Married Scorpio Woman Having Affair With Scorpio Man

scorpio necklace1Hi Elsa,

I am a married Scorpio woman, who is having an affair with a taken Scorpio man! This has been going on now about 2 years! I am head over heels in love and really not sure of his feelings for me! He told me once he thought he was falling in love with me but we don’t discuss that now! I don’t see him as often as I used to and he says it’s because he doesn’t want us to get caught! He doesn’t call much any more either for the same reasons! What is in the stars for us? I want this man so bad and if he was to confess his love for me and say he wanted me I’d be in his arms in the blink of an eye! My husband is 14 years older than me and we have next to nothing in common!

Please help!

I’m not you’ll consider this to be helpful, but I think the writing is on the wall here. This man is or was) moving through. He has no plans to stay.  I suspected this, reading through your note, twice. But it was his chart that.convinced me.

He’s got Venus and Mars in Sagittarius. He’s got Jupiter in exaltation, trining his Sun.  Basically, he’s a traveler. He’s into leaving, not staying. He’s wanted you, but on his terms. I don’t think your terms interest him.

Looking at your chart, Uranus and Pluto have recently hit your stellium in Capricorn. You’ve been awakened, clearly.  However, this man fall squarely into a category that I call, “Ride ’em while you can.”

I expect it will hurt to read this – I’m sorry! But think about why he does not want to get caught?  Could it be because he wants you to keep your husband?  Less guilt for him when he moves on.

Good luck.

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  1. Boom!

    Nobody like Elsa to cut to the chase. I couldn’t agree more with this assessment.

    Good luck, poster, from a fellow Scorp.

  2. Elsa ur so on… Ur assessment I luv is so 2 the point..I recently was told by a young lady…If he isn’t texting or calling, if he isn’t responding 2 u, if he isn’t saying I Love u, I miss u, I can’t wait 2 c u…..He ain’t coming bk!!! & he doesn’t/didn’t

  3. If you want to find out if you have a chance with him, the only thing you can do is leave your husband first and find out. If you feel like you can’t do this, ask yourself why. What’s keeping you in your marriage if your heart is not in it. It’s not empowering to yourself to only leave *if* you have this other man waiting on you. That’s called settling, and you will always wonder “what if”. You will have regrets. Life is about change…just like the seasons…life changes…people change. If you left and he did not drop everything for you, would you still be happier? Are you afraid to be alone? What are you getting from your marriage? What do you really want: the man, or do you want something this man represents…freedom? Same questions I’m asking myself right now. So thought I’d weigh in.

      1. wow i agree, good point. its “escape” from the current situation, someone to liberate you from the mundaneness of the current marriage she’s in.

        at least she has had this experience, (yes it is immoral) but to feel free and be loved (even if it’s superficial, because it’s not real, not a commitment) is such a feeling. But i hope she wakes up, because this does not bode well- she knows that deep down i’m sure, but it’s like the moth to the flame.

        1. Right….there’s an underlying reason she cheated in the first place. It could be for any number of reasons, though. It’s not always necessarily to escape the general mundane…sometimes people realise they married for the wrong reasons…if we marry someone without knowing ourselves first, and what we ultimately want out of life, eventually we wake up and realize what we are missing. Sometimes people choose the wrong person to settle down with, and it’s okay. This is why people cheat. Better not to cheat, though, because it creates a rut…a repetitive cycle of internal conflict. Better to know what you want and leave the person if you aren’t happy. That’s empowerment. Otherwise, you give your power away and you can’t move. You live in your imagination. What a pathetic way to live. You live on stolen moments…in a dream.

      1. I have T. Jupiter conj my Leo rising atm, so it’s interesting you picked up the Leo. Do I seem like I have a huge ego or what? Overbearing? I probably am right now, in a way; I feel super no-bullshit. I kinda see it now…never felt really Leonine til now….I just need to try not to be too pompous and piss anyone off. 🙂

  4. Even without chart data, this looks grim: The natural flow of relationships is destination Togetherness, not drifting away (his case). Add two years and no definite plan for achieving that Togetherness and all arrows point to the nearest emergency exit. Fasten seat belts. Brace!

  5. Having been in a similar situation and having asked myself why am I so strung out and hung up this time round when I have had other boyfriends? – is it my ego/ my pride? Why can’t I let go? How come I can just be in his arms in a blink of an eye? I have studied this in depth in both our astrological charts. Look for the Neptune- Juno (the long-term mistress link) and venus – juno (irresistible chemistry link) synastry in:-
    1. both your charts (especially if either you or both have these aspects Nataly as well) and
    2. between your chart and the day you become lovers (your ruling relationship chart) and
    to look for the thing that is “binding” you to this – look at
    3. the Saturn and chiron or Saturn- venus connection in the synastry of both your natal charts and
    4. between you and your ruling chart.
    If the Saturn binding is there – this feels like the only thing that has and ever will ever happen in your love life!
    Of course it isn’t but it is got you caught up in the spell of the relationship. Put it down to the astrological magnetic force that makes it feel like this. Hope it helps. Good Luck!

  6. Avatar

    Oh Scorpio 🙁
    I feel for you.
    So many a woman (and 9/10, it’s a woman) has been here.
    Different players but the situation never changes.
    And if you’re completely honest with yourself – truly, truly honest – you KNOW the answer to your conundrum, right?

    Here’s what I think you *want* to hear: “his Venus is on your North node and that’s about to be transited by Uranus and then you have Saturn in your 8th and he has Neptune in his 2nd and you’ll be together forever by August” or something to this effect.

    Here’s what you *need* to hear: This man, regardless of his birth chart, has no vested interest in you and is using you for his own selfish purposes. The longer you engage, the more damage it will do to your self esteem and emotional well being, which should be your priority here – not what he’s thinking and feeling! Cut him off immediately and start healing. (I know, I know – it’s never that easy!!)

    This has nothing to do with astrology, but this website has fantastic articles regarding situations where you’re the other woman and he’s unavailable.
    Well worth a read for any woman struggling with relationship issues.

    Wishing you lots of love and light xoxo

  7. After posting my letter and now seeing all the comments, I had already decided that this man will never commit regardless of what I do or what he does! I am a sexy, appealing woman trapped in a loveless marriage and too scared to leave for fear of the unknown or what the adult children will think! The “other” man has not been a in touch as of this post and I hope to find the strength to end it if and when he does. I deserve better but sadly I don’t see it happening soon! I don’t know all the ins and outs of astrology yet as I am very green in this respect so I guess I will have to wait and see what happens. Thanks to all who followed this thread! I appreciate all of your comments and concerns! To those who are in the same boat as I good luck with your struggles as well! I do feel used and taken since I’ve known him and had feelings for him for 17 odd years. He disrespected me and I see that very clearly now! To think otherwise was foolish of me…

  8. those Sagittarius placements really are the “roamer”/adventurer. I was reading up on Bryan Adams (Scorpio Nov.5) and he’s got Sagittarius Jupiter and Mercury in the 9th. He had an affair, and his mistress found out he was having a baby so she got upset. Natally he’s got Virgo Venus/Scorpio Mars. I’m understanding more and more of the gem/sag axis of “bad boys”.

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