Mars And The Ascendant

Mars“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
–Viktor E. Frankl, Scorpio Mars

No matter what else I’m working on I like to go back periodically and readdress my perspective on the basics. For instance I find it helpful to look at the differences between the Moon and Venus, needs versus wants and the gray areas in between. Venus is the aesthetic and what you want. For me the next thought is “how do you GET what you want?” That’s Mars. So I tend to link the two, Venus then Mars. But it’s also how you get what you need, Moon then Mars.

One thing I sometimes gloss over is that Mars is more than that. It is how you go about DOing anything; it is action. More than what we need or want it is also how we physically express our personality, our power, physically express our potency. This draws on all the planets.

Mars rules the ascendant in general, though the sign of your ascendent has its own ruler. The ascendent is your Mars intermediary to the outside world. It is physically apparent, the physical manifestation of your personal expression of who you are. Sometimes this is apparent readily in the body, such as a Cancer rising with a “moon” face. Sometimes it is reflected in your style, like a Leo rising with dramatic hair. It can also be a difficult to pin down impression, your manner, like a Sagittarius rising who just “seems” sporty or “bigger than life.”

Where are your Mars and ascendant? How do see them expressed on the outside, physically, in action and as an impression?

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  1. Virgo Mars in the 9th house, OCD about details. Ascendant is Capricorn: boundaries!!!

    How do I see them play out? Everyone says I am very composed and well thought out, in the way I dress, organize things and right down to the way I talk.

    You should see my college notes, it’s organised right down to the colour pens. To state headings, subtitles, points and etc. Also did I forget to mention my notes are travel friendly too. Devil is in the details.

  2. I have an out of sign Mars / Asc conj.

    Mars is in Sadge & I have a 9th house venus. The only time I get hit on is like at the bowling alley or gun range LOL.

  3. Mars rules my Aries ascendant. It’s in Libra/6th house. I usually revert to a smile and some charm to get what I want. However, I sometimes come off intimidating (I’ve been told this a lot). Perhaps due to an aggressive manner, which I do have on occasion, if I really really want something.

  4. I have Taurus Rising sextile Mars in Cancer in the 3rd. It takes a lot to get me truly angry. But if someone does the same thing over and over and won’t change after me reminding them several times I get really frustrated. I need people around me to take ACTION. Not just words, but to really do something or else I get incredibly frustrated. I have difficulty expressing my anger as well, I tend to hold it inside and let all the little things pile up until I get so pissed and the anger from ALL those comes out – which is a little too intense. But I get over my anger just as quickly. I can get passive aggressive and sarcastic during anger as well. Not pretty. I don’t really yell, I just get quiet and then start to get bitchy and attack people’s weaknesses, Hahah!!! I only yell when it’s something huge, which hasn’t happened in a long while. Also, I tend to cry when I get really angry and I cannot separate the two – hurt and anger which really sucks when I’m trying to stay in control to make my points. I am working on changing this and I’ve gotten a lot better than I used to. Now I try to stay on subject and now I no longer name call and such. I still have trouble with not holding stuff inside, but it’s a work in progress.

    Aspects to my ASC – Trine Saturn, Neptune. Opposition Pluto, Sextile Mars.

    Aspects to my Mars – Trine Pluto, Opposition Saturn, Neptune.

    1. Wow I have those same placements. It’s so true about the crying when angry part. It’s so frustrating because I’m only crying due to the emotion of the moment (anger) being too overwhelming, but it makes me appear weak so I am never able to have a “satisfying” discussion, if such a thing is possible when arguing with my mom and sister, who both have Mars in Gemini.

      I find it really hard to express my emotions, moderately, effectively or eloquently… It’s always a mess. Besides I have my Taurus ASC conjunct Moon in Aries in the 12th, which makes it all worse.

      I also try to avoid being passive aggressive at all costs because I’m inclined to behave that way thanks to my Mars, but hate that about myself and others, thanks to my Moon.

  5. Hmmm…this was enlightening. I’ve got an Earth Mars, Fire Moon and Asc, and an Air Venus. And a freaking water Sun. Good grief.

    No wonder…so many things! 🙂 lol

  6. Mars in Pisces, trine Uranus/ascendant in Scorpio.
    I’m not sure. I’ll have to think about it. Drawing and painting was like breathing for me, and I never should have stopped. I loved to dance, swim and play music. I like long skirts instead of short ones – preferring sort of romantic (and being covered up – no chance of flashing anyone) over short skirts.

  7. I also carry my camera everywhere with me (almost everywhere). I need motivation. six years ago, I jokingly told someone that I needed someone to really annoy me, because I was too relaxed to exercise.

  8. I have Libra Rising and my Mars is conjoined with my Moon in Gem. I think people generally perceive me as harmless and cute…

  9. Avatar

    Taurus Mars in 12th sextile my Pisces sun both inconjunct Uranus in libra. Gemini ASC.

    I appear to not be accomplishing anything? (12th mars taurus) yet all over the place my hands into everything?

    Or always doing something but not getting anywhere?

    Hmmmm not really sure …

  10. My Mars in Libra widely squares my Cancer ascendant, though Mars (in the 4th) and the moon actually trine each other exactly.

    I don’t know what that means for me.
    Because the rulers are amenable to each other, it makes me think I should have an “easy” presence or demeanor. But I don’t! *grins* Is that because of the Mars-Asc square?

    Could be Pluto, though, I suppose… It’s conjunct Mars and more closely squares my ascendant (by 2 degrees).

  11. 29°42′ Aries ASC sextile Aquarius Venus and square Capricorn Moon.
    1st house Taurus Mars square Aquarius Venus and trine Capricorn Moon.
    I look Taurus… short, heavy, strong. But I have Neptune on the DSC tied up with almost everything so nobody ever has the right impression of me anyway.

  12. I have Mars in Libra in the 8th. My asc is Aquarius, which after reading this blog becomes interesting to me becuase my Mars is also conjunct Uranus. I’m driven, for sure. Libra Mars gives me balanced action. With Uranus involved I can come up with unusual ways of getting what I want. With both packed into the house of Scorpio, I have potential for quite a bit of power. With them both being in the sigh of Venus, I’m driven to find unusual ways to get what I want.
    I think I come off pretty strong as a first impression. Determined. Maybe overpowering and a bit over the top (HA, laughing at a bit). I like my Mars because even though it is driven, it is also considerate. I don’t run over others to get what I want. Although, I could. But that would not be fair 🙂

  13. ThankYou Satori Great Post as Usual !!!

    Mars in Aries Asc in Leo physically = Dinamic, impression = good, Leadership.

    Blessings !!!

  14. I have Mars in Libra in the 1st house.

    I am going to get what I want but libra doesn’t want you to know that??? Harmless and cute like Caroline? Hmmmm need to think some more.

    I think the ruler of libra is venus right?

    Gah…back to my month end reports (what I a supposed to be working on – no wonder I am lost)

  15. another one of my opposites..

    Sadge rising vs Gem Mars/Sun

    always active with 100 things on my plate but i don’t mind -its how i stay in shape. 😉

  16. Mars in Leo (when I’m bold I make miracles happen and often say “Who is that girl?”). Capricorn Asc with Saturn there too – exact inconjunct with Uranus in 7th. When I state boundaries, PEOPLE.FREAK.OUT. Just told a corpse from 20 years ago to leave me alone. Don’t think this is going to sit well with her, she was violent back when. Wednesday has me somewhat concerned.☹

  17. Avatar

    Like Carrie, Scorpio Rising conjunct Neptune + Pisces Mars. Did some reading on the Neptune/Mars trine a few months ago. Lots of stuff in there that is true for me. Apparently the trine makes me a good listener/counselor. People have always told me their life stories, deepest secrets and feelings, often unprompted. And I’ve always wanted to “help” people, though I’m not always able to define how.

  18. I’ve got Mars in Leo and Cancer Rising. I like my Mars a lot, as it’s my only fire placement and thus the only thing that seems to get me moving. So once my Cancer Asc has gotten over its fear of losing whatever security I have, Mars takes over and makes a Leonine move. And I have the Leo hair and clothing thing going, for sure.

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