Making Moves As We Head Into An Important Period (April 19th-26th, 2024)

equilibriamThis has been a productive Mercury retrograde period. I credit the tight Mars Saturn conjunction supported by the tight Jupiter and Uranus conjunction.  It’s possible to happily detach and “get it done”. So far, so good.

The sun will ingress into Taurus on Friday the 19th, while squaring Pluto. At that point we’ll be locked in, waiting for the full moon to arrive.

The Jupiter Uranus conjunction will be exact on the 20th

Full moon in Scorpio on the 23rd.

Then on Thursday, the 25th, Mercury in Aries will turn direct.

Throughout this period, the moon will clash with one thing or other, pretty much constantly.  Understanding this can help enormously as you can be sure any bruised feelings are likely to pass quickly.

There’s another shift to track, in this time frame. It begins with Mars conjunct Saturn and ends with Mars conjunct Neptune.  War with limits or borders, vs war without?

May 2nd, Pluto turns retrograde , heading for it’s last little round-up in Capricorn.

My advice: good boundaries, practice detachment as needed and don’t get too hung up on feeling states that won’t last.

My reason for this advice? It’s most likely to allow you to maintain some control and equilibrium on the chance there is an event you have to deal with.

How do you feel about this stretch of road, comin’ up?

6 thoughts on “Making Moves As We Head Into An Important Period (April 19th-26th, 2024)”

  1. I interprete the Iranian attack on Israel as a manifestation of the Jupiter Uranus conjunction, meaning air power on the Earth but with limited consequences due to Mars in exile limited by Saturn.

    1. My sense is that it was a mostly ceremonial attack, not really intended to do much harm. Israel had crossed a boundary (invading an Embassy) so SOME reply was necessary, but Iran doesn’t really want to be sucked in to anything major.

        1. ‘aint that the truth (sic)!
          I just don’t know what is true anymore Elsa! but your statement above definitely is!

      1. I have just noticed Mars will leave its Conjunction with Saturn on 25 April and enter its domicile in Aries on 1 May with the U-J conjunction in Taurus relatively strong. The North Node is in Aries. Sounds like more war, but this time for real. On top of that the Sun will form an stelleum with J-U. Uranium, someone? A nuclear attack on Iran? The positive note is that Pluto (death) is squaring this powerful configuration. Strangely enough there a kind of positivity in the background (Venus exalted, Saturn in exile and Pluto in Capricorn sweeping the last leftovers of the Deep State) Just wow

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