Manipulating Energy: Pluto, Scorpio And The 8th House


A gal started a thread in the forum – Driven By Spite. It reminded of this series of posts, which I wrote 2008. It’s about benefitting from being stabbed and yes, I’m serious. I’ve been on to this since I was ten years old.

Here’s the post:

“Well I think energy is energy,’ I explained to the solider. “And it’s neutral until it’s directed. This means a person can go ahead and stab me if they like, but as I always say, if you do then I get your knife.”

“That’s fine, P, except people who stab you don’t usually leave their knife they take it with them.”

“The actual knife, yes. But what good does that do them? The exchange of energy has taken place. The event happens and I now have that energy… which is neutral until I direct it and what I do with it is my own affair. It is my own business.”

He stared.

“It’s no different than you and I. We had an exchange when we were kids and look what you did with my energy? You did all kinds of things for 30 years. You kept warm with it didn’t you?”

“I did.”

“Right. You did any number of things with my energy and I had nothing to say about it. And we had a good exchange but I am telling you it makes no difference if someone does something awful to you and I would know! It doesn’t matter, it is still just energy.”

We were in the middle of a longer conversation. “Well, I agree with most of what you are saying,” he said without specifying more.

Plutonian copyright“For example, I got stabbed. I could have completely undone myself over that. Oh man, I must suck! Or I could be a victim. Oh look what happened to me. I could have taken that route and coasted on it for who knows how long but I didn’t want to. That’s not how I wanted to use the energy that was created by the event. It’s my choice, see? Stick your knife in me… do something awful, attack me or whatever and once you do, I own the energy,” I said. “Your energy is now mine.”

He stared.

“So in that case, I pulled the knife out and tossed it. I probably even chuckled. To hell with it. I mean, I’m not dead so this means I am going on with my life which is exactly what I did. And for the rest of my life whenever I’ve thought of getting stabbed it always made me laugh.”

He chuckled.

“Yeah, I know but that’s what I thought. And I put it in my book too. So for all I know I’ll be dead and people will still read about this and they’ll get a kick out of it or something. Who knows what they’ll think but you get my point. I am doing what I am doing with the energy of this event and what I did was completely remote from the intention of the stabber.”


“Right but that’s how it works. Someone gives you energy for good or ill and what you do with it is entirely out of their control. Some people are extremely equipped to transform nasty stuff into something valuable. Some can even make something precious a pile of crap and I am one of them.”

Do you consider yourself skilled at manipulating energy? What is your Scorpio / Pluto / 8th house situation?

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29 thoughts on “Manipulating Energy: Pluto, Scorpio And The 8th House”

  1. I’m very good at manipulating energy. Scorpio moon and ascendant, 8th house Cancer Venus and Pluto at my midheaven.

  2. I’m a lot better at manipulating energy for good, now that I’m older. I didn’t understand half the shit that happened to me before the age of 28, when Saturn ran rampant in my 7th/8th Houses.

    Scorpio MC opposed Sun; Pluto/9th opposed Mars&Venus/3rd.
    8th House Saturn (Koch) trined Neptune/Mars

  3. I’ve had to be. I pick up way too much from my environment and I need to know how to deal with the stuff that would be toxic if I just let it sit there.
    And I’ve had a lot of experience with people trying to suck me dry (the dark side of pluto/eighth is to get addicted to that energy exchange and throw yourself into volatile situations, or make them worse, in order to get the energy, any energy.)
    So, I’d rather deal with positive stuff that I don’t have to mess around with to still feel healthy. Because it takes some work to change that negative energy into something I can use, and that usually comes out through rage, and I have a difficult time channeling rage usefully with that pisces mars. (Though I can do it.)
    Uhm. Uranus in Scorpio (part of a T square, also sextile ASC.) Pluto in aspect to Venus, Neptune, and Saturn/Pallas. Eighth house Sun, S. Node, Venus, Chiron.

  4. wow – this is a really amazing post for me. I have pluto conjunct three planets and my descendant, and I’ve always secretly considered that to be something that doomed me to power struggles and manipulations. considering that I actually possess the power to manipulate NEGATIVE energy into POSITIVE energy, well, that’s a New Year’s intention right there! that’s what I’m going to be doing all year!

  5. Like Kashmiri, I only really became aware of this in my late 20’s. I drew violence to me in my wild days, and I avoided thinking about this for years. Then I tried to control everyone around me as a defense.
    Now before I act, I ask myself if I really want what I think I want, or if I’m just trying to exert my will. I have Pluto rising, but from the 12th house. Also Sun/Pluto square.

  6. I have a feeling that i don’t know how to turn the negative energy around. I brood and talk about it (sun/mercury/mars in cancer).

    With my moon pluto in the 1st/neptune in scorpio in my 3rd/chiron and ceres in aries in my 8th….shouldnt i be able to figure this out…transform and wildly heal?

    Only occasionally do i feel that i’ve pulled physical violence in (at least as an adult), but do feel people’s negative projections quite often….or am i just paranoid in my thinking? (neptune in the 3rd) ??

  7. My sister has Pluto Rising as well as Sun/Moon in her 8th…she’s so Plutonian it isn’t funny. She’s learned how to turn negative–>positive. Like many people, it happened during her SR (her’s was in Cancer/9th).
    She marvels now at how easy she can put people at ease by smiling at them. If you knew her, you could appreciate how much of a revelation this was. When she was a small she grew up in a battle zone and if anyone so much as crossed their eyes at her she’d bawl (and as she got older she seemed to be Steel Woman).

    I’ve had the privilege to see the transformation and it is fantastic…and highly possible for many people.

  8. Moonpluto, the book on North Nodes by Martin Schulman changed my life. I think the north nodes hold keys for all of us when we’re ‘figuring things out.’

  9. Thanx Kashmiri–

    I know of a different node book but can’t remember the author… Mine is in Pisces/6th house….

  10. I’m ordering the Schulman book right away. Thanks for the tip, Kashmiri! The nodes and Chiron are the biggest astro eyeopeners for me lately, along with this ongoing conversation about Pluto energy. I’m kind of Pluto-lite, myself, so Elsa’s and others’ explanations are helping me make a lot of sense of the Pluto-types in my life (and what a mysterious bunch they’ve been).

  11. I haven’t thought of my energy as coming from others, but more from within. Is this more of a Sun/1st house/Leo trait? I’ve got lots of that. Just not much Pluto. I think a lightbulb is coming on…

  12. I used to think I was adept at this, but I’m not sure how effective I’ve really been. During my recent SR a lot of things that I thought were unrelated came to light and I’ve realized how much more of an impact my crap upbringing had on me – I thought I had escaped mostly unscathed. *shrug* But I’m fab with manipulating recent energies, since I’ve gone out on my own. 🙂

    I’ve got Mars-Venus-Pluto conjunct IC in Libra/4th trine Aquarius moon in 8th.

  13. I have Pluto rising (in the 1st house). I also have Sun and Mercury in Aries in the 8th house and Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd house. Pluto trines my venus, trines my Saturn and squares my Jupiter and quincunx my sun. I feel like I have been attacked and rejected all my life. Why? I am a good person and one of the hardest working people ever. I was just told on Friday, by my boss, that I need to be careful of appearing “too harsh”. Why? Because I asked a simple question. That’s all I did, was to ask a question. But in all truth, I don’t even have to open my mouth to be attacked or rejected – my mere physical presence can cause it.

  14. I’m not sure I understand the energy I apparently give off – so I can’t say that I manipulate energy. I took a speaking class through my job. I’m a very quiet person, yet whenever I do speak, I seem to upset people around me. I thought this class might help me overcome my fear of expressing my thoughts in front of others. Our very first exercise was this – we were assigned to another person and, in front of the rest of the class, we told that person what our first impression was of them, without knowing anything else about them. Everyone was saying such nice things – and I said nice things to the fellow assigned to me. Then he looks at me and says, “well, my first impression of you is that I bet NOBODY ever tries to take anything away from you.” What, am I scary looking? Another exercise that we did was to stand in a circle and pretend that there was an invisible crocodile in the middle of the circle. Each participant had to step into the circle and tell that invisible crocodile that they weren’t afraid of it. This was supposed to help us overcome fear. It just struck me as ridiculous. I spoke up (which I shouldn’t have done) and I said, “You know, a real crocodile wouldn’t care whether you are scared or not – makes no difference to him – you step too close and he’ll bite you in half.” Well, the 2 instructors about flipped. The head instructor grabbed the other instructor and pulled him aside – but I could hear what they were saying. He said, “whatever you do, don’t engage her – she might influence the other participants.” The rest of the class was a wash – I was not given an opportunity to speak again.

  15. Re: Lisa 15,

    Your instructors handled your honest expression poorly. Their behavior clearly showed a lack of resourcefulness on their part and a missed opportunity to teach from the “nugget” you gave them.

    After all, being resourceful as a speaker is the goal, being able to handle oneself with honor in any communication situation. I assume you don’t don’t wear a politically correct MASK either. Bravo!

  16. Oh Lisa, that is ouch ouch ouch! 🙁

    It seems like what that instructor said was extremely valuable though, because it contains the purest essence of Pluto: it’s true, Plutonians have an ability which some of us can only dream about…to love, and to heal, to hold and to cherish and amputate and all the rest of it.

    That person saying ‘you might influence the other participants’ indicates how valuable their construct is. Someone reveals the ‘ridiculousness’ and the stick house collapses.

    I bet your talents and abilities to help encourage and empower other people are being under-served, hence the critical powers that be. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and if you are, perhaps try seeking out your ‘true people.’

    There are a lot of people who need and LOVE people like you in the workforce. I sincerely hope your talents are of use to your employer, if not, what about seeking change?

  17. Thank you for taking your time to respond to my post. I appreciate your insights. I apologize for not getting back here sooner and thanking you promptly. I won’t make excuses. In answer to the question of what about seeking change – actually, I hadn’t really thought about that – right now, my talents are of use and I’m necessary (which doesn’t mean important or appreciated) and I don’t have a backup (I trained 3 – 1 retired, 1 quit and then they had layoffs, so there went the 3rd). Would I take the same problems with me to another job and/or attract the same situations? I need to take a good, hard look at myself. But the energy I give off can’t be all bad…becuase I just came back in from taking my daughter to work and I got pulled by a cop on the way and he was so nice and he let me go with no ticket.
    Again, thank you for your kind responses.

  18. Yeah, I can make someone interesting turn boring. There’s a lot I can manipulate as long as I put my mind to it (Scorpio Pluto in 8th ..trine Saturn in 12th). I just don’t get why you would be happy when someone just stabbed you though. Wow kashimiri, thanks for saying that. I almost feel like dying but this has really helped to motivate myself. 🙂

  19. This is a very interesting idea. I’ve always felt that negative energy, especially hatred or anger is intense but very scattered, undirected, and it does more harm to the sender. I always ask spirit to take all that free energy and use it for the good of us all

  20. Elsa,
    ….I have been lucky to find you and have been reading your blog daily (and purchasing charts) since march 2011 when uranus hit my 0aries ascendant:) so 12 years(jupiter) of learning your teachings! and now uranus is finally off my taurus moon…
    I have struggled with the 8th house (have scorp mars and neptune in there ) and much much mortal betrayal- and this concept of yours is what i know guided me here-where you taught me by reading your spectacular idea about energy exchange- your writings on this subject transformed me, empowered me and saved me in ways that you could never imagine.
    I am truly grateful for your work and writings.
    and I will pass on your (idea)Energy with credit to your brilliance:)
    thank you…<3 you did much good with those knives-energy reached over many many oceans…

  21. Pluto in 8th house,Libra tribes my Sun, inconjunts the Moon as part of th Yod, also sextiles Neptune, sextiles Mars and DSc. I use it when I help people professionally. I also attract dark personalities and I am fascinated by paranormal since preschool but it is a hidden hobby.

  22. Is getting stabbed, and then now having that energy… the catalyst for transformation?(which may be our will or not)
    I’ve often wondered how people go through horrific things then take the energy that was put on them and use it in a constructive or transformative way.
    Reminds me of the I Survived segment of Mary Vincent.

  23. This makes me think of Elizabeth Smart, mega-Scorpio.

    I get this completely but I am so mutable, the energy I absorb I don’t even know what’s going on with it, I lack significant control.

  24. Elsa, this is so wise! I’ve always appreciated your distilled points of truth–‘energy is neutral until it’s directed’, and now: ‘you stab me, I own the knife, the enrgy is mine’
    the key is to apply that awareness…

  25. I am learning this now as I rehash something from 1996. I wish I’d known this then! Carrying a burden is almost pointless. Definitely pointless for this long, in any case.

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