Scorpio Benefits From Astrology The Most

When it comes to understanding your life, I think Scorpio has the most to gain from learning astrology.  This occurred to me, reading comments on this site.

People often talk about things they discovered about themselves or others via this medium. I began to wonder what kind of things are hard to know without astrology.  Scorpio / Pluto wins the contest, hands down. in my mind. I’ll explain!

For things that are unfathomable or hard to grasp, we might look at the outer planets. I think Aquarians know what they’re about. I think Pisces know where they swim in the scheme of things as well. But what about Scorpio?

Scorpio knows pain. Scorpio is the only sign that simultaneously attracts and repels. This is not an easy concept to grasp. There is not a “diagnosis” for it.  Oh, well you’re an airhead or you’re spacey or you’re sensitive or whatever.

It’s this but it’s also they way the shadow tends to be cast on Scorpio. Without astrology, this underpinnings of this mechanisms could easily evade a person for a lifetime.

Hoping to ward off, upset people, I know this is a gross generalization. I know everyone has Pluto somewhere, Scorpio somewhere and I’m aware of the 8th house in a chart!  Still, I am talking about the SUN in Scorpio as this is a person’s vital life energy.

A Pisces may or may not be happy being a Pisces but I think they can fathom their situation – same for the rest of the signs, really. Gemini knows they are bored! Sadge is restless, etc. But think about Scorpio. You can’t even do it, really.

A lot of the Pluto stuff leaves a person speechless. I mean, you open you mouth and then realize that what you feel cannot be articulated.  If this is your life, astrology can help you tremendously. If this isn’t your life, you’re probably glad!

What sign do you think benefits most from astrology?

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  1. Yes. For as long as I can remember, I always liked Sun sign pop astrology before I knew there was anything beyond that) … and then when I discovered Rising signs… mine being Scorpio – that changed everything for me. Little did I know that I would go on to discover I have Pluto Rising in Scorpio opposite my Sun, which is actually why I connected so much to reading about Scorpio.

    But the pain in my life made sense when I read about Scorpio. And, the more I delved into astrology, the more it became a tool to heal by better contending with the outside world, for sure.

  2. “If this is your life, astrology can help you tremendously. If this isn’t your life, you’re probably glad!”


  3. Very apt observation. They are drawn to astrology and many are into the whole ‘scorpio’ and will be the first to tell you their sign, birthdate or wear the symbol of scorp. This for both scorpio men and women. And they will get deeper about it. But I am very intrigued about the innarticulation of it. Why can’t a scorpio say I’m in pain, I’m hurt, I’m an enigma, I’ve seen or known things that are horrible plainly? Is the secrecy that’s part of the package? I think it’s a lonely sign. It’s cruel to have scorpio as a permanent ‘state’ of being. I can feel it when moon transits scorpio or when it transits square or conjunct my natal pluto. I don’t envy scorpio moon and I am glad to have my wood plank capricorn moon.

    1. First of all, I envy your Cap Moon, at least sometimes. My Moon, Sun, Mercury, Neptune, and Ascendant are all in Scorpio so it’s hard for me to speak to the difference that would be felt by a respective planet, they’re all in the mix for me. I can speak to the ‘inarticulation’ you mention, at least from my own perspective. We can hold paradox knowing that it exists in every person. Issues that most people would prefer not to acknowledge, see, much less talk about I understand; sometimes from both sides. I feel the need to be careful with what I reveal because (it feels like) most people would think it’s crazy, scary, and heaven forbid judge me! Our ‘secretiveness’ is for your own protection. We see the dark side of others as clearly as we see our own.

      1. Thank you for responding, now it’s a little clearer about why it’s difficult to articulate. Four scorpio planets and ascendant, with neptune thrown in there, really bad projections could abound. Sounds like nightmares except that’s a scorpio reality. It sucks that some that make it difficult or unbearable to say what you see or what you know. There’s power in the dark but no one wants to stay there forever. This is not meant to put continuous pain or intensity on a pedestal but it comes with the scorpio essence, strong, healing, on the other side, shadows, screams.
        Please don’t envy my moon. It’s an unhealthy one. I want to deal with my stuff but thinking, speaking or trying to accept it, only makes it feel worse, lets me unable to function so I supress to an unhealthy level. It’s not a better moon. It just feels that scorpio moon is even harder to have so I am sticking to my stick.

  4. I do benefit from Astrology(Scorpio Sun (12th House/Scorpio Mars/Conj Neptune and Scorpio ASC). At least I enjoy learning about it and get absorbed. Apart from the basics though, I have a hard time being able to read a chart. I can do it intuitively (I have done for friends who are Gobsmacked) and yet it is true about Scorpio, for me at least, I have a hard time talking about my own feelings. Water signs are called the mute signs. I feel ripples deep within but just can’t always articulate and when the Moon is in Scorpio, I get very brooding.
    I think though any sign, if the person understands Astrology can benefit from it much like with therapy. I also realize it’s not for everyone.

  5. I am a pisces sun and I have mars in scorpio in the 6th house. From my experience I should work independently of others and be the boss! One of my best occupations was aerobic instructor. Living with myself for many years, I realized that I am independent and value freedom.

  6. If it wasn’t for astrology, I’d have fallen down the emotional sewer a long time ago and never bothered to find my way out.

    “Pluto stuff leaves a person speechless” – Yes, and this Scorpio w/Moon conjunct Pluto, while rarely completely speechless, can shut down others in a nanosecond with just a look. Small talk and convos bereft of any emotional or psychological depth will not hold my interest for long. Of course, exposure can be risky, painful and there’s no sense in adding even more pain…

    “…you open you mouth and then realize that what you feel cannot be articulated.” So true, Elsa. And so, too often, the mouth stays shut. I think that is why Scorpios have few close friends, and in my experience, those friends have Scorpios Suns, Pluto aspecting personal planets, or a loaded eighth house.

    I’ve studied astrology since all my (very long) life. It has helped me in understanding myself and others in my life. My Scorpio personal planets are in the 8th house so astrological and esoteric research is my #1 interest. Astrology works!

    Thanks again, Elsa, for your many years of insightful posts and forecasts in your tell-it-like-it-delivery style. Best!

  7. I have Saturn in Scorpio in the 7th. I started reading astrology books as Saturn returned there while squaring natal Pluto-Jupiter,my 8th house ruler. What I read about myself kept me sane through to my divorce. I also have natal Sun parallel Pluto and the North Node of Pluto on my Sun in the Scorpio decant of Cancer.

  8. The main thing about Scorpio BESIDES Pluto is MARS ,Scorpios are Deadly.
    They play their cards close to their chest.
    No one can claim to know a Scorpio totally.
    They Never show their real emotions.
    Even anger is buried deep ,until the revenge.
    That’s why I loved Linda Goodman,she had a depth of knowledge about Scorpios.
    She said there were 3 types of Scorpio s ,
    The More evoked were the Scorpio that were Eagles and Soared far above humanity.
    They were sages ,Doctors ,Gurus and Yes Saints.
    The other was a Lizard.
    That mostly stayed hidden ,the lowest scale was The Actual Scorpion.
    With the Deadly stinger.

    They lived on the periphery of society,drugs ,sex and rock and roll.
    They could be really dangerous, murderers,gang members, and worse.
    Evolved Scorpios are selfless to the point of Saint,they will sacrifice anything and everything for people they love , society at large.
    It will be a scorpion who will jump into a fire and rescue someone,stand with a bleeding hand and still fight off danger.
    They are fearless.
    And Yes Holders of Pain.
    As Scorpio NEVER forgets or Forgives.
    But these are stereotypes.
    Scorpio s make THE best Friends,they are also very compassionate, even if they don’t like others to see that side of them.
    The maximum number of people who serve society are Indeed Scorpion.
    Mother Teresa is a good example.
    I Love Scorpion s.
    They love to an extent ,where they are blind to the faults of their loved ones.
    And “allow” them to hurt.
    They protect others ,but rarely themselves.
    Yes Pain is something they hold like an armour.
    To show it would be weakness.
    And Scorpio is anything but Weak.

  9. Scorpions I forgot to mention,are highly intuitive, psychic,you cannot hide anything from them.
    They have great insight.
    I am a keen follower of Cheiro the Astrologer, Numerologist and Palmist.
    His knowledge is very deep on many levels.
    He was a Scorpion.
    Born Nov 1 st

    1. Avatar
      Ursa L. Worlds

      I am a Scorpio moon and I can know a whole conversation about something and I am not even there! I can also go into a room and get the vibe. It is a superpower. Scorpios have a lot of baggage but the universe balances that with gifts.

  10. A big part of my life, since my early 20-ties, I was listening to how I was typical Cancer, always two steps ahead, then 10 steps behind, how emotional, sensitive, girly girl I am. It bothered me because I never felt like that, I never actually felt like Cancer. Then, in one crucial moment of my life, I found my ASC Scorpio and the transformation began finally I’ve become the person who I believed I actually am. Today, people can’t believe I’m Cancer, it barely shows anymore. Astrology helped tremendously! Finally, I’m able to understand some things about myself and my life.

    1. Avatar
      Ursa L. Worlds

      I am a Cancer and nothing is wrong with it. Cancers have a lot of emotional intelligence. We are also a cardinal sign. Scorpios have a tendency to get stuck (fixed water) where Cancers flows with their emotions. Cancer gets a bad rap because as a society we don’t appreciate female qualities. Without emotions life would be very boring! I love being a Cancer because I like mothering people, but my Scorpio moon does give me a lot of insight. Cancers are also very good with money. I also have Jupiter in Pisces forming a grand trine. I have had to learn how to deal with my emotions and appreciate them more.

  11. I have a Scorpio-influenced third quadrant. Studying astrology has saved my sanity with regard to relationships.

  12. I have followed astrology since I was 18. As a Scorpio sun it helps me understand others as well as myself. It helps me to be more open to people’s differences as I know their sun and moon signs play so much a part of who they are. It’s helped me understand why I have suffered so. All my personal planets have been conjunct Pluto at certain times of my life. All in Libra, Scorpio and sag. Pluto in Capricorn in my second house has been quite a struggle.With Pluto in Aquarius transit coming up squaring my mercury , Saturn and Sun. I see it as the beginning of the end.

  13. Scorpio Sun and Rising (Cap Moon). No one would want to be me, but I like being me. I learn astrology simply to understand myself, and I’ve been doing it since I read Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs in the bath when I was 13 in 1970.

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