How Do You Operate & What’s Your Motive?

progressed stellium in Scorpio“…This is all a process. What I am and what I want, is not to be the originator of the information as you seem to be saying is your process. My process is not like the Liz Greene’s of the world. For me, I want to inhabit the middle space and take the information others are interested in providing and making sure it is actually applied, and in coming up with insights from bridging different systems…”

Phoenix on Allowing Your Thoughts To Unfold.

This comment grabbed my attention because, Phoenix, guessed at my motive for thinking something through. I hadn’t considered my motive so I had to think about it. Phoenix also delineated his own process which is very different from mine.

As always, it made me wonder how other people operate. I feel this is worth considering or bringing to the surface. I figured I would lay out my thoughts on this in the hope it will encourage others to share their personal process.

When I was a kid, I really liked puzzles and card playing. Poker, but I loved, Pinochle the most.  I tend to be competitive so I was always looking for an edge. I also like to test my mind, and experiment with ideas.  Suffice to say, I enjoy thinking. I will spend time on this and I’ve learned to pull data from crazy places.

My main well of info, is the conversations I have had throughout my life. I have the ability to recall what was said to me, verbatim, in most cases, all the way back to when I was a kid. So that’s my crazy data center; if you told me something, forty years ago, chances are I can remember it. I’ve also read quite a bit and we have the internet, of course.

I feel I was born to think and talk and sort things and put them together in a way no one else can.  I am not claiming I am the best at this. I am claiming, I am unique. I think, independently, originally, creatively or whatever. I have out-of-bounds experience.  I’ve known this since I was a little kid. It’s my jam, as they say and it always have been.

swineAt this point in my life, I have a lot of social experience. People also tend to tell me things, not just when consulting, but in general. I think this is because they feel they won’t be lost on me.

That’s a big factor for people who know things most don’t.  They generally keep their mouths shut, because no one will understand them or believe them; they’ll be dismissed and they also risk persecution. Well, I tend to believe what people tell me. I take everything seriously and if I don’t understand something, I will make a sustained effort to change my status. I dismiss, nothing and I’ve not the slightest interest in persecuting anyone as it would be a terrible waste of my time, never mind, the karma!

I also feel grateful and responsible. I do not want someone to be the swine someone wasted their pearls on. I do want people to tip me to things. I also have Uranus in my 7th; I tend to meet people out there, or ahead of their time.

At this point, I’ve taken full responsibility. I’m fully dedicated to using my skills on all levels. Specifically, I take information I received decades ago and correlate it with current events or problems people are having. I could do something else, but I don’t think I’m supposed to. I feel this way, but it’s also shown in my natal chart and now my progressed chart, which is pictured. I mean, look at that. I am going to be thinking and communicating and helping (6th house) until the day I die.  It’s as if a large part of me is contracted, for some years to come.

To, Phoenix, it’s less about originating a thought, then it is about using everything I have available, to help someone. I think the twenty-three years I’ve spent, creating content for free, illustrates this well. I wake up and try, every day. It’s been this way as far back as I remember.  I’m a specialist.

How do you parse information? What’s your process?  How about your motive or goal?

7 thoughts on “How Do You Operate & What’s Your Motive?”

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    James Slattery

    With Mercury in Cancer I tend to think the way my family (especially parents) did which is very traditional! I have tries to be more forward looking and the world calls for that now. they old ways may not be the best path now and survival instincts should surge forward.

  2. 2nd house Aries Mercury Square Cap Mars in 12th. Gut feeling and curiosity pushes me to dig for answers. I share what I think is interesting and/or vital info with others, never hear from them again!
    Elsa, I recall you telling us years ago that you were doing deep research in ancient texts. And some time later you posted that you’d discovered (perhaps in those books?) something so shocking you’d never be able to tell anyone. That was years ago, but nowadays the world seems nearly unshockable!

    1. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you’re referring to. I read old books sometimes, but don’t know what “ancient texts” would me. I don’t think that’s my phrase so I can’t place what you’re referring to. Sorry.

    2. This just popped up, Warped ( partly because Russia released info. about the death of King Charles…and l saw your comment on Ancient Texts. The royal family IS a bit wobbly…but he is still upright.) Could you be ref. to Nostradamus? And his (2024 ish) predictions? Climate disaster and famine(Gaza) seem to be spot on…a new Pope(very likely) ?

      His predictions about a ‘red adversary’ and a ‘navel battle’ gives pause…esp. with Taiwan and the Sth China Sea.

      I am reading Ancient text as it so happens.Zen….and the art of just sitting. Being. Not for everyone. Each to their own path.

      And now this machine is going to put away again…for a bit.

      1. I thought the “very old books” were more obscure and harder to access than Nostradamus, since his predictions are commonly discussed. There are many others being discussed these days also, with parallels between several cultures. Good to hear Charles is still upright! Just goes to show who to look to for accurate info!

        1. I’m curious what you’re referencing, but the clue is not enough for me to zone in on something specific. For example was this 2 years ago? 20? 10?

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