crap, what a pain. Yes I can relate. I have Saturn/Leo in 8th trine Neptune/Sag in the 12th.

    My first unnecessary surgery was when I was 14. I had horrible abdominal cramps which wouldn’t go away so the doctor decided it must be my appendix. Once removed it was found to be completely healthy and decided it was an ulcer. (I tried to explain this to a Doctor the other day and she said “Oh, you must mean an ulcerated appendix.” I smiled and nodded because I couldn’t be bothered arguing…who cares, right?

    I had traumatic lower leg pain from the time I was 13 until I was 19…I was tested over and over and over for every thing under the sun. Finally I had an orthopedic surgeon who said “Maybe it’s ____” but you tested negative for it.”
    I said, “Well, hell why not operate anyway?” I was only 19 but had been living independently since 16 so he said “Sure.”
    Did the operation…it was a success and I always thought it was funny I had successful surgery for something I tested negative for. It was annoying not being able to walk for a month but it %110 cured all my leg problems…12 years later and very little phantom pain.

    I was diagnosed with endometreosis, then “Oops maybe not.” I decided for myself it was actually a tilted womb issue (through talks with my sisters and mother) and muddled through that successfully.

    It took an easy 18,000,000 bouts of tonsilitis before the docor finally agreed I should get my tonsils out (same doctor who removed the appendix in a heartbeat).

    I think the most amazing thing that happened to me was regarding my shoulder pain I had since a head-on collision with a driver (I was on my bicycle and split my helmet in 3).
    Well this is going to sound really silly but a few years ago, after years of pain, I smoked some hash with a friend (12th House Neptune, mmmkay?) and then rode my bike home…
    in the process realized WOW I HOLD MY BODY REALLY WEIRD!

    I was holding myself in the most crooked way, my shoulder was up around my ear. I thought I had this huge breakthrough: ‘Wow, I’ve discovered this thing that can get rid of my chronic pain.’ Took great care in improving my posture from then on, if I was stressed I would teach myself to drop my shoulder (thinking I was acting protectively).

    Well, that theory got blown out of the water when I found a picture of myself when I was 3 years old. What was I doing? I had a big scared look on my face and my shoulder WAS UP AROUND MY EAR. Oh, dear, time to revamp the hash-birthed theory.

    The body has a very, very, very, very long memory. Incredibly so. My 12th House/8th House trine has taught me that the path to discovery is really convoluted…but you know what? My shoulder is doing amazingly. Now if I feel pain I ask myself what I am fighting to protect and it seems to melt.

    Elsa, you write “nothing is ever wrong yet I know someday something will be.”

    For myself I have been consciously working on my idea that aging and illness is “something wrong with the body.” In fact it is the most natural, humane thing for us to do: decomposing transformation.

  7. Story of my life. Neptune in the 1st house (body and health) square my Sun. I get diagnosed with stuff I don’t have and the stuff I do have gets overlooked for weeks, months, or years. Same thing as you with the mammograms. One time when I was in my 20’s I had a kidney infection that went untreated for two months because the doctor thought I just needed to do back exercises. For years, doctors blew off my migraines–I figure that’s Pisces on my 7th cusp, doctors blowing smoke. One doctor forgot to tell me my diagnosis so I heard it from the receptionist while she was on the phone talking to some hospital dept to set up some tests. A Pap smear result got mis-filed for a year so instead of a fairly treatable dysplasia I damn near had cervical cancer…that was a close call. Oh, and doctors and nurses never seem to believe me, like when I went to the ER to have my youngest child, i.e., I told them I was in labor, they wanted to send me home for a “few hours.” I stayed. He was born in less than an hour. I hate going to doctors and always put it off as long as I can, but somehow they still seem to think I’m there because I have nothing better to do. I could write a book.

  8. Yikes Doreen! My poor Mum had false labour with her first daughter, so when she was finally born, my Mum held her and said “Something’s wrong!” They thought she was wacked.
    She was so scared…turns out my sister was born with Spinal Meningitis. 🙁 Ugly close call.
    When I was a kid in Church my Mum discovered the Church WAS ON FIRE and when she announced it the pastor kept talking. HUH? She has Mercury in Pisces, poor lady!
    Oh yes…the Church burned to the ground. And luckily someone finally listened.

  9. This makes me want to figure out my best friend’s astrology even more because authority figures never, ever, ever, ever take her seriously, or, worse, suspect that she’s exaggerating, blowing things out of proportion, making it up, or seeking drugs. What’s wild is that she actually underplays the stuff wrong with her because she is so used to not being believed that she wants to keep it as low-key as possible in hopes that they will listen and believe. They still never do. I’ve heard so many stories from her about going to doctors who seem to be deaf and just ignore her entirely that I don’t even understand it! I mean, I never have that problem, so I’m flabbergasted, you know? I need to find out her astrology.

  10. As Bill Clinton would say, I feel your pain. I had Saturn transiting my 12th house Mars in Leo and my Leo Ascendant in 2006/2007, opposing my natal 6th house Saturn in Aquarius while transiting Neptune was crossing my descendant. Of course, both transits were squaring my natal Sun/Neptune. Doctors spent nearly a year trying to confirm a diagnosis of pacemaker endocarditis. They looked for it in July 2006 but couldn’t get a confirmation, so they looked for cancer and various other maladies, including genetic. It wasn’t until May 2007 that they finally were able to say that it was what they thought it was in the beginning, after Neptune quit screwing around.

    I hated Saturn in Leo the first time it came around in 1976-1978 (when I got my first and second pacemakers) and hated it even more this last time (ended up having open heart surgery to remove the pacer system). Right now Saturn is transiting my natal Virgo Pluto and I am having abdominal pain around the pacer site.

    At this rate I will be 80 before I am 50. Can I get someone to shoot me now (sigh)?

  11. Lupa:
    I’m sorry that you have been in pain for so long! You should really really try acupuncture! I had a cousin who was in an accident and sufferede from neck pain for years. He tried everything, but after seeing an acupuncturist for some time he eventually got better. Its worth trying!!

  12. Elsa, Bloodwork always has to be done.. I just love that they can never get anything out of my arms and want to take it out of my hands and feet. FUN! Thankfully I have a decent pain tolerance. LOL

    Authority doesn’t take me seriously either. I am a fairly quiet and shy person. But even I get so frustrated I start telling them they’re wrong or stupid. LOL

  13. Thank you Virgorising. It isn’t a bad idea. I have had good results from massage and chiropractic. I do better when I have some form of body work on a regular basis.

    I’ve also finally figured out something really simple that helps. A daily multi vitamin. I know eating better and doing the basics will help but when times are stressful and money is tight, those are the first things to go and then the pain issues come back full force and make everything worse.

    Elsa, right after my accident I had some numbness in my feet but it resolved quickly thank goodness. It’s enough to make you think you’re crazy isn’t it.

  14. T. Pluto involved with my t-square with Pisces Chiron? Found out this year I have a weird rare genetic disorder. At age 40? Hello? No one noticed? LOL.

  15. My brother-in-law has saturn in pisces. He’s a smoker and this year he went to the doctor’s with a bad chest cold. They diagnosed him with emphysema and a spot on the lung that could be cancer. He had to wait for a cancer test because he had to wait for his cold to heal. In the meantime he quit smoking. When he went in again a different doctor looked at him and said there was no sign of emphysema. At least it prompted him to quit smoking. 🙂

  16. Yup, Neptune in the 6th. Illnesses are always vague, hidden, undiagnosable or diagnosed incorrectly, and occasionally clear up randomly on there own.

  17. i have a saturn in the midheaven in virgo (conjunct north node) and squaring neptune in sagg in the 1st house. i get illnesses that dont get diagnosed / treated for the longest time. the worst was when i has a cyst banging inside me nd was in writhing pain and the doc said just a stomach infection and gave me some injection…. year later i landed in the hospital and lost an ovary with that life threatening cyst.
    basically , with me – its never what it seems.
    oh and ive lost my faith in conventional/ know-it-all doctors etc. type of treatment.they disable your body more than help it back to wholeness.
    holistic healing , homeopathy, naturopathy, yoga, louise L hay make sense.

  18. I don’t even go to doctor’s anymore for these sorts of things. They don’t ever know. I always go to alternative practitioners, especially experts at muscle testing, because then they are actually asking the body what is really going on, not just guessing, like doctors do. I’ve saved myself a lot of angst this way. I have Saturn in the 6th, ruling the 6th, and square Neptune.

  19. From what I understand, Neptune/Pisces rules acupuncture. While i was having a Neptune transit thru my 6th conjunct personal planets I used acupuncture as a treatment bc i could not tolerate any other types of treatments with my illnesses. Also, was not officially diagnosed with anything solid…maybe this, maybe that type of thing…so acupuncture really helped bc they diagnose based on much different variables than conventional medicine. Acu. has definintely helped a lot over the years, even with Neptune fogging things up!

  20. Yes – Neptune in 4th opposite Saturn in the 10th in taurus. constant stomach issues – been told its SIBO or Candida. no one can really figure it out and i am totally hypersensitive to any treatments- alternative or otherwise. So im stuc putting up with chronic ailments. I feel that with neptune it typically has to do with something unstable or neglectful in your childhood that created a kind of low level fear or feeling a real lack of protection in life from people who are supposed to care for you – which then creates a type of distorted immune reaction, and suseptibility to all kinds of things. just IMO

  21. I have an odd/weird one, “could” relate? Not trying to upstage anyone’s story but I was reminded of it in reading all of yours, and please do chime in with any thoughts:

    I have been tuned in to the devious ways of institutions, shall we say, for a long time. Got a job once where the time clock was a digital fingerprint. I was VERY wary and uncomfortable, but finally relented…only to have the thing not work properly when I stuck my finger in there for it to sign me up. Needless to say, I sighed a huge internal sigh of relief but did nothing physically (or supernaturally) to prevent it from working… I have my thoughts as to why but I’d love to hear you folkseses’, and thanks in advance!

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