Venus Square Pluto: Intriguing Machinations

venus pluto dark femmeVenus in Aries will square Pluto in Capricorn at 29 degrees on March 16, 2023.  Yes, you can expect old lovers to show up. I call them “corpses”. It’s common to want to breathe life into a dead thing but it’s not always such a good idea.

Aries is Mars-ruled, Cardinal sign. This looks like a fight for control and/or intense pressure to act. It could definitely get ugly.

Also, Aries is knife and Pluto in Capricorn can bring things to a cold conclusion.  It’s probably not a good time to pick a fight unless you’re will to be amputated or “canceled”.

Venus square Pluto also features relationship triangles, obsession, and the shadow side of love, money and vanity in general.  It’s a freakishly interesting aspect which explains why I’ve written more than 100 posts on the topic.

Here’s a sample:

And here’s the entire collection: 100+ posts tagged Venus-Pluto.

This two minute video applies.

Do you have Venus square Pluto?  How about planets in the late degrees of Cardinal signs, or early Fixed?

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