Venus, Mercury, Neptune Stellium in Pisces

pisces stellium 2019The stellium pictured is a crop from April 10, 2019.  It’s already in play, from what I can discern.

  • Are you flooded in some area of your life?
  • Are you particularly forgiving or compassionate?
  • Are you yearning to escape or willing to truly, let go?
  • Is your heart (Venus) and mind (Mercury) open?
  • Are you able to transcend your desires and make sacrifices?

Where does this stellium land in your chart and how is it affecting you?


25 thoughts on “Venus, Mercury, Neptune Stellium in Pisces”

  1. I’ve done a lot of work regarding the Let Go-part the past week. I have cried a lot. Been angry a lot. Read a lot about what could be causing it and then – after – it was like a rain bath. Fresh breath, fresh perspective, or maybe just a dream of getting out of the rain clouds… No one knows before the middle of April I guess.

    I have been feeling particularly cloudy and dreamy/foggy, but that can be a good thing too! If you are not ready to really see the pain, you can always shroud yourself in your favorite escapism technics. But in the end we will get out of it. Aries is approaching, hitting us *boom* with the horns. No more hiding under a rock or in a cave under the water. Aries can’t swim. It’s a land animal … Feet on the ground, find new pastures.

  2. There is someone with this same conjunction in Sagittarius on my sun moon midpoint. I was wondering about these planets in a stellium. ‘Flooded’, would that be the neptune in Pisces? What would be a word you would use for neptune in Sagittarius?
    *With mercury and neptune together I’m not sure if I’m wording this right. I also have a gnarly cold and a baby who gets up throughout the night which adds to mental fog.
    Thank you, Elsa, for being a lighthouse through some really misty transits these last few years btw. (10 degrees Pisces sun and 12 degrees Pisces IC)

  3. Academic aspirations have gone so foggy, shredded, may I say crudely: limp dicked.

    All piling up in my 9th house.

    I’ve become so aware of collective consciousness, using ‘I’ “me” “mine” is uncomfortable yet I’ve so soaked in that way it’s difficult to change expression.

    The morning yoga meditation bears fruit and flower from the mud. ??

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      Yes! I have had my Neptune square and a whole heap of this Pisces and Capricorn atmosphere has pretty much transformed my life, priorities and self-conception from what it was before. Usually I would have thought this sequence of events would break me but Neptune comes through with so much reward from new spiritual practices and ways of understanding.

      I’m just a bit worried that the tide is going to go out and I’ll be left as if woken from a dream, with none of the certainties I thought I had but no comforting illusions either. But I know I can never return, this is most definitely a one way trip.

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      We have similar houses by the sound of it. I have Scorpio in the fifth and pisces Ninth as well.

      1. Good to get to know you/me/us 😉
        I’m Sagittarius by progression
        So the 9th house IS superpower at this time.

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          Interesting – my superpower has been the sun progressing to meet venus retrograde in Scorpio in the fifth this last year, at the exact degree trined by Neptune. I’m suddenly completely unable to function in my office job and am taking six months off to pursue a music career. Feeling pretty fragile now I’ve taken the decision, I’ve put so much faith into this leap into the unknown!

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          Once you get through this and tap into the deeper resources you have been accessing, I’m sure the limp-dickedness will vanish and be replaced by great success

          1. I appreciate that ScorpioByProgression.

            At centre it is calm and the potentiality excites and provides motivation, and daily that manifests more in the day to day life. Honouring presence in the other remains tricky as I learned few boundaries growing up. The collective Pisces energy pushes belonging desire, and right now I need to belong to what I’m learning as an individual. In writer speak, the particular detail reflects the universal.

            Meaning: I’m in a teaching contract to June in a very small, isolated community. Too small for my well being especially given the amount of tobacco smoked here (I’m 3 years free of it) alcohol use (26 years free). My student must remain the universal student. I dont want to succumb to his community’s need for a long term resident teacher.

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              That resonates with me. I hope you find your path in the world to match with the inner growth you have obviously been undergoing. Well done for steering clear of the drugs under Neptune, I am the same have renounced everything like that under this influence – I think that’s a good sign we are dealing with the Neptune transits positively!

  4. Virgo Sun at 22 degree/Taurus rising at 19 degree. The Stellium is in 7th house/11th house. March, I was extremely stressed out for my child’s higher education. I have able to let go now. I gave everything to the hand of God. Who knows the past present and future.

  5. This stellium is in my first.
    “Are you flooded….?”
    Literally ?-dishwasher hose leaking!
    “Are you yearning to escape..?”
    Absolutely. Away from the mundane, somewhere magical..?✨

  6. The stellium will be in my 7H opposite my Virgo conjunction. My bucket is overflowing with love and it is bottomless. But at the same time I hear such cruelty all around. It would be nice to escape and be alone but sometimes I think it could be a learning experience, too: learn to be more tolerant and less reactionary.

  7. My natal sun, mercury and venus already form a stellium in pisces in my chart in the 3rd house, but my Neptune is in scorpio. I have felt foggy but also inspired from a recent trip to Hong Kong and Thailand. Now I am dreaming of moving somewhere warm where the living seems easier and people are definitely happier. Travelling so far away opened up my senses, I became more compassionate towards all humans and I could really appreciate all the beauty around me.

  8. This stuff has been in my 10th house although Mercury enters my 11th house that day, maybe I’ll start getting out more. Regarding the 10th…

    Yes I am flooded with work, stuck in a situation I don’t really want to be in out of a sense of obligation. There is sacrifice. I’m in a position where I’m having to try and mentally forgive someone who’s leaving at a bad time even I can understand why he’s doing it, it’s just hard not to be annoyed. I will need to transcend this situation because he’ll be gone that week and I’ll need to focus on training his replacement…she’s a Libra, so there’s a Venus connection there. She has another job and won’t immediately be full-time in my area. I’m not really sure how this is going to work. I’ll play it by ear and make the best of it. Just writing about this makes it easier to think about the energy shift and how it could potentially go well. I dig.

  9. classic Pisces. All in my 9th house with my sun and moon and mercury. Im traveling to my home state to take care of my elderly father who had a mild stroke a few days ago. Since he lives alone, He will be released from rehab mid month and I’ll stay a month or more to help him get re oriented. He does too much for a man in his 90’s and forgets to eat or drink water. He is a Capricorn and loves to work and build things and is always thinking of ways to improve his garden or home . We had plans to set out his garden in May, I’m hoping he will be able to, but Im just glad he is still here!!

    1. Tenth house Pisces swiriling the new sales game bowl! Hope floats! Saturn return loosely conjunct Pluto. Tired but yeah I got this.

  10. Hello 5th house! I just started re-reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Love is in the air ….. and I’m all about Mr Darcy.

  11. Falls in my 4th house square my sun – my appartment was flooded out by a burst pipe last week, am currentlty living in a hotel as all the flooring has to be replaced. The astrology describes it to a T.

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    James Slattery

    First house quite past the Asc. I am feeling mental fog and lack of energy but swimming sessions have been productive exercise. I am procrastinating a lot and am enjoying down time at home more often. A leaky bathtub faucet is being fixed today and I just can’t seem to drink enough fluids to feel satiated.

  13. Stellium is opposite Saturn in the 11th and square Venus in the 3rd. Flooded because people close to me are hospitalized and I am doing everything I can to help out. Worried that this is how my life will play out going forward and longing for escape. With this T-square, I have to focus on Gemini – 9th house – faith.

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