Does Sun Square Saturn Indicate Low Self Esteem?

self esteemHi Elsa,

I’ve read there are aspects in one’s natal chart that indicate poor self esteem. I’ve read that Saturn squaring one’s Sun is an example of this. My question is this: is there a place in the chart to see how this can be mitigated? Is there an area of the chart that shows how to build better self esteem if one has these negative aspects?


Hi, Curious.

I don’t think blanket statements of this type hold true in astrology. For example, I have Saturn contacting my Sun and while I’m shy at times, I have never felt myself lowly or lacking in self esteem. In fact, I have always liked myself quite a bit!

Sun in aspect to Saturn can manifest in as low self esteem but it can also indicate a person simply works hard. Self esteem is Taurus-ruled. So if lack of self-esteem is the problem, I would look at Venus and/or the 2nd house for insight.

I don’t have your chart so I can’t tell you anything specific. But I can tell you how to deal with any issue in your chart. Rework it!

Using the example you offered (Sun square Saturn), you might say, oh no! Saturn restricts my life!
But you might also say, I’m going to master this living gig.

Set a goal (Saturn) and you will shine (Sun). Same components. Different result!

Imagine living under a rock. Why not push the rock off you and stand up? And why not gain confidence in yourself via this process?

“I dealt with that rock. Next!”

Do you have low self-esteem? Have you found a way to remedy?

33 thoughts on “Does Sun Square Saturn Indicate Low Self Esteem?”

  1. Saturn transited square my Sun in early 2013. And yes, my self esteem took a big nose dive at the time, mainly at work because of things that were happening there. I found that I looked to other transits to get through that time – Pluto trining my Mars, and Jupiter transiting my 11th house. Friends and physical activity gave me the outlets I needed to boost my confidence and feel better in general. I’m sure having this natally would be a little different, but in case also there would probably be some other aspects that would help.

  2. Saturn square Sun too, but I think that aspect pushes me forward.
    It’s the Saturn exactly inconjunct Moon, in Taurus, in 2nd, that messes me up. My ego is just fine – I’m pretty great in fact – but my self esteem sucks. At the same time. And yes I understand how contradictory that sounds. Doesn’t make it any less true.

  3. I was born with Gem Sun closely squared by Virgo Saturn and I had very low self-esteem growing up. In fact I really didn’t start liking myself until the time of my Saturn Return in my late 20’s. One thing that really helped was discovering I was damn good at many things a typical Gemini is not supposed to be good at, and I got that way through working really hard to overcome hangups and immaturities. My advice: start looking at just how much you have grown by working on the things you didn’t like about yourself and you will discover that you willike yourself more each day

  4. My partner has Sun/Pluto square Saturn natally. But he also has Jupiter trining Sun/Pluto on the other side. His self esteem seems to see-saw from great highs to great lows… rarely does it rest in between. Having a balanced and realistic self-image appears to be difficult for him.

  5. wow, thanks! i didnt know that self esteem is taurus ruled….no wonder! i always felt confident in myself even if i’m pretty crap at stuff and i notice that some people (not all) seem to be off put with my confidence. It’s like why am i so confident when i have nothing kind of thing? i mean that’s an exaggeration but, i dont look at the glass half empty.

  6. I have Saturn in Taurus square my Leo Sun in the 2nd. Saturn also tines my moon, which means my moon is inconjunct my sun.
    I have always liked myself, but struggled with not being ‘good enough’. I’m a damn hard worker, though. I can leave others in the dust on a daily basis with how much I accomplish.
    I’ve finally learned that my best is all I have to give and if that’s not good enough for others, then that’s their problem.

  7. Another great question and reply, Elsa. I’ve got that same Saturn(conj Mars) square Sun (conj Merc) natally. I love the advice you have about reworking the astrology to make the energy work FOR me. It’s a life process, and hard work with these aspects. Self-esteem if governed by Taurus is a character trait that I’ve had to learn with time, experience and self-acceptance. My North Node is in Taurus so learning to appreciate my worth is a big part of the whole journey.

  8. Sun in 12th house, Virgo squaring Saturn in 3rd house Sag….some low self-esteem or shyness since childhood, yes. But I always do what Elsa says — try to keep tossing the rock off and ignoring it. Sometimes it gets to me again. and again I work to crawl out from under. Good friends and work and actually travel (Sag) have helped me feel better and more like “ok, there is a reason I am here, even if I am just me.” And yes, I am always working so there’s that too.

  9. Having and completing goals helped me when I was younger. “I bet Patton didn’t fret about *his* eye-bags” helps me now LOL.

  10. I, too, have the depressing malefic Saturn squares in my chart. Saturn (and everything Saturn-related being the bane of my existence!) I have my Sun in Cancer in 10H & Venus in Cancer in 10H both sharply squared by my Saturn in Aries in 7H. Saturn in Aries has got to be the worst Saturn placement to begin with! And not only do I have no luck in love whatsoever; I attract abusive, cold, unloving, mean & cruel men (romantic relationships), but I also have the worst luck in work/career/reputation. I have never been married nor had children. Yes, I am indeed cursed. And Capricorn season, sign and transits are my arch enemy/nemesis. Pluto in Capricorn is literally destroying me & my life. I cannot bear another 10 yrs of this transit. It is seriously gonna kill me.

  11. I have Saturn on my grand cross. It’s in Gemini in the tenth, squaring Mercury in Pisces and Virgo moon and ascendant. Opposing Neptune in Sagittarius. I have few friends but they are like family. I am very good friends with my ex-husband. We have joint custody of our son but my son lives with his father. I live on SSI checks and financial aid (I have returned to college at the age of 41). I am crazy in love with my ex-boyfriend whom is emotionally unavailable and sadistic. Reminds me of my dad. I am a prolific and published writer. Writing may be the one thing I am truly adept at. But you can’t tell from this post. Ha.

  12. I hadn’t realised until recently that self esteem is a Taurus thing. I have Sun, 12 degrees and Moon, 8 degrees conjunct in Taurus, second H. Even when things are terrible in my life, and they have been, I rarely think it’s because of who I am. I don’t mean that I won’t accept responsibility when it’s valid but essentially I like myself. I know myself well and I feel very blessed in my life. Even in the worse times I feel I am cared for and watched over – from somewhere! Having said that, I was very glad when Saturn moved off from the opposition with my Sun! One of the advantages of getting older (searching, searching) is knowing that “this too shall pass”.

  13. P.S. I have Pluto conjunct Uranus in Libra in the second and my Venus is conjunct my Aquarius sun in the sixth. These past couple of years I have felt that it may be my calling to help disenfranchised women access their creativity. But first I must become franchised my damn self.

  14. Elsa’s “All energy is neutral until directed.” helped a lot. There isn’t really a need to mitigate the energy. Just rework it.

    After I got rid of depression, I noticed that it did not resolve my low self-esteem. This would play by criticizing myself until it hurt. Venus (self-esteem) in Virgo (critic). First, I stopped this. Every time, I caught myself doing it, I’d stop myself. Second, I improved my self-esteem the way as described: empowering myself by deciding to overcome challenges. (I read everything Elsa posted about earning self-esteem.) Lastly, I worked on a “Venusian” component: I learned how to dress (well) for my body type. By the time Jupiter in Taurus left my 5th House, my self-esteem was solid and there to stay, to my surprise. I have Venus-Neptune, so it does have a liquid quality, but for the most part, I feel pretty awesome.

  15. I have low self-esteem…

    I have Saturn squ Sun, squ my Merc (ruler of my chart)
    Sun and Merc are in my 6th, Saturn in my 4th.
    I also have Saturn trine my Moon (ruler of my 2nd).
    Uranus is also opposite my Moon…
    Nothing in my 2nd house…

    I have always had low self-esteem.

    1. Also with Venus… My Venus in Scorpio 5th house, ruler of my 5th… with it being in the fifth you think my self-esteem would be good but it’s not.

      Venus squ Jupiter
      Venus conj Uranus
      Venus sextile Saturn
      Venus trine MC
      Venus opp Moon

  16. I have a self-critical Virgo Sun in 2nd house square Saturn in Sag in 5th (Saturn in 5th is kind of a double whammy). It can be tough, but it does get better with age. Working hard is usually rewarding. Learn to be nice to yourself and reward yourself when you have worked hard. Saturn is all about limitation, but it also I think limits overwork and too much seriousness. Make time for work and also make time for play and fun.

  17. A very important man in my life has his natal sun exactly (down to the minute!) square his Saturn. He does indeed have low self-esteem – he more or less never feels that he’s good enough. But his biggest stand out feature is his work ethic and ambitiousness; he’s such a hard worker, professional through and through. His Saturn makes him solid as a rock mentally, even though he’s scarred from growing up as a child of alcoholics: he was abused by both parents, but his father was especially brutal (another sun-Saturn theme!). Saturn also tightly conjuncts his MC: he lives and breaths this energy!

    Meeting someone who manifests it so clearly has practically erased any fears I have of my upcoming transit of Saturn squaring all my late leo/early Virgo-stellium. I just watch what he does and follow.

    1. I’m an early Cap (3rd house) and Saturn in Virgo (end of 11th/12th house) that squares my sun and very tight Mercury/Neptune conjunction in the 2nd house and also opposes my moon in early Aries (6th house). The tight sun/moon square doesn’t help, either, lol. I’m constantly battling self-esteem issues, so I very much appreciate this post. I think working and challenging myself to learn and master new skills has really helped me, but it’s definitely taken me some time to learn to focus my energy on improving myself mentally and physically. If I’m not careful, I lose momentum by getting sad about being rejected by family members and trying to understand why or feeling ashamed about mistakes that I’ve made in the past. It’s really important to remember your strengths and try to inject a little fun into all that work, I guess : )

  18. I have this aspect and to be frank, I’m not interested in investing in a positive self-image; I think it’s more worthwhile to aim for a realistic one. I like the idea of developing self respect more than having self esteem – because respect must be earned. I also like the idea of being a good friend to yourself more. A good friend is understanding and supportive but they will also call you out on your crap. When you’ve fallen short, a good friend doesn’t berate, they see your potential and help you to change and improve.

    I also second what Elsa said about work. Let your work and your integrity in your work speak for itself and you will attract what you need and who you need to live a meaningful life. If you have to build up your self esteem on something, make it something you believe is worth working for.

  19. I agree with the low self-esteem this aspect brings. It is painful to see how low my self-esteem is, though I have SN in Leo. Such a paradox. I am arrogant and everything is about me, my life, my opinions, what I deserve and bla blaa bla. But I am so insecure and believe so little about what I can do. And I have a lot of qualities.
    I just wish I would knew how to believe in myself and stop the crap. God damn it.

  20. I don’t have low self-esteem. I sometimes lacked confidence when I was young but that’s not the same thing as low self-esteem.

    I think the term is overused and misunderstood. Oftentimes self proclaimed “low self-esteem ” is really hurt feelings because the person has an overinflated sense of self.

  21. Well it’s not easy. Out of sign Saturn square Sun. (Saturn at 29 Leo Sun at 3 Gemini). Only now beginning to develop a measure of self esteem/respect in my late 60s. Saturn is also the apex of a T square with the Sun plus Chiron in early Sag. I don’t think my Virgo ascendant has helped a lot either in the self-criticsm stakes. Agree about the need to view it all as a challenge, something to be mastered. The task of a lifetime in my case so it’s vital to have some fun/pleasure on the way if possible.

  22. I have this. Saturn Aqua square my Scorp Sun. I think my mars in Scorp conjuct Sun helps me to be disciplined.

    I dont really have low self esteem. I do however get more than my fair share of strong characters who seek to overpower me. I attract bullies

    That might me another interpretation to this aspect

  23. An 11th house Saturn loosely opp to my Sun in the 4th. Some periods of self doubt but mainly when I didn’t do my homework, gave into false fears or avoided confrontations that were needed! When I exercise some self discipline, I am rewarded with solid results in advancing my hopes and dreams. Age helps.

  24. Avatar

    “I’m going to master this living gig.”

    I have both my Sun and Saturn in Leo 2nd house. If I were to reword what you wrote I would say “I’m going to master this living without gig.” lol You can have self esteem by not needing things to be happy 🙂 Like bolster the other areas of your chart that are supported…

  25. An overly critical virgo with saturn strongly squaring sun is FML and sagittarius rising with saturn retrograding through sagittarius is FML. Oh, so you are also artistically inclined? Well, let us let your ruler square Neptune, so nothing will ever come of anything you try 🙂 have f-uun

  26. Saturn in leo 8th house square sun in taurus 5th house. Sag rising with Jupiter trine moon so ever the optimist. Each situation is new and I’m always hopeful, but it turns out that pretty much each time I get my a** handed. Manifests in every sphere of my life, from father issues as a child to career issues as an adult (40yrs old). Doesn’t seem to be getting easier as I find I have to change jobs/careers/locations every three years or so. I’ve tried many many different approaches, careers, and tactics to get the “lessons learned” or “master this gig” but to no avail. This kind of thing becomes very tiresome. I hear Saturn in the 8th gives a longer life…….. That’s seems to be the biggest joke of all.

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