Astrology & Malevolent Forces

The Plague, 1898 Arnold BöcklinIf you’ve got Scorpio, Pluto or the 8th house emphasized in your chart, you’ve probably felt attracted towards the shadow side of life or what society considers to be taboo.

I have a packed 8th house and I’ve spent the majority of my life dealing or healing or helping in ways that are unseen. I have definitively been involved in some grotesque stuff and felt pulled towards it for that matter, but malevolence? This seems a completely different thing to me.

Check this from Merriam Webster:

“Malice, malevolence, ill will, spite, malignity, spleen, grudge mean the desire to see another experience pain, injury, or distress. malice implies a deep-seated often unexplainable desire to see another suffer…”

That sound like Mars to me.
It also sounds anti-Jupiter, because Jupiter rules generosity and the idea of good will towards all men.

When I come in contact with malevolence, I tend to get away as quickly and as quietly as I can. This doesn’t mean I haven’t studied it. I read about serial killers and the like but it for one reason only – so I can avoid them.

Most people are influenced by the people they spend time with. “Lie down with dogs; get fleas.”  I’ve written about this many times.  If I aspired to be a malevolent person, if would make sense I hang with a malevolent person and see if I couldn’t pick up some tips or techniques.  As it is, the idea of doing that seems ludicrous.

There is another old saw, “Get busy living or get busy dying…” I was inspired to write this when I realized this afternoon, that I was very busy.

I am busy doing good things. I know there are people out there doing bad things. I want to avoid them like The Plague!

This reminds me of something my husband told me years ago. If you’ve been here awhile, you may recall he’s got quite serious ties in the ethereal world.  He travels in those realms and explained how bad spirits try to engage him. He’s been doing this for forty years, that I know of. He’s learned to knock them out of his way.

To visualize this, think about going down a corridor, headed towards a destination. Bad (and maybe some good) entities, on both sides, vie for your attention.

You block them as you move through the passage, because they are not what you’re there for.  You stay on task,

At this point, I am on task in my life. I don’t care care to have lunch with a malevolent person or even speak to one.  I’d see it as a waste of time, without even factoring in the risk involved.

How do you feel about cavorting with a malevolent force?

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  1. As you do: I don’t. I was partly raised and surrounded by conniving, treacherous people. I know that I’m capable of taking on a role, but only if REALLY needed which hasn’t happened thus far.
    I have 3 planets in Scorpio opposite Moon, and 8th house Sun. I attract the underground and love occult but I’ve had to and still set my boundaries and refuse to be “recruited” or have my heart-strings pulled.

  2. I stay away from it too for all the reasons stated but also because I absorb too much being a double pisces. I don’t like it in my energy field. It feels gross.

    I like the idea of staying on task. And the soldiers experience with the ethereal realm sounds really interesting. I have experineced similar things.

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    Southern Cross

    “Cavorting with a malevolent force”. Choice phrase. Curiously, I have been thinking about malevolent forces recently, and people who seem to be magnets for them. I concluded hateful energies were strong in these people, and it’s something I’ve felt at a visceral level, which at the time really shocked me. Where do they get the energy to spew such hatred? I wondered. Then I got to thinking about entities in unseen realms…
    Naturally, I avoid such people, and I avoid – as best I can – such energies.

  4. If I want to find out about malevolent forces, I’ll read or watch a documentary. No need to deal with that in person, life’s too short.

    1. “……life’s too short”

      Yes, I agree. I have no desire to share time with malevolent forces. Induces anxiety and discomfort just thinking about it.

      My fascination with psychopathy & psycho-pathologies is restricted to research only.

  5. Not attracted at all & I’d be too afraid!!!
    I don’t think I’m very good at detecting such entities whether real people or spirits – even this lack of consciousness frightens me.
    But, I have no Scorpio, no 8th house and Pluto “only” opposite my Moon. That’s enough for me.

    1. me too @satsun, i’m too afraid!! i’m supposedly 8th houser so i am able to see these things, but i’m too scared.

  6. wow the description of your husband going through the “unseen” really describes sometimes the dreams i have, when i “see” through the veil of the underworld (or however one would call it) but unfortunately for me, i can’t make my spiritual body move and go through the halls and among them, even though i can summon up forces to help. i am too afraid, the energy is very overwhelming and i feel absolute terror. your husband is immensely brave.

  7. This summer I was receiving anonymous texts from someone claiming they had been flown out to victoria to murder someone’s wife.

    As I told my lawyer friends 30% chance it could be legit.

    I went to the wedding in October.

    Moon in the 8th and 1st house mars square pluto.

    I’m doing some therapy right now and poking at things like I don’t necessarily associate hurt with harm, and having moments like

    Therapist : “That just tells me how normalized violence was..”
    Me : “I don’t think it was really violent”.

    Also just had a friend of a decade read my most personal emails and another not so great person is one of my strongest supports right now.

    I think Pluto and Saturn in my capricorn first is helping light all this up.

  8. With a Neptune/Mercury/South Node conjunction exactly on Ascendant and a Scorpio sun in the first house, I learned in my early twenties how important it is to have a strong sense of self to avoid being taken over by malevolent entities. These entities can zero in on your vulnerabilities and know how to play on your heartstrings!

  9. I did it, almost consciously. I learned a lot. Was incredibly humbled by it.

    It did traumatize a part of me, but not the deep part. I wanted to understand evil and darkness, without karmically attaching myself by doing evil or dark things, I guess.

    I still do encounter it from time to time, but now, I use it as an opportunity to release fear. Its kind of a paradox, that to become fearless you have to kind of embrace what you fear.

  10. I believe it is not specific to Mars or to Pluto. All signs have a “higher” and a “lower” expression. The sign Scorpio is represented as the treacherous animal that bites your heal from behind, or as the eagle soaring high into the sky (a spiritual analogy). I’m a Gemini, and we sometimes get bad press as liars, con artists, and so on. I’ve got the Moon in Virgo, and I just cannot lie, even when it’s really in my best interest. All this to say any sign is quite capable of malevolence, though not necessarily in the same way or for the same reasons.

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    Miguel Melchizedek

    I have 4 astros in Scorpio in the 2nd, 3 of them 1º apart of one another exactly sextiling Pluto. It’s called natural born psychologist and Past Life healer. Same aspect of Uranus made it innate astrologist. When I turned to study astrology back in 2000 it felt not like learning but remembering. I eventually came across Past Lives of astrologer. We’ve all “been there done that”. One thing I am absolutely and undoubtedly positive is that all this Scorpio makes me unafraid of anything, what may one be afraid of if one is so familiarized with ☠️Death⚰️, so much so that one studies it. Isn’t malevolence just attraction to ☠️Death⚰️ as in ☠️Death⚰️ wish? I don’t have that but I understand it which gives me the ability to heal it. Scorpio is also an almost invincible self-control power, it’s pure will power.

    Last but not least, I have learned from all my on the job hands on training that what you fear and run away from like The Plague is really where your skeletons are and, mind you, if you have them they will manifest. Astrology is a Program running by way of Incarnation Contracts meaning it forcefully happens meaning if you don’t make it happen it happens to you so if you turn your back in denial then it will eventually happen to you out of your back, taking you by ‘surprise’, hurting you the most. And you don’t want that, do you, Scorpio, you have not come here to be a victim, have you?

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      Miguel Melchizedek

      Forgot to say this Scorpio stellium is in the 2nd (Taurus-Scorpio natural axis) with Pluto and Uranus acting from the 12th of the spiritual/subconscious. What can you do but investigate (Scorpio trait, natural born detectives) and uncover/discover all the subconscious and unconscious stuff out, dig all the skeletons out into the light? And according to the Chiron/Asclepius wounded healer Program, then you’re enabled to help others… that’s what we all cane here for, heal ourselves then others, trailblaze and illuminate the path so others can walk it through easier.

  12. The most malicious people I’ve met so far had charts with very prominent Mars, plus strong Saturnian and Leo elements. The rest of the chart (Scorpio, Gemini, whatever) simply showed the style of their malice.
    Realising there IS tons of malice around, and learning what it looks like, helps us run away sooner rather than later. It’s a bad idea to stay and confront predators.

  13. we come across malicious energies every day and most don’t even know it. the thing about this energy is it is weak and uncertain you can literally feel the pain and fear radiating from it. JUST STAY VIGILANT or remove yourself from situation . Trust your instincts (GUT FEELING). That being said there is valuable lessons in overcoming fear of the unknown and once it is known it is not so scary

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    Janet StraightArrow

    I was amazed reading about my chart in older astrology books when I began. Since I knew myself well and I am a loving kind being not interested at all is such things I continued to explore other possibilities. I do have a large stellium In The 8th house- allLeo and help transform and heal people on multiple levels. I have 21 squares and Mars in Scorpio in the 11th. So lots of challenge and growth. Old time astrology wrote me up as a terrible person without much hope.

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