Why Is Scorpio Repulsive?

Scorpio necklaceRaven asked on, How To Raise A Scorpio Child, “Why is Scorpio so repulsive?”

I’m not repulsed by Scorpio. I’m attracted. But I understand why this quality is associated with the sign.

It’s because Scorpio is magnetic. A lot of people don’t like that.   Legions of people don’t like it.

They don’t like that they’re attracted when they want to be detached.

They don’t the feelings that Pluto-types stir in them.

They don’t like showing up at a party, dressed to the nines…and being outdone by a small figure on the periphery of the room, wearing nothing special but garnering attention, just the same.

They don’t like that Scorpio will not be controlled.

What they really hate is when they kill you dead as a door nail – hit you with their best shot AND a mack truck…then find you’re up on your feet the next day, shopping in the mall.

It’s not the Scorpio that is repulsive. It’s the power.  It makes people feel weak and they just don’t like it.

They know their feelings are ugly. Their jealousy and such. It’s intense and uncomfortable, so they throw their shadow onto the Scorpio.

This doesn’t work…and this too is repulsive!

Why do you think Scorpio is repulsive?

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    the laughing goat

    I have experienced that Scorpio’s either want to control/consume me or are repulsed/threatened by me. Haven’t been able to find the happy medium… maybe there isn’t one?

  2. I love Scorpios. Being intense myself, intensity is normal to me and I can’t understand how everyone doesn’t like to “swim deep.” Scorpio moods and so forth don’t bother me or intimidate me. I find them comforting! I can be patient with it forever. I feel very lucky to have a daughter with Scorpio Sun and Ascendant!

    That all said, I’ve seen people grow impatient or annoyed or even repulsed by this and it sometimes brings me down. I chalk it up to superficiality but the description in this post makes a whole lot of sense. It’s hard to confront the dark when you don’t live there regularly.

    1. True! I also love intensity, after all Pluto lives in my first house and I’m not intimidated by it at all, I’m searching for it.

  3. Beautiful thread and comments. I had my ex boyfriend tell me the other day (while we undress) he was pretty nervous to be around me. He knows how deep I go. He is afraid I guess. I’m uncontrollable. I can only be manipulated in my close relationships as long as I believe they will come around to becoming a better person..
    Yet after 4 years apart he looked for me in every other woman. I knew it, he knows it. I have a 7th scorpio. I have pluto there opposing my sun. I have snode there as well. as is saturn opposing my mars and his mercury (taurus on his 5th cusp). He is a taurus with sagg rising (exactly conj galactic center). He is a beast with words, immature and still has a lot to learn which in many ways he should have learned some already. Mommy issues with moon in 12th sagg opposing my own moon. Yet he cannot find comfort for talking his shit out to anybody else. I’m the one who can handle his as well as everyone’s underworld. I find enemies everywhere I go. Females often envy me no matter the age. Male friends sometimes end up obssessed with me. Partnerships in general become nightmarish. But there are no taboos when they need to vent. All their shit is safe with me too, although it’s not unusual that people lie to me for their own ends (mercury 12th conj venus). My snode in Scorpio though tells me to get away from all this depth… but how can I? How can I if that’s the core of who I am *with* others… I feel accursed really. I too envy those who get through life happy-go-lucky style. And as much as I’ve came to accept and even appreciate God’s mystery ways in action… it looks like he prepared a long journey of compulsory solitude for me in order to get to the north node… i still have no idea how to manage all this successfully. The painful past keeps coming back and with this old boyfriend (after whom I actually had no other real relationship) I seem to not have the Taurus stubbornness to let go… He keeps me captive in that Scorpio turmoil. When we were good we were great i must say… but darkness surrounds him still and I know better… I just seem to cannot *do* better… I rehearse little revenge plans which I don’t put in March… when all I want is to forget him and find that superficial happiness – which I know won’t satisfy me either. Sometimes I laugh at all this. Because the current transits seem to be messing with my whole chart. Im trying to freeze all action but you know scorpio… underneath everything is happening… I just feel scared I will end up in a very bad place again… i have an older sister who is a Scorpio sun… was my Nemesis all our childhood, made a lot of bad decisions because of lack of brakes and temperance…and at this point as much as i feel for her i just dont want to go down that road of self destruction… ah well. Time will tell… blessings to you all…

    1. Ps: regardjng my 7th scorpio with pluto/saturn/snode there, I frequently recall 2 quotations, from Bruce Lee and Sartre. Respectively, “To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person” and “He’ll is other people”. ?

  4. They can be the loveliest people you know or the shittiest. There’s no in between. And they’re definitely manipulative, even the good ones. The closest relationships/people in my life are Scorps and I don’t know what I’d do without their loyalty. I have a Cap sun and many planets in Virgo and the sextiles they produce attract Scorps to me in droves.

    But I have also been on the receiving end of a stalker Scorpio and a batshit crazy controlling Scorpio. So I’m very careful around Scorps I do not know well. No other sign produces people who are so extreme.

    In contrast, I have many Aquarian or Libra acquaintances – never had a single meaningful interaction with any of them but they’re a good time. So I find Aquas/Libras meh but safe. Not so Scorpio.

  5. Anyone else feeling warm and fuzzy from reading all these comments? To see, there are many that feel like me 🙂

  6. anonymoushermit

    I get along with a good percentage of Scorpios, but the other percentage are dick bags!

    I mean ‘cruelty’ is not a big enough word to describe the bad ones.

  7. I own a green shirt with a yellow scorpio drawing on it. I bought it because i had a Scorpio boyfriend. I still wear it sometimes. People find Scorpios repulsive because they dig into the dark, that which remains hidden. It can be unnerving i guess.

  8. Wow what a thread. My life as an early Leo I have all of my best friends are water mostly Scorpio. This past decade I realized a few things about them I did not notice before. Four deal friends, Scorpio passed away and all apologized to me. They said they didn’t realized how much I loved them and regretted not returning the emotion. I adored them still do and wish they were hear. This decade I have met Scorpios with Neptune Scorpio and more. I have found them to be completely selfish insensitive, greedy and a few other descriptive words I won’t post.
    My grandkids are Scorpios 2012 area. They are tuff as titanium and incredibly psychic. I don’t like using that word. I encourage their skills but teach them privacy as well. Like I need to tell them that. My granddaughter uses her finger in the air to draw directions with landmarks to my house 200 miles away. She had more of a grip on her personal power than the 2 older and younger. She is truly incredible. I enjoy so much spending long weekend with them and hear their views. The are courteous and respectful. Now that the Pluto Scorpio generation has gotten older we have a good repore.
    They were tough or impossible to deal with in their teens but have grown up to be great strong determined adults.
    I never realized I have all but 2? Planets in declination in Scorpio.
    Opening up and giving and receiving love, their words not mine seems to be the hardest from our talks. I adore them. I think my issues with these latest Scorpios 50ish ones are they are still trying to recoup from Saturn in Scorpio. Many had complete wipeouts.
    Was so nice to read this thread. I spend a lot of time with this new generation if Scorpios. They are so strong but have a lot on their plate. I wish I had taken the classes on Pluto Scorpio

  9. All my best friend are Scorpions! My eldest is one too! Their depth is wonderful if there are an evolved one. They soar high like the Eagle!

  10. Yes, I love the Eagle’s too.

    I’ve read that others have associated Neptune in Scorpio with negative traits.
    Not here!. I’ve found these specimens..lol..to possess a gentle spirituality and a deep compassion. The one’s I know are also animal lovers which is endearing ❤️.

    1. I completely agree. They have been my lifetime friends. Most with Pluto cancer. But the part 2 years I have encountered sun mercury Neptune Scorpio basically 63…67..69 and its was horrible. All had Saturn Scorpio wipeouts one I fell completely in love with and found out it was all lies and my bank account was hit.
      I think I will stick with younger Scorpios fir s while. Maybe just a bad trend.

  11. Your experience sounds heartbreaking, Sunshine. I understand how you’d feel like you need a break from these types.

  12. 1st Of All, THANK-YOU-Elsa, For Making This Forum Available To Any Who Would Enter!!! Much Success And Rewards, Of Both Soul And Spirit To You, For Your Kindnesses To Others(Such As Myself!) With Your Free Newsletter!! I am new, to astrology, but, I was told the ‘way-to-go’, was/is, the whole house system, based on the counsel of those I trust in such matters; esp., as pertains to the w.h.method advocated, by the late, great, Robert Hand. Re: AMaria, of 2014 above; I too, received ridicule, for helping homeless-folk(2-men in particular, in conjunction, with a local-charity(public&private). While I understand, that many are dubious-and, even fearful of such folk, they are PEOPLE too, and like ALL of us, just need acknowledgement and encouragement and affection! I will acknowledge openly, that there can be risks involved -e.g.,1 of the 2 men I mention here,found through observing me for a few weeks at the facility, that I had a subtle-but-noticiable (esp., to him!!) physical-reaction (he was very observant, as NO-ONE-ELSE, including myself(!!) noticed what he did about me, esp., when I was in the immediate-area, of the men I was helping. My ‘tell’, as he confessed to me later, was, my nostrils ‘flared'(opened much wider than normal), whenever he, and several of the other homeless guys were around-esp., if they had begun sweating-heavily/and-or/were ‘extra’-dirty from hard labour, as they helped us, help them. I, had never noticed before, but 2 of the group did, esp., the ones who were older and had just gotten out of incarceration-after VERY-long-periods- at the time! 1-in-particular, appreciated my reactions to him, and decided to SHOW me, in a a very BASIC-way, which he did, several times a day for 4 months, from which, I now have my adorable, attentive, affectionate son(2-1/2yrs of age), and, from the other man, I have my beloved, precious-daughter(100-days-of-age)!! I tried, to forgive and put aside, the 1stman’s desires, but he persisted, and, I was financially at the time, unable to relocate, and, I indeed did, absolutely-enjoy, his smell/body/sexual-ways; as I contemplated what to do, the 2nd man, began on me, after the 1st one was sent back to prison for an offense, after my bby-boy was born (he lived at the facility all the while, but, honestly, his intensity, coupled with my lust for 1st-his smell; 2nd-his looks: very-muscular, very-dark-skin(esp., contrasted to mine(I, am a quite pale-skinned, mulatta), strong, manly-(not-too-many)tattoes, strong-full-beard; 3rd-his ‘knowing’ what I was feeling, and further, telling me he ‘knew’; ALL-this, ‘stepped’ in the way of my telling on him, when he 1st came at me, and ‘stopped’ me, when I wanted to End ‘our-relationship’, as he called it. I refused him, to live with me, but, I allowed him, to ‘come-over’, and fuck-me, almost at will, until his arrest, in my 8th-month. After him, the 2nd man, (in much the same way and situation), began taking-up, where ‘#1’, had left off, and sired my bby-grl on me, almost immediately after the birth of my son. He, has started a new life for himself, and we have NO contact, nor do either of them, know where I live, nor, our new names, so, there is NO threat, of ddy-bby-prblms!! What I want my experience to do, is alert and inform other women who may desire to do good, to NOT-refrain from doing good, but, also, to be aware of yourself, and realize, there are things that appeal to you, that YOU, may not be aware do, and because you’re “..not supposed to like” something uncommon today-that was thought of as basic previously-like my ‘weakness’, for ‘stink’, sweaty, dirty-men!!!-that someone else, doesn’t ‘see’ or ‘notice’!(As my bbys’s-ddys’s did!!) Be careful, be aware, don’t be afraid to do good, just remember to stay alert of yourself!! NOTA-BENE: Honest-Truth!! I, am a Libra, with Moon-in-Scorpio, and, Venus-in-Scorpio, and, Scorpio-Rising; my bbys’s-ddys’s, were both Scorpios; my bbys, are BOTH Scorpios!!! Many Thanks, Elsa!! From Rosha.

  13. Scorpio men can often act EXACTLY as you said. Thinking you took your best shot – he KNOWING it hit them and it hit them hard. And then they’re shopping at the mall the next day. Oh, that hit ….yea, it DID hurt them. They’re just good at hiding it, especially from people they know love them and are torn apart by their complacency. They like the power they feel when you appear weak to them. Because they don’t really care about you at all. Scorpios that care, show it. And they never ever let you feel weak and worthless. But the ones who do; the ones who got to the mall the next day or act “whatever” about the whole situation, is because they don’t care about the pain they cause you. They feel weak as hell inside and they kick people who are at their mercy or their whim, when they couldnt be lower. Scorpio or not, anyone who acts like that DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. And if they haven’t abandoned you, YET – its because theyre using you for something. But any Scorpio man who acts like this with anyone who they are supposed to care about? They DONT care. Because people don’t hurt the people they love. They don’t cause them pain, watch them suffer, and then just go about their lives like they’re totally a ok. While you’re nearly dead from the viscious acts of pain they seem to enjoy causing. Scorpio or not. Behavior of that nature is not related to a sign. Or to aspects. It’s related to the garbage person who gets off, feels big and strong and abuses that power over you when you’re at your weakest. And the only way to stop it, is to snap when they least expect it, and tell them to get the F out of your life because you’re done with their Bs. And God help you if you’re with someone like this and allow them to exert abusive power over you, forcing you to cower to their every whim while they dump on you constantly ….just an attempt to weaken your resolve so you wont feel strong enough to leave. But you are. Every is. And If you’re with someone like this. you can only win by making them feel weak and small and like you don’t care at all. If you’re with someone like this RUN. And don’t ever look back. Be gone one day when they come.home and don’t ever contact them again.

  14. The seductive game playing is undeniably hot in this combination with both of you volleying naughty Snapchats and sexting throughout the day. But things go south when you try to seal the deal. You thought this was a cool flirtation and you just want to “see what happens.” Scorpio demands exclusivity and fidelity before you even kiss. With their willpower and manipulative charm, you’ll quickly become the sub to their dom. Wild, freewheeling Sagittarius rushes into your life like a whirling tornado and sometimes, that’s just what you need to get yourself out of that shell. But you can’t ride that inconsistent wave pattern long without throwing your fragile sensibilities into a state of extreme anxiety. Archer’s insane social (and travel) schedule will clash with your nesting instincts and longing for one-on-one time. When you’re baring your soul, Sagittarius cracks a joke and won’t understand why certain things (like spending time with family) are a big deal to you. The disconnect is just painful.

    1. Painful is an understatement it took a long time to get over this. Deep seeded pain from way back. It brought many things out that I had kept stored. In many ways I am grateful for the entire scenario. I am not the same person I was then. I still think at times, why me? Thank you for your post. ?

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    Megan E. Miller

    In my personal life I don’t have many Scorpio, but in my professional life, every supervisor I have had has been Scorpio.

    I believe that I have not had 7 Scorpio bosses now. I find this is my perfect professional match for someone who is “leading” me. I respect their quiet dignity, I respect their sneakiness because it keeps me on my toes. I constantly want to please them. I find their magnetic quality perfectly shines in the leadership role. Though I have had one Scorpio boss who would throw chairs (he was the only male Scorpio boss I have had, the rest women). I find that I have not only grown in my professional personality in an esteemed and “proper” way (because let’s face it, a Scorpio supervisor wouldn’t have it any other way), but I have also learned what not to say, what not to do, and how to hold back (I am sag sun/cancer rising) to get what I want as opposed to being too outward about what I want.

    The most brilliant of my Scorpio bosses constantly reminded me that the squeaky wheel may get the grease, but a wheel too squeaky is replaced.

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