Saturn Square Mars In Synastry, Turns Out I Am Too Old To Leap!

rhinoIn synastry, when you compare charts and one person has their Saturn on the other person’s Mars, you will read that the Saturn person restricts the Mars person. This is seen as deal-breaker by many astrologers and can be very frustrating depending mostly on how flexible the Saturn person can be with their rules.

The soldier has his Saturn on my Mars and you can see the glaring evidence of this here. We get manage to get around this, but as the Mars person I can feel the crushing down on the natural physical fervor and exuberance that I feel when I see him… as I am encouraged to grow up by Saturn.

I am posting this so people can see an aspect like this is not the end of the world, particularly if the Saturn person is a “good parent”. If otherwise, Mars who gets blocked rushing in can become mad as spit and wish to kill Saturn, with a motorcycle helmet or whatever else may be on hand. Saturn of course, eats children but we do get around this all the time as this conversation illustrates. I wrote the conversation post the conflict because it is also an excellent example astrologically…

For one, the soldier has Jupiter in Sagittarius so here comes a story. He is imaginative (Pisces) and you can read between the lines his lament over being mistaken as something he is not and not being believed when he states otherwise, which is right in line with the Neptune problems I have been writing about all week. So here you go. It’s astrology alive for sure.

We were on the phone last night:

“Oh! You’re done with your work! If you were here I would leap on you.”

“No, P. We’re too old for that.”


“You can’t be leaping on me. We’re old, I said.”

gazelleOh for chrissakes. So what am I supposed to do? Walk up alongside you and peck you on cheek lightly right there on the bone by your eye?”

“Well I don’t want you to knock me down.”

“I see. Knock you down like a beetle? You’re afraid you’ll get caught on your back or something?”


“Okay, well I won’t do that.”

“Good, because I’m old and I’m delicate.”

“Well then how come you’re always talking about beating someone up? You are always hoping to find someone to punch and then you go tell me you’re afraid I’m going to hurt you with my leaping.”

“Oh, well I’m going to beat those guys up real quick before I get winded.’

“I see. So no leaping? No more leaping ever?”

“P, you can leap just don’t knock me down. I tip easy. I have short and stubby legs. I have these stubby legs, everybody knows it.”

Further discussion we decided it was more like cow-tipping than a beetle. “I’ll keep all this in mind,” I said.

“Okay. Well you can leap for awhile longer if you want. We can do that for about 10 more years, I guess.”

“No leaping on you.”

“I said you could leap for 10 more years! And boy you sure used to leap when we were kids. I’d come home and you’d come running leap on top me, wrap your legs and all that.”

“Yeah, I was happy. I was happy and you were stunned. You always had a stunned look on your face when I did that and now I know why. You were afraid of tipping.”

“Yeah, and I was young then but now I’m a hog.”

big hog“You are not a hog.”

“Then why do all the girl pigs rush over to me every time they see me? The little pink ones with mud on them. They come up and put their snouts on me and try to talk to me. Do you know what they say? They say, well you’re the cutest hog we’ve ever seen.”

“Is that what they say?”

“Yeah. And I say, I’m not a hog. And they say, yes you are. And you’re a good looking one too. You are one fine looking hog. And I say I am not a hog. I am a not a hog, I tell them! I am not a hog, I am a rhinoceros who is in love with a gazelle.”

I snorted. “That’s what you tell them?”

“Yeah. And they say you ain’t a rhinoceros in love with no gazelle. I am too. Are not. Am too. No you aren’t. That can’t be. Rhinos don’t fall in love with no gazelles.” He sighed. “No they don’t. Rhinos don’t usually fall in love with gazelles but this time one did. So why don’t you pigs go find yourself a real hog, would ya? A hog that is really a hog and not some rhino you think is hog! Anyway, P, you see the problem. So don’t tell me I don’t look like a hog because all the pigs think I do and they are the ones who would know.”

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15 thoughts on “Saturn Square Mars In Synastry, Turns Out I Am Too Old To Leap!”

  1. Whoooot! Makes me think of my incredibly painful groin injury I got while drinking beer and playing frisbee this summer…I have Mars trined Saturn…and I am beginning to feel my age!

  2. Very interesting post, since I’ve been pondering about the effects of the Mars (me) square Saturn (him) synastry aspect I have with my boyfriend. I always seem to be the keen ‘leaper’ and am starting to feel a little rejected by the ‘I’m too old’ rebuff I get from him. Is this Mars/Saturn at work then? I wonder how we can get round this satisfactorily. It’s especially frustrating since I’ve had so little sexual experience and he’s had so much! I’m not ready to give up sex yet, but I do love him very much and he also feels the same way. Is there any way to make him less cautious and more able to not only accept the leaping, but maybe instigate it, for once, do you think? My Mars is in Scorpio, first house, ruler of my 7th house. His Saturn is in Capricorn. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks. Great site, Elsa!

  3. Eliza – Yes that’s Mars Saturn but I don’t have much I can add. I really think if Saturn won’t work it’s end, Mars is going to be incredibly miserable. 🙁

  4. Thanks so much for this article – it’s clarified so much for me. There is just one more thing that is really confusing me though and I wonder if I could have your opinion on it: do you think this aspect means that the Saturn person doesn’t want to be leapt on by anyone – as it’s just not their thing, or do they just not like the style of the Mars person doing the leaping?

  5. Greetings.

    I’ve been an amateur astrologer for some time (about 38 years.) I’ve also been married for 35 years, so I suppose I’m at least a little experienced in both.

    My wife and I have this Mars-Saturn square (her Mars with my Saturn.) Between two younger people, I would generally go with the traditional interpretation: A suppression of one’s enthusiasm over something by the other, because this is definitely what happened with us. However, some harsh aspects like this can be mitigated. For instance, my wife’s Mars in Cancer is in a close sextile with my sun. So though this Mars-Saturn relationship was challenging and troublesome for us as younger folks, it obviously wasn’t a relationship-killer.

    From my experience, the aspects that I distrust the most in terms of relationships are *any* contacts between Venus and Saturn. By any, I also mean the trines and sextiles should be eyed with caution. Sometimes these can mean long-lasting relationships, but not necessarily the most happy ones.

    Of course, your mileage may vary. 🙂


  6. I read this about saturn square mars in synastry because anyone close to my age I will have that aspect with since my saturn squares my mars, but what I got from this is I think the person writing the info Elsa Elsa?? is having more problems with her own saturn inferiority complex than problems with her significant other. In this blog she called herself old, built like a rhinocerous or a pig, short stubby legs who could be tipped like a cow and her S.O. was still trying to defend her to herself. and still trying to be amorous. I only wish I had a boyfriend who was wanting “to leap on me”. She is the one with the Saturn problems. She is the one causing this “wet blanket” conversation. He is the one who is trying to be lively and fun and she is dampening his ardor and enthusiasm with protests on frailty and unattractiveness and its not even logical, because if she was short legged and built like a rhinocerous or a pig, she would be hard to leap on and squish or tip regardless of how ancient a pig or rhinocerous she was. I do not think of frail and pig and rhinocerous in the same sentence. If she would just step back and look at this conversation, she would see a boyfriend who is very much in love with her and still very sexually attracted to her and she is refusing to see any of it no matter how much he tries to get her to see it. I used to date a man with low self esteem such as this and it can be tiresome. I loved him so much, but he just would not see it because he didn’t love and approve of himself, so he couldn’t see how anyone else would. This blogger needs to learn to love her body and see herself how her lover does. Give him a break. Make it easier for him to give her his love. Blogger look at your own Saturn issues in your own chart. You are projecting them on your lover. Still its good to know that obviously even with his saturn square your mars, he is very much in love with you and very supportive of you. So it gives me hope to have a good loving relationship with someone close to me in age. Maybe his Saturn is dampening your Mars, but it sounds like in this case your Mars needs dampening. It sounds like you put much effort and energy (Mars) into self deprecation and your boyfriend is being the “good parent” and trying to block this destructive tendency (look at your natal mars aspects). You are getting mad with your boyfriend because he doesnt agree with you and your negative thinking, but isn’t it better for someone to disagree with you when you make unflattering and debilatating statements about yourself? You have to ask yourself, “Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?” Look at your own Mars, Saturn issues. You must have too much Capricorn in you, so what I get from this is a square in synastry might not be bad if it is squaring up against and blocking (or trying to block) a latent bad tendency such as extreme self criticism.

  7. Urm. Rebecca, you are out of your mind. Do YOU even have ANY idea what you’re talking about? Are you on meth? LOL!
    Geez, this is too funny!!
    Elsa, what a nut she is! I am sorry you have to put up with shit like this routinely.

  8. Hey, Sorry Elsa, but please send my comment to your significant other. HE shouldn’t be berating himself so, and I see what you mean about him dampening you. He sounds like my Capricorn friend who is always saying she is too old for stuff. I am a great believer in affirmations, and it is always best to be positive. As far as the blogging, it would make it easier to follow the conversations (at least for me) if one person was regular font and the other was in italics because I completely misread the blog the opposite way obviously. As Emily Litella said, “Never Mind”. Still what is good for the goose (and its usually stereotypically women who berate themselves, at least to the outside world and not just inside their head) is good for the gander, and he needs to start those positive affirmations ASAP. Also, it is just plain bad manners when someone makes a compliment or complimentary physical overture to someone else and that person rejects the complimenter and insults themselves at the same time. Emily Post would frown upon that. A nice thank you would be sufficient if one cannot muster up the enthusiasm to respond in kind. As far as projecting, maybe, but if you read your blog and reverse the people the way I did, you would think a woman is berating herself to the man, and I would never do that. I am a leo moon for goodness sake, and if anything, it’d be more like singing my own praises ad infinitum. Some people don’t like that, but my friend who is leo rising is always singing her own praises, and I like it because I see it as “self fluffing” which means I don’t have to boost her up and it saves me a lot of effort, which is important since I am a lazy Libra sun. My 1st house Saturn friend is a lot of work because she is always complaining about her body, and she’s a ballet dancer with a wonderful figure. (she’s mostly concerned about the boob deficit) She’s got a boyfriend who thinks she’s hot as all get out, and I tell her, if I was your boyfriend, I’d dump your ass because you’re a self pitying sad sack, not because of your flat chest (of course I say it humorously and in desperation when all my attempts at flattery of her and her body are rejected, sort of like your attempts with your S.O.) If I was going to deprecate myself, I might equate myself w/ a gawky giraffe since I’m tall and thin or maybe Frankenstein since all the small size clothes I buy that fit me are not long enough and my wrists and ankles are always hanging out of things too long like Frankenstein in his poorly fitted suit. Things would have gone much differently for the poor green creature had he been clothed in a well fitted, well tailored suit. If Dr. Frankenstein could sew a whole body together, why couldn’t he have made the monster a decent fitting suit? Its not like he didn’t have his measurements. But I digress. Much apologies to you, but fifty lashes to your “badluck schleprock” S.O. with a wet noodle.

  9. this person appears to be a troll. the writing is too entertaining and too well put together to have been actually written by someone stupid enough to seriously espouse this drivel. I suggest we ignore it.

  10. Along with having this aspect natally, I also have it with one of my Libra friends. He’s Saturn, I’m Mars. It’s absolutely terrible! I feel like I’m always walking on eggshells with him. It’s as if I need his approval and permission to laugh or have fun. Apart of me actually wants his approval… and I hate that. Here I am like a little puppy waiting for Master to look down and pat me on the head… and sometimes I’m left sitting their for hours… waiting for my head pat. He doesn’t even have to look at me for me to know that I’ve displeased. I don’t even know WHY I tolerate this behavior…


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