Interpretation Of North Node in Capricorn Or the Tenth House

The lunar, nurturing, and cozy, South Node in Cancer, wants to stay home, cook, nurture its infant, and snuggle up under a warm, billowy, blanket. There’s a desire here to find a fortress against the harsh, demanding, and fast-paced, world. And can you blame them 100%? I don’t. The shiny Moon ruled Cancer South Node is emotional, sensitive, sympathetic, and will feed someone they deem kind, in return. Just think of the soft-skinned crab, that symbolizes this extremely feminine sign. It wants a shell to feel secure in. This shell will help shield them from the judgmental and cold, world.

And sometimes this ‘shell’ is metaphorical, rather than literal. Perhaps the crabs’ immediate family is something these warm souls hide themselves behind. They would rather blend themselves in with the siblings and parents than stick out in public.

In past lives, or earlier in this one, South Node in Cancers preferred the warm, familiar, and nurturing, foundation of family. There was an emotional, familial, and rooted, bond, in their childhood, or past lives. Family was, and is, everything, to them. Having a stable home life, a feeling of warmth and nurturing, not just from their mothers, but from the unit as a whole, fed their innate need for security and a strong inner confidence and/or foundation. Their families usually had a positive impact on them. There was emotional support, great role-models, and a general sense of great rapport from their own clan and/or blood. South Node in Cancers may even slide back to their burrows to re-energize from the spotlight when they felt too overwhelmed by the public, outer world.

In this lifetime, these crabs are learning how to be their own emotional support. That is not to say that they should neglect their families. It just means they are being asked to leave their shells and become the mature, and strong, adults that they are meant to be. This is a lifetime of working hard and perhaps even becoming a community figure, and name, in their environment. They might still love their families, but South Node in Cancers may feel empty when they abandon their dreams of becoming something more. They have already experienced the cozy, fuzzy, warmth, of their burrows; they now thirst for something bigger.

They might feel compelled to start ‘shooting for more’ at their jobs, climbing the competitive work place ladder. Knowing just their own clan, or their closest friends, is no longer enough, they desire to know the names, positions, titles, and connections, of people who will help them reach higher in their journey towards their goals. The North Node in Capricorn can be a serious-minded person who carefully places their feet firmly on each step of the mountain, being wary of the dangers of the real world that could shake their firm footing on the career mountain.

They desire to be taken seriously this lifetime. No more sulking and dodging work, behind their shells, when they feel shaken by the hardness of the real world. They aim to perfect their art of public relations. The North Node in Capricorns who feel a strong instinct to work towards their North Node will iron their suits and ties, shine their shoes, shampoo their hair, and whiten their teeth. North Node in Capricorns must worry about their image and muster up the courage to present them in the most confident, professional, and sophisticated, manner, as possible.

They must learn to work well with their bosses, managers, and coworkers. They must not jump into their little burrows when life puts pressure on them to perform, or when their careers and/or jobs suffer setbacks. There’s a hard lesson here that the real world is not going to coddle them when something goes wrong, their emotions are too raw, or they don’t feel like facing their responsibilities. This is a lifetime to take personal responsibility. In truth, responsibility should be their philosophy as they grow older.

Responsibility and karma

South Node in Cancers are learning that they can’t go retreat to their homes when they make a mistake, have a moment of moral weakness, and/or their life is falling apart. They must face their mistakes and discern where they made a miscalculation, why they did what they did, and make a new plan for their lives and careers. It may be true their careers cannot bounce back completely from their gaffe (s), but it is still their responsibility to make amends, apologize, limit the damage, and to do what they can to find an alternative way to find another path and/or goal (s). This lifetime, the universe will give them a swift karmic kick if they give in to their moral weaknesses, blame other people for their mistakes, or abuse their power. If they do take an immoral or unethical path, it is their choice to either blame and push back against the universe, or take their failures as lessons, instead of punishments. The former could lead to a possibly negative harvest of luck in their lives. North Node in Capricorns have a great capacity to climb extremely high career mountains, but they must keep in mind the ideas of responsibility and ‘reaping what one sows’, if they wish to avoid being demoted.

Common sense vs Emotions

South Node in Cancers have a tendency to be a bit emotional about things. At best, they hold a dear regard for the past. There’s a feeling of safety and of ‘home’ when they cling to their pasts. There is nothing particularly wrong with this, because everyone has their own way of coping with their hard pasts, or just coping with reality, in general. Our nostalgic glasses keep us from the uncertainty of the future and from the dryness of the present. It also keeps us from any pain we have suffered in our lives. At their worst, South Node in Cancers project the past, and their general points of views, in the way they feel like it. This is where they tend to bend the truth into which way they desire it to be.

South Node in Cancers need to move away from this type of emotional thinking if they desire to move forward into the future. They need to let go of living in the past or make peace with it if they feel like tapping into their North Node in Capricorn. As long as they blame their past, or obsess over it, they will fail to move forward.

At worst, the North Node in Capricorn can make enemies out of those that had no intention of being their enemy, or enemies. This is because there is a tendency to be extremely emotional (even the men) and to let their emotions and feelings lead the way. The pains of the past can transform these South Node crabs into shrill, overemotional, overbearing, and sulky, drama kings and queens, if they’re not conscious enough of it.

North Node in Capricorns are learning to take more responsibility for their emotions, their projections, and actions, about the past. They are learning to be more earthy, practical, realistic, and honest, about the past, and reality, in general. This is not to say that the person who hurt them (or they perceived to hurt them) couldn’t have said things in a more kind and diplomatic way, it’s just that North Node in Capricorns are learning to see what part they had in the past, or how their perceptions (real or otherwise) could have played a part in their own hurt (s) in any way.


Life will teach North Node in Capricorns how to be a leader. They might be a leader going into politics, being a CEO, running a business, or just being a creative artist. Just being a creative artist can open itself up to being responsible for one’s art, the art’s delivery, or trusting in one’s intuition when it comes to your own creations instead of following someone else’s vision. j

North Node in Capricorns are learning that responsibility, integrity, leadership, and learning from one’s mistakes, can elevate one’s life towards greater heights. They will see that they have more power than they know they have as they climb tall mountains and heights. Perhaps North Node in Capricorn have spent many past lives curling up in a blanket (South Node in Cancer), but they now sense that perhaps they are missing out on their own true power. There is nothing wrong with staying at home, enjoying the quiet peace, and slowing down. But North Node in Capricorns are now learning how to manifest their dreams into reality and they want to harvest their own personal paradise from their own hard work.

Do you have North Node in Capricorn, or the tenth house? Are these challenges familiar to you? If not, what challenges, or lessons, are missing? Do you think you are on your way to mastering your North Node in Capricorn, and/or the tenth house?

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53 thoughts on “Interpretation Of North Node in Capricorn Or the Tenth House”

  1. Avatar
    the laughing goat

    Great post and information! My son has NN in the 10H and I am excited to see him excel… I will be sharing this valuable info with him – thank you! 🙂

    1. anonymoushermit

      Ooh, good luck! He might want to cling to his mother (4th house South Node) though. But then again, I don’t know his whole chart!

      1. Avatar
        the laughing goat

        He has NN 10H 16 degree Leo, so SN in Aquarius with Uranus conjunct at 16 degrees. So I am thinking more of an independence theme… Thoughts?

        1. anonymoushermit

          Wow, if he plays his cards right, he could be a star in this lifetime, Leo AND the 10th house!

          He has the same Node signs and houses as my father. My father had troubles expressing himself (Leo) and troubles wanting to be in the public limelight (10th house). He LOVED staying home!

          As for independence, oh yeah! He’s gonna be very independent, like an Aquarius would! Also, he might have a strong rebellious streak! Good luck! 🙂

    2. Avatar
      Margaret pokorny

      Help… I’m going through a really hard time. My childhood of sexual abuse from age 10 till 24 has jumped up to bite me again. In addition I have extreme work phobia and ocd picking and SIB. I have tried to be a responsible parent please help me. I need kindness. No harsh words.

  2. Thank you for this!
    Any insight on how this north node in Capricorn would manifest in the 12th house? I read many descriptions about the Node in signs and in houses separately but it’s very hard (for me) to have a full picture about this node because it’s in the 12th.

    1. anonymoushermit

      A career (Capricorn) in art (12th house) or something creative?? A career (Capricorn) in spirituality (12th house)?

      A career (Capricorn) working behind the scenes (12th house)??

      1. Thank you! I feel I am not a creative person at all. Chiron also in leo** Neptune in rx 1st house capricorn is just an awkward influence but I am surely perceptive/ receptive of art
        especially music. But working behind the scenes sounds actually great! 🙂

    2. What about working in service of others/a career to benefit the downtrodden? Ambition to improve the world perhaps by working alone on a private level..
      Working on your ambitious work reputation at home or in private..

      1. Thank you for replying! Yes, I have lots of planets in psychic/private houses so I guess it can be a good direction.
        I was thinking about this placement (cap NN in 12th ) as a contradiction because 12th house is so…structurless, about letting go, living ”outside” this world and capricorn is all about structure, not giving up and well, society, social ladder. Guess capricorn also has that myth about half goat, half mermaid with it’s spiritual side but pondering too much about it, gave me a headache more than a conclusion.

        1. The thing is I think Capricorn is about building something and 12th house is about dissolution and spirituality and stuff (I can’t stop listening to Pete Holmes who is an Aries with Mercury/Mars/Uranus in Pisces in aspect to Neptune).

          These aren’t opposed, it depends on what you’re trying to build and if you’re shying away from ambition or refusing to understand what it means.

          12th house can refer to “living off the grid,” but also to “giving up your work (Capricorn) for the greater good”, and giving over your talent for service. Living off the grid and building a house in the woods is a 12th house Capricorn thing, but so is a career (Capricorn) assisting the downtrodden (12th house) while alone (12th house). Or being a pastor, hospice worker, addiction counselor, or a therapist that works from home (12th house.)

          I have friends who have Capricorn involved with Neptune. My friend has a huge stellium in Capricorn (Moon/Mercury/Uranus/Neptune I believe) and is a heavily Neptunian person, he is an artist from 7 years old and lives and works alone. He is brilliant. He built it up from nothing. And he has a very mystical perspective.

          1. Plenty of possible outcomes/ careers with this placement, that’s great. Was looking at it through black/white googles. I also have the capricorn stellium but just asc,moon,uranus and neptune with saturn further in aquarius. But well, there are talented, madly creative people and then there are those who aren’t. You were also saying your sun’s in 5th? 🙂 that’s nice. All people I know with this have a creative hobby going on. What a hearty position. Mine is in 4th, very under-water like.

            1. Hmm with that much Aquarius, self employment, freelancing, or changing jobs frequently is nice.. to create a free life you can stand behind. What house is it in again? With that much Aquarius you may not like me “telling you what to do,” but I’m trying to throw some suggestions into the air to get some ideas flowing and crack open your 12th house..

              anonymoushermit, anything to add? Any suggestions? How’m I doin :p

              1. You may want to create a financially independent, free, yet stable life on your own terms that is solid and maturely liberated (Aquarius Saturn).. it can also mean maintaining many side projects or being able to leave and switch around jobs, or even self sufficiency of any kind..

              2. As for me, Chiron puts a real damper on the 5th house Sun and also I have a weird volatile t square related to it. But I really enjoy helping others shine if I can sometimes 🙂 Right now my task is mobilizing my Mars in Capricorn in the 12th and I haven’t been winning at this at all.

              3. Oh no, What I wrote can be easily misinterpreted 🙁 I meant I have a capricorn stellium in 1st house with ascendant, moon, uranus and neptune. Stop. Then I have saturn in aquarius still in 1st house but in aquarius, involved in fixed t-squares. It’s funny, even if I seem very traditional, it’s not like I want a certain path, and I have been searching information about off the grid life-style before but always thought that was because my chart ruler is in aquarius and also aquarius rules my 2nd house. I do value my freedom but it doesn’t appear like it at all, with all this capricorn and saturn in 1st I appear very constricted, stern and limited, but yes, there’s a very powerful wish of being free, at least mentally or on a soul level.
                Mhm, mars in 12th can be hard but when it moves it’s unstoppable because it’s like a warrior moving at the same pace with the timing of the universe. Basically I think it can get lots of things done but when the focus is on a more collective goal and not on a single-person goal. Oh, and could also make you a great artistic dancer 😉

            2. I hope so, x-rayed. I’m def not a dancer.. but for me maybe “giving my Mars away” is the only solution (i have placements in the 6th house).. I’m really dazzled by MLK and Malcolm X (Aries NN in the 3rd)

    3. Chiron in Leo is tough.. :/
      however, with Chiron, (should be in your 7th house) depending on the aspects, we can awaken the creativity in others on a one on one basis or also in our partners..
      Art therapy might be an interesting career, perhaps.. or I think massage therapy.. but I don’t know you, a career counselor would be best 🙂
      Also, with 12th house Capricorn south node, working on using your subconscious for the benefit of others

      1. Yes, chiron is in 7th, sextile sun and trine mars.
        I can encourage people to do things I could never do because I am too earthy (as in sports, being more assertive, trying a new experience) they usually react to me better than their own teacher or their coach. But as for art, not sure if I can inspire anyone with art…it’s painful to feel uncreative. But yes, the asteroid explains this. 🙂

        1. There are a lot of teaching and coaching professions about encouraging people or getting them to face the pain regarding self expression or being full-hearted (Leo) in relationships.. marriage counseling, working with children/adolescents or people stuck in boring desk jobs, etc. A lot of remote coaching certifications out there. There is a way to use your Chiron to “lance the boil” and help others deal with the pain you understand, nah mean? It’s a tough gig. I have Sun/Chiron in the 5th.

  3. I have it exactly the other way around. Cancer NN and Capricorn SN. I’m really ready for some softness in my life.

    1. What house is it in? Have you ever taken care of others or yourself in a private setting? What thread count are your sheets? Weird question since I don’t know you, but do you have any kids/have you worked with kids? How often do you see your family?

      Getting a monthly massage might be a nice start to a self care routine.

  4. Has Pluto in Capricorn had a negative impact on Capricorn North Nodes? I wonder because Pluto squared all my 10th house Libra, including North Node, and it has destroyed all my desire to build a career or climb any ladders. Seeing the inside of an organization now is like watching sausage being made. ? Also, we live in an age now where no one wears suits anymore unless they’re in court, and you see pajamas in Walmart, so who cares about stupid dress-up clothes? (I feel stupid every time I dress up for anything. I’m just playing a part! Who am I trying to impress, anyway?)

    Also, the Node Node is currently in Cancer now. Peter Monn on YouTube is now being accused of being a “social climber”. He’s trying to build his channels and some people find it disgusting. Well….he’s a Capricorn North Node. So following his destiny and trying to grow on YouTube is wrong?? Are those of us who have a 10th house or Capricorn North Node supposed to live out Cancerian values and temporarily abandon Capricorn values?

    1. anonymoushermit

      Heehee! You can definitely do your North Node wrong. Like one of the mass shooters, Omar Mateen, had North Node in Aries in the 11th House! He used violence ( Aries) to kill groups of people (11th house) at a homosexual club. You can definitely overdo, or do your North Node totally wrong. Like a North Node in a Virgo can become a micromanaging control freak!

  5. Avatar
    Southern Cross

    Wild! You have just described my mother. She had South Node exactly conjoined her Sun in late Cancer – and she had a stellium of five planets in Cancer, too, right across my Ascendant. Interestingly, her Capricorn North Node conjoined my Mars. I’m an artist by profession.

      1. Avatar
        Southern Cross

        She was very Cancerian – you’ve described her South Node qualities to a T. I may have expressed her North Node potential more!

  6. anonymoushermit

    One of my family members exemplified the worst traits of his Cancer South Node. Shrill, controlling, passive aggressive, overemotional. He keeps getting stuck in life and then wonders why. He keeps losing friends and wonders why. He’s not following his life path and it bites him in the nose. Actually, he bites himself in the nose.

  7. I have north node Capricorn in the eleventh. It certainly isn’t easy leaving my cosy cancerian south, but I am trying as I do agree that the north is where I belong ?.

  8. Hopefully my education will assist in propelling me north. I’ve certainly approached studying in a very Capricorn way.

  9. Avatar

    This resonates so much! Mine is in 10th house Taurus! Any advice, suggestions, insight? 🙂 Career-wise I’m at a standstill, overwhelmed, and unfortunately did return to my family instead of facing what I should have head on. A mistake (though I’m so grateful and love them dearly). I have a Capricorn Sun & Jupiter conjunction (6th House) and my north node trines both planets. The kicker is natal Saturn sitting right on top, tightly conjunct my South Node. Thank you! 🙂 ?

    1. We don’t have your whole chart but it is hard to push Taurus and it is pretty fixed, but you have this Cardinal energy.

      What kind of career are you doing? The 6th house is about service and with Capricorn in the 6th and Taurus in the 10th, you must work toward steadily building a great career and reputation (as well as a stable financial base) that includes *service*. 6th house also rules daily life and Capricorn rules larger goals and challenges. What kind of challenges and broader vision have you set for yourself? What mountain are you climbing and what are you building?

      I’m projecting, but I think 6th house strong people have their health (any problems with back, bones, or teeth?) take a dive *when they are not helping people or being useful*. Saturn is on your South Node in Scorpio demanding that you deeply consider your priorities and stop being a wimp about *who you really want to be in this life* and how to build an adult foundation to a career you can stand behind.

      My projection is that you don’t like your career trajectory or need to rethink it. (I don’t know your age.) I don’t know that your family is gonna give you ideas and help you focus. I think writing down a list of minor and major goals and working toward them on a daily basis can only help. Otherwise, can try to literally climb a mountain/do a fitness challenge like the Tough Mudder to get some fresh ideas 🙂 This is inferior to really considering your ideals.

      My question is, what do you want your daily life to look like? Who do you want to help? *What are your passions?* Any idea? Depends on where your Mars is placed. Saturn demands that we make small steps every day to become accountable, responsible adults. It feels really burdensome. Rather than be paralyzed with fear.

      I only know one career counselor (google Get Unstuck.) I suggest some regular exercise (yoga, mountain climbing, or meditation) to get the juices flowing along with massages and things. But a career counselor and financial planner can help. Please make sure you are working toward a career you can stand behind.

        1. Avatar
          Southern Cross

          Kri, you should be a life coach! Your insights show a real talent. I have Jupiter in the 6th, trine Aries Midheaven – nothing to do with the discussion at hand – but your post has got me thinking, too.

          1. Thanks, SC! These days I’ve been doing some hobby astrology and really enjoying giving people tips. I have an Aries NN and this Mars Pluto transit.. so sometimes I get a breather from what’s going on with me by giving someone else something to chew on.

          2. Problem is me pushing my agenda and “helpful hints” and not always listening to the person and how they explain their problems or redirect the conversation and shaping the advice for that.. I tend to be like this is my take this is my whole range of possibilities i am offering for you to consider, take it or leave it

    2. anonymoushermit

      Be very practical. Taurus and the 10th house are extremely grounded signs/houses, rooted in 3D reality!

      Your South Node is in Scorpio, in the 4th house. So you probably have a very emotional nature to you. And you might be a very private person. There’s nothing wrong with those things, because your intuition might be very strong!

      Now you must mix your intuition and emotions with practicality. Use your intuition (Scorpio/4th house) in a grounded way (Taurus) to face the world (10th house). Since your North Node is in the 10th house, I would check your 10th house/Mid-heaven sign, it might give you a clue as to what your career might entail (although it is no guarantee). Good luck!

  10. I’m so confused! I have north node in cancer but it’s in the 10th house, with south node Capricorn in the 4th house. All the googling i’ve done shows the reverse of me, such as in your article. What should I make of my NN in Cancer being in the 10th house? Any info would be SO appreciated!! Thanks in advance

    1. anonymoushermit

      First of all, relax and breath.

      Second, if you have the North Node in Cancer, in the 10th house, you’re supposed to balance the two energies, like juggling two balls! It’s like trying to balance being Cancer-like and Capricorn-like (10th house).

      If you’re too much like a Cancer, it won’t work out well. If you’re too much like your 10th house (Capricorn-like energy), it won’t work out well either. It’s all about balance!

      But astrology aside, follow your intuition, it will tell you if you’re too Cancer, or too 10th house-y. Good luck!

  11. I just got into astrology recently since I feel really lost. My North node (Capricorn) is in 9th house. Not quite sure what that means and I’m still figuring out how to tie it with my chosen profession as an artist. If anyone has some advice on this, I’m all ears.

    1. You’re already following your North Node! You’re planning a chosen profession or career as an artist. Capricorn is the sign of career. Congratulations, you’re already headed North!

  12. I have north node conjunct moon in 10th house in aries and jupiter conjunct midheaven I like to be in the house I don’t know why? I am pisces sign

  13. I have this placement in my first house. I also happen to have my North Node in the exact same sign as my ascendant (Capricorn). Is this a doubly important emphasis if the North Node and Ascendant are in the same sign? Uranus & Neptune are also in my first house as is Saturn, Pluto has been transiting my 1st house since 2008!

  14. Hello,i have north node in cancer 10th house.sun in taurus 8th house,libra rising,virgo moonin 12th house,mars in libra 12 house.mercury in gemini 8tg house.i had a great music career since i was a kid,but then at age 33 like evrything stops.i love singing but why its so impossible?

  15. Hi great article! Can you tell me how it would play out having NN Capricorn in 12th conjunct Saturn and SN Cancer conjunct Chiron 6th House?
    From what I have been searching it’s not easy placements to figure out.. both Chiron, Saturn and NN with positives aspects to my Taurus Mars Rx in 3rd house. I’m quite confused in terms of career etc as I have a Capricorn stellium in 11th House but aspects mentioned above.

  16. How did I miss these? These are brilliant! So glad I came across them now. MY NN is in cappy and I’ve got a sun & stellium(merc, mars, asc & sn) in cancer. I find, for me, that by embracing my south node aspects and using them to nourish myself, I can work towards my NN in a more compassionate and steadfast way. That it’s not all one way (NN) or another(SN), but lets use our past strengths to move forward. That by gathering my SN strengths, I can point my arrow and my NN and use my energy to hit that target or push right on thru it to even more.

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