Mars Conjunct Mercury, Trine Pluto exact @ 7 Degrees – Tactical Mind

With natal Mars conjunct Mercury, I do have one hell of dirty mind… and mouth for that matter.  I also have a tactical mind but nothing like my husband (who also has Mars and Mercury in aspect) or maybe it’s just we think about different things.

In whatever case, I often have thoughts that are very pointed and sometimes (like today), alllll my thoughts are coarse (Mars) and not fit for sharing.  I don’t like days like this but they do come and then my husband told me that he could get rid of all the gangs in LA if they would give him, X, Y and Z, which are very minor things. Extremely minor considering LA has been fighting gangs for decades.

The thing about my husband is he doesn’t really boast. It sounds like he boasts but really he is just telling you what he could do because he’s actually figured it out. My husband likes to to solve complex problems and I guarantee you he has worked out this gang thing, probably over a number of months. He has Saturn involved with his Mercury and Mars so there is substance, see?

Anyway, he told me this and of course I was not going to repeat it because it’s offensive.  It’s damned near anti-social to claim you can solve a problem that no one has been able to solve over all these years, with all the loss of life and money spent… the terror.  But then I saw the current sky (see title) and I thought, ya know? I think I will put this out here because there have been times in my husband’s life when he’s made similar wild claims…and delivered of course.

What have you been thinking about today?

I chose the picture because it’s very Taurus/ Pluto, yes?

13 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Mercury, Trine Pluto exact @ 7 Degrees – Tactical Mind”

  1. My natal Saturn is at 8 Taurus… I’ve been thinking about restriction – words and sex. Strange thing, this astrology…

  2. I’ve been thinking about this job I am serious about. My midheaven is right thurr. 5 degrees Taurus.

  3. I did a weight workout last night- for the first time in two years. I’m looking back at old journal entries, thinking how on point I was with certain things, and wondering how on earth I’m still dealing with other things.

  4. My impatience, how sweet some of my friends are, that I overreact sometimes because I don’t go deep enough when gathering information.

  5. wow Taurus pluto yes. I must say, I love that boy’s tattoo… and he looks so content being on the dark side. and I fucking hate that gang with a passion! It’s so terribly sad because he has no more options. They need a proper recovery program.

    I am thinking about being appropriate with anger and compassion. And generally, making the most of myself, slowly but surely.

  6. I’m using the Pluto energy to satisfy the Libra needs for balance and civility in debate. I guess the Taurus comes in having the substance to back up my opinions. About a certain topic I won’t mention (there’s the taboo), but I would really like to see both sides cool it with the vitriol and let the people who have had experience with this particular subject be the focus and the directors of the debate.

  7. I love that picture too (hi Omie!) I have Mercury Mars and I think I tone it down a lot… my conjunction is in sideways Cancer but still… I say only a fraction of what I think.
    And, let’s see, what was I thinking about yesterday… about writing and about food 🙂

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