Life Changes, Love And Uranus In The 7th House Or Aspecting Venus

The Uranus Pluto transit hits the charts of my immediate family, hard. One way or the other, we’re all prepared and that’s good because at this point, the process has begun.

The recent changes around here have prompted me to dialogue with various people about things I never thought I’d speak to them about. I’m talking about my husband quite a bit, where he’s usually on the periphery.  Specifically, I’ve been called to  outline some of his idiosyncrasies, or his unconventional thinking and I realize in this process, how glad and grateful I am that he is the way he is.

This occurred to me because I know the average person does not think in accord with my husband. They may think he is obstinate, old-fashioned or just plain crazy. They may think he makes things harder than they are. They most definitely don’t understand the decisions he makes or his attitudes.

If a person does not ask direct questions in regards to this stuff, I don’t elaborate. If they do question me, I answer the questions as best I can but in most cases, I don’t think it helps.

Having gone through this process several times now, what I  realize with clarity is that I like my husband’s weirdness. It’s easier for me to tell people that my husband is odd and that I like it this way, then it is to try to explain his thoughts and feelings, even though I understand them.

It’s true of course. I have Uranus in my 7th house and what would I want with someone who was usual? I wouldn’t be at all attracted to someone usual but as it is, I am never bored and extremely happily married.

And what about my husband? Well he has Venus in aspect to Uranus and he’s married to an astrologer.  Can you see he’s in the same situation? Astrologers are kooks! “Why does she believe in astrology? What’s wrong with her?”

In reality, we’re in love and if either of us is crazy, it’s irrelevant to what is primary – we’re in love.

Is your partner a weirdo?

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  1. Hahaha, I love this! I have Uranus opposing my 11th house sun, and my husband has Uranus in the 7th. We’re both a little off and wouldn’t have it any other way!

  2. Yesterday night we had a big fight on family. My brother, my sister and I were all freak out, and we couldn’t help but just fight. The interesting thing was I had been feeling the heat during all day.

  3. I have Uranus in my 7th house, conjunct decsendent and my boyfriend has Uranus in his first house, conjunct his ascendant. To say our relationship is “odd” is an understatement for sure! Our friends don’t get us at all. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. One things is for sure…routine is not something that would describe us.

  4. Ha! I’m a Uranus rising, with Sun trine Uranus, and Aquarius on my 7th house cusp. I am attracted to unusual types, but as I’m single right now, it’s more likely that the one I end up with will think that I’m the weirdo 🙂

  5. Don’t have one right now. I do have Venus in Aries in the 9th house and this is trine Uranus in Leo in the 1st house. My mom and my dad were dashing and brilliant (Dad’s mercury conjuncts that Uranus) – and I like brilliance and beauty. But also – I can be uncoupled for long periods of time. Jupiter is on my Descendent in Aquarius (there is that Uranian thing again) – so I think I am here to learn about partnership/relationship.

    All the best Elsa – love your teaching posts –

  6. Uranus in Gemini in the 5th house. My children are exceptionally weird, and both have Aspergers, a form of autism. My Uranus is exactly inconjunct my MC in Scorpio. So I guess that’s how that happened….

  7. ROFL…with Uranus conjunct asc I’m the eccentric. As for “normalcy” I say it’s just plain dull, cowardly, too.

  8. So that’s what I need to look for – a guy whose Venus is in good aspect to my Uranus 7th. With Saturn Venus ASC Aquarius, I’ve got all kinds of unusual going on.

    With Pluto conj the Uranus, you’d think Scorpios would be good for me, but they’ve been horrid.

  9. I have Uranus conjunct ascendant. I’m unconventional, and admire the same in others.

    Uranus transiting my 7th was Hell on Earth; and my life became unrecognisable in its wake. I hope that the natal placement is a sight kinder than that, to those who have it.

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    Uranus/Pluto conjunct in my 5th house opposing Venus/Chiron in Pisces in my 11th house and trining my 8th house Cappy Moon. Saturn in Aquarius intercepted in my 10th house opposing Mars in Leo intercepted in my 4th house… My freak flag flies day and night and I can’t seem to pull it down off the flag pole!

  11. I have Uranus in the 5th house opposed Chiron and my husband has Uranus in his 1st house also opposing Chiron but he also has a trine going on with Chiron, Mars and Uranus at least that is what it looks like to me.

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    Blessed Place

    All the men in my life (my ex husband included) have been ‘different’ – several of the them, like him, have been Aqua Suns and two of the other five/six have been Aqua Moons (one with Sun/Uranus exact).

    I’m a pretty specialised taste myself, for various reasons inc having a handicap, and conventional men just don’t get me in the way the more individual men always have. It probably takes a freak to appreciate me!

  13. Both of my partners are weird. That’s why I love them.

    But I think I am the weirder one in both relationships.


  14. im so happy to read this!! i have uranus in my 7th house and the love of my life has uranus opposing his venus… a lot of the reports about these placements are so negative and scary and make me worrisome…. but this helps me to see the light!!! 🙂

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