Pluto In Aquarius Threatens Humanity

fakeReal people have disappeared from social media… maybe 95% from what I can see.  Socialization offline has also been greatly reduced for many, if not most.

With so little “real” available, we substitute with fake. I have no real followers on my alt twitter, but I have fake followers, more, every day. I’ve never posted on this account and never will. It’s for reading, but “people” find and follow me, daily.

When I read content, the responses seem fake to me… not real people; it’s an illusion of interaction.  When you do interact with someone online….well, it’s like fake men on facebook, trolling?

“Hi, beautiful? How are you today?”

The picture is real, from about ten years ago. These were the fake men, soliciting me. It’s a far out example, but closer in, online communications are often disingenuous.

It occurs to me, social interaction is just like food.  If you can get good food, you may choose it or not, but if there is no good food, then you’ll eat junk. If you consume junk, you need a lot more of it, because it does not satisfy?

Many years ago, I used the screenname “satisfieddog”. I was asked why I would call myself such a thing, which surprised me. Point is, I like to be satisfied, rather than starving and I think being satiated it’s a normal state for me. The internet no longer provides this. It’s too cluttered with empty calories.  57 channels and nothing on is now 57 trillion channels and nothing on.

I also see people making tremendous investments of time and energy into people who, assuming they do exist, would want nothing to do with them.  It’s weird.

Then there are messages like this (an actual tweet):

help me.

tell me anything reassuring

I’m hurting a lot and struggling to calm down

I think this is AI trying to get people to invest emotional energy. It’s possible, I’m just jaded. I don’t think this is the case, but even if it is, it only makes my next point.

If we’re swirling in this type content, ’round the clock, will we recognize a real cry for help and respond to it?  Or a real offer of friendship?

Eventually, the answer to that question will be no and for many, this is already the case. I can tell you this for sure!

Pluto in Aquarius threatens humanity.  This is what I see.


22 thoughts on “Pluto In Aquarius Threatens Humanity”

  1. every web site has 500 links and each one of those has another 500 and so on and so on what will happen if the grid goes down for a week? what happens if undersea cables get cut in a hostile scenario could people function with such a jarring change and for how long

  2. I walk to work 5 days a week, it’s a 40 minute walk. I enjoy it, any type of weather – I walk. I make it a point to say good morning to the people I pass by. Some interactions – I could be a ghost! On one occasion an older gentleman actually stopped in his tracks and was bewildered that a stranger actually talked to him. It’s a loss of the neighborhood or being neighborly?

    1. Luna Bear!
      Keep up the great work!
      Connection at its finest
      Can we all engage with others on the street in the shops without any expectation of a return acknowledgment?! Simple yet such an honest beautiful exchange!!!

  3. Today’s young kids who are addicted to their phones–let ’em! Then when these kids come running to others who aren’t phone addicts, these kids should be shunned and ignored. Hey, payback’s hard, isn’t it?

    1. although you wont be shunning them unless its at the end of a gun. the intensity of diversity is beyond our grasp, we have been living in fantasy land

  4. Pluto is meant to kill something. Some say to “transform” but I think Pluto is about real death. Pluto in Capricorn killed the ruling class who is only apparently alive. The state is a fiction now. What is Pluto going to kill? What does Acquarious represent? I think you are the only one bringing up this hypothesis,.which I like. Anyway Pluto cleans what is outdated and useless, ie, what is not connected to the Law of God or the Law of the Universe as you may call it. And humanity, to a greater extend is not connected with its own nature. It barely reproduces itself. So I think Pluto is going to wipe out that sterile, parasite, non reproductive humanity. Congratulations for your blog. All articles are pasionating

    1. I’m intrigued with your comment, especially the way you spelled Aquarius 🙂 Was that purposeful, or did auto-correct just have a Freudian slip moment 🙂 I’m seeing it as a mashup with the word “Acquire”. Maybe “Acquarious” means desirous of, or addicted to “Acquisition” – a testament of sorts to (at least) the last 100 years, but particularly these last 40-50 years of late stage capitalism 🙂

      Pluto really does need to put that to death. Humans have become waaay to addicted to the acquisition of “things” – to the detriment of nearly everything else that we should be working towards, as humans evolving to a higher level. And I don’t mean the inverted/perverted Transhumanist, “8th Sphere” hell-world level that so many seem to have become utterly enthralled with..

      1. Haha. Good point. Words are magic indeed. However, Aquarius is supposed to be about detachment isnt it? The last transit of Pluto in A was all about revolution and peoples freedom.

  5. I quote Steven Forrest and agree to his take on Pluto in AQ: In a positive response to any transit, we evolve. Consciousness expands. That means that we see possibilities that we could not have seen before – and I truly mean “could not” rather than a simple “did not.”…..Expanding consciousness to embrace wisdom is really what transits are all about, at least if we get them right. They don’t doesn’t just rearrange the furniture in your mental house, in other words. The house itself gets bigger. Something changes in you that makes everything look different.


    People are arguing a lot on Earth today. What if everybody is wrong, you included? Let’s remember that if humanity gets this passage right, it will shock us. The answers that are trying to emerge do not exist yet. Nobody has them. Pluto in Aquarius is about creating them. Get ready to be surprised, in other words.


    Underlying all of the facts we absorb during our education, there are countless cultural assumptions and biases. There always are. When anything enters Aquarius, some of those assumptions are scheduled to be rattled. Once “everybody knew” the Earth was flat. Once everyone understood that God created the universe in seven days. Currently, central to our cultural assumptions are the ideas that life is random and chaotic, that consciousness derives from the brain rather than the other way around, and that we can learn about how life works by studying the roll of the dice in Las Vegas. In that view, nothing is connected to anything in a holistic way, only sometimes linked by the basic “push-and-shove” logic that we are taught to call “common sense.”

    The trouble is that if all of that is true, then astrology could not possibly work. But astrology does work, and that’s where the subversion begins. Astrology is the loose end in the “official” version of reality. Perhaps that’s why it incites such ire on the part of many conventional scientists. The universe begins to look unified and coordinated. It begins to “look more like a great thought than a great machine,”

    So – I think we are standing at a scary abyss in terms of ‘reality vs digital’ and project what we ‘know’ into the future, what else can we do? That looks indeed scary. But don’t forget that there were times when the bible was in Latin and just the thought of translating it into a common language was subversive and revolutionary. The idea of printing books was subversive and revolutionary, TV, movies, telephones were deemed subversive, even electricity was thought to bring illness and malady to those who dared to use it. Not to mention the huge resistance to everything digital and de-centralised. But we can plainly say that all these events have contributed to an evolved sense of connectedness and a new paradigm of relating to each other.

    Make no mistake, those old times were neither compassionate nor did they follow any moral code, safe for the one existing in the people’s consciousness at the time. It was not necessary to have compassion or a unified moral code – the amount of people who knew at time how many african people had been shipped to the US shores and sold as slaves or how many people disappeared in gulags was small. Had they had access to all that real time information around the world it would have surely changed the course of history. And in the 20th century it did – and here we are now, needing to reign in our projections, bias and superstitions because the unreal digital environment is able to EXPLOIT them to such an extent that they can no longer be ignored.

    I dont know more than anyone else, but I feel strongly that what will be happening has to happen, whether we complain or look forward to one revelation after the other. After Pluto in Cap follows Pluto in AQ – and when Cap can dismantle and expose the rotten earthly power structures Pluto in AQ can dismantle and expose the rotten human mind. During Pluto in Cap it was rather easy for the masses to point fingers to the ‘rich and powerful’ until they were exposed as poor idiots, Pluto in AQ might lead to a scenario where ‘peace is an inside job’ becomes reality and all the blaming and pointing is exposed as a path to hell.

    1. @su I resonate with what you’ve written, especially this:

      It begins to “look more like a great thought than a great machine,”

      It is a great thought!

  6. Mass psychosis is a voluntary participation and it all started rolling before Pluto was in Aquarius.

    Covid to be precise, brought out the insanity in people.

    Putting aside the very first few weeks/month or 2, the mass psychosis geared up fairly early. Professor Mattias Desmet (from Belgium i think) sums it up nicely.

    Gratitude is in order because it weeded out and exposed what needed to be exposed. Separating the wheat from the chaff if you will. Today it continues in so many ways ‘out there’ but on personal levels it includes the psychological fallout of rapid loss of friends, family, coworkers and not just in terms of relationships but to death itself.

    What I see is those that held it together during the covid years are fairing much better then those who lost control, lost common sense, had zero discernment and who made very bad health decisions.
    Astrology works with our shadows and to think there are millions coming out of the covid times that have/are completely repressing their wrong doing to themselves and others is a bit daunting.
    Those emotions will find their way up & out and it most certainly is going to cause mental breakdowns and loss of healthy brain function (high stress).

    This will obviously intensify with Pluto in Aquarius.

    1. A psychosis is never voluntary Hazel. It’s one of those thoughts that need to change. Conscious mind and it’s faculties are terribly overrated and the body, especially our senses and how they affect our nervous system are terribly shrouded in
      outdated concepts of good/bad personality and character.

      People who feel under threat don’t make decisions, they react. And let their mind find reasons why…in hindsight.

    2. Collective not individual… ‘mass’

      “People who feel under threat don’t make decision they react” – yes that is the reptilian brain overriding the prefrontal cortex. One has to manage this dance, it’s a part of life.

      I am acutely aware that individual psychosis is a completely different scenario/issue. You can have psychosis simply by being deficient in b vitamins or having methylation issues.

  7. It feels very clear to me.
    The dark underbelly of the internet will become stronger and much more malicious.
    Look at the depth and breadth of recent enormous hacking attacks – huge national medical systems, major phone companies – smarter malware to infiltrate our actual bank accounts. And much more – do some research and read high tech articles.
    I’m not making this up.

    Been saying this the past 3 years – start pulling out of social media and closing online accounts and definitely make sure all your money isn’t in banks, but is cash in hand.

    Let’s start real snail mail again – oh but wait, how much of the USPS is electronic too?

    Pony express? Wagon rides to visit? I always felt I was born too late. Wave and be friendly online while you can! I personally am looking forward to small local community again.

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