Making The Most Of What You’ve Got

My lifelong friend, Ben, has a Scorpio sun in the 10th house. He periodically puts himself through deep and rigorous self-examination. It’s just something he has to do.

We talked last night; I guess he was checking his findings. He finds himself lacking, of course.

I imagine this would be a common result for anyone who takes the time to really probe the shadow side of their character, or the various periods in their life where they may have gone off the rails.

I didn’t argue with his judgement of himself. I’m in no position to do that. But I’ve known him for close to forty years so I shared my observations.

I told him that I’d watched him make the most of every day. He’s not squandered even a minute speck of his talent. Every talent or skill he was born with has been developed, daily, relentlessly. He simultaneously mentors children to do this with his life. He works with their parents. He counsels anyone who comes to him (unless they get too stupid and waste his time). He will even watch your dogs when you are on vacation and walk them twice a day, even if this is more than you’d do yourself!

I was trying to tell him, regardless of what he thinks of himself, this is what I have observed. I don’t recall him ever, EVER, taking a day off.

I use my gifts, consistently but I do not have a track record like Ben’s. Further, I don’t know anyone who does. I never realized this until last night.

I know that many people who read here don’t believe in God, but let’s just say there is a God and He’s given, Ben, these talents. I think that God would be very pleased with the way Ben has run with what was born in him.  What a good feeling.

Think about what you’ve been given as far as talent and opportunity. How much of it have you used as compared to the percentage you’ve squandered?
Can you up your game?

15 thoughts on “Making The Most Of What You’ve Got”

  1. What about those who’ve squandered, not knowing what their talents and opportunities are?

    I can’t stand people telling me I’m wasting my time and skills, when in don’t even know what the hell they are.

  2. Yes! I can definitely up my game! Sometimes I qualify or ignore my lack in areas that need attention, because I’m working really hard developing another area, which I believe is my calling. Then I think, what’s the use of developing myself in one area when so much else goes by the wayside? I’ll end up lopsided, regardless, with even more work to do. So, again, yes, I can do more. Thanks for this reminder, and for sharing Ben’s story! Struck me in the place that needed it.

  3. Maybe we over complicate it. Maybe talent is not always = $. Maybe talent and opportunity are the ways in which you help others, or at least not be a bitch. Opportunities of free time to help vs waste. Talent as defined as what comes naturally vs spinning one’s wheels.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a capitalist so it’s good to find a source of income from something you enjoy or are good at. But maybe it doesn’t take that much extra effort to do good. (This is also a lesson for me. For sure. Because I fail, too)

  4. This is what I took from the post, too, though I didn’t initially think about it in terms of money 🙂

    Some talents are marketable, and some aren’t, but that doesn’t mean they are useless. If it means being, and developing, our best, multidimensional selves, for ourselves and others, that is not a waste. Not everyone’s calling or purpose leads to big money–most don’t, in fact, which seems to speak to the complicated nature among money, happiness, fulfillment, purpose, service, etc.

    1. I didn’t initially think of money either until I read some comments. But yes, I agree with your post.

      I also think of the shiny/shadow sides of our sun. We can succumb to the shadow side or we can rise up and use our talents ?

      1. True! Many people equate monetary success, with success across the board, or even the inverse–as someone’s monetary success must mean they lack in other areas. Or that not pursuing money exclusively, means a waste of time, which is what you were getting at.

        Should have just said, I agree, with YOUR op :D. Feeling chatty today, I guess!

  5. Avatar
    Southern Cross

    I can certainly up my game. But I’ve never squandered my talents; I was determined to develop them, best as I can.

  6. I’ve been trying not to back pedal
    There is a warmth and song reborn
    In the air here for me
    It must be real as there is pieces of news that breaks your heart ,the middle got to be real 2
    So I’m hedging my bets with the song
    I try not to pick on my thoughts
    Or eat pans of brownies
    Yummy is in the air
    Change is tapping its foot as it rushes out

  7. I could do more every day. I also know that if I do too much I will make myself sick. As I have gotten older I have come to believe that it’s talent only if you enjoy doing it.

  8. I don’t know how/why some people are aware of their talents and can have enough consciousness to be able to make them work like an investment. It must be a wonderful aptitude.
    As far as I’m concerned, was not aware of anything and therefore didn’t particularly invest.
    “Can you up your game?” Theoretically, anyone and everyone can up their game anytime. Sliding scale – even Einstein could’ve done better, right? But I suppose only the best can really have the talent AND the drive to do better, and better, and better. Alas, I am not one of them.

  9. I try to give kindness. A smile, a reassuring touch when I can see people needs it, advice learned from horrendous years, saying thank you when I can, and in general being a good person. I have been teaching children, and I am deeply concerned about having children into this world where there is so much violence.

    I could give more because I have been given much – but I also accept that I am human and thus has flaws. It can make me feel bad sometimes. I am like Ben, I have 4 planets in Scorpio in 10th House, but I also have Sautn and Pluto conjunct in Libra so I try to do what is intensely right in my relationships. I don’t always succeed, but it does not mean I am not trying my best. We all are.

    And we all look stupid eating a banana, so no one is better than others.

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