Saturn In Capricorn Transit Square Natal Mars In Libra – Scorn

libra postcardWith Mars in Libra, I’m always trying to get along. To a fault, perhaps.  But I’m also socially (Libra) abrasive (Mars).  This is one of the reasons, Mars is in detriment in Libra.

In whatever case, with Saturn transiting my Mars, there are a number of people I have attempted to interact with.  I’ve gotten scorn in return.  This has not been universal, but it’s happened enough times, recently, I’ve stopped to think about it.

I think Saturn transits help a person sort things. You’re in, or you’re out. The door is open or it’s closed.  If you have a lot of faith, and I do, then when you find a door closed, you look for the one that is open or will open, if you’ll just be on your way.

In this way, the person who rejects you, does you a favor.  You know not to waste your time.  This is especially true if they’re harsh.  It may hurt but it’s also definitive.

Yesterday, someone told me, I might be surprised who shows up to help or support me. I know this is true. It’s the balance (Libra) to makes up for the (surprise) rejection or shunning.

This would be a lot harder to deal with if I were younger. I’d be turning it over and over. I’d suffer.  But today, I can readily see the silver lining.  No one want to go somewhere where they’re not wanted.  Maybe as well post it on the door!

This transit has allowed me to stop trying to get along with people who don’t want to get along with me.  This allows me more time to get along with people who do love and support me.

I hate the practicality of this. I have Venus specifying Neptune. I can transcend all kinds of shit and offense. But this transit is forcing my hand.

When I type, “hand”, I think of playing cards. Sometimes you’ve got to fold ’em and walk away…

Is Saturn in Capricorn transiting your natal Mars? How’s it going?

13 thoughts on “Saturn In Capricorn Transit Square Natal Mars In Libra – Scorn”

  1. Elsa, I know what you mean! Pluto, Saturn and Venus are transiting my 7th house, and it’s been no fun, but necessary. 2020 will dump a doozy of family members, who just are not worth it! However, I’m 61 years old, and it’s overdue for Rawhide, “head em up,and move em out!?

  2. People don’t always want to get along. I have a butt load of Libra and I’m a Pisces. I had to learn that by the time I was in Jr. High!

    As for Mars/Saturn aspects, they’re extremely karmic, even instantly.

  3. For a Libra, I dont think I try very hard with people. If they want to get along, cool. I can get along with anyone who wants to get along with me. If they don’t, then thats cool too, Ill probably just try to avoid you. Whatever the dynamic is going to be will be up to them.

    My thing has been people that dont like me, but are insistent on being in my energy field and trying to destroy me. I know that I have Pluto, I attract that dynamic, which is fine, it helps me work stuff out. But I do wonder about the mentality of that kind of person. Just go away if you dont like me and get a life.

  4. Saturn has transited my Moon, in Capricorn 12th House. Using your approach and notion that Saturn helps sort things out, I apply that thinking to my Moon, my needs. Thing I’m finding is what I need and who I need to get what I need … this past couple of years is teaching me “You might need what you think you want because you used to (want it/need you need it).”

    “It” being old securities; old relationships and present day equivalents; people substituting for security blankets.

    Your thoughts: “This transit has allowed me to stop trying to get along with people who don’t want to get along with me. This allows me more time to get along with people who do love and support me” make so much sense as it relates to Saturn crossing through and sorting my needs(Moon).

  5. I have t. Saturn (4th house) square my Mars in Libra (1st house). I find my communications to be sharper and more critical at times. I’m cranky. This transit for me is about getting used to having my now retired husband around all the time. He doesn’t know what to do with himself yet. Its understandable, but I hope he finds something soon.

    I’ve given him hints on what he could be doing, like clean out the basement, but there’s no interest on his part. See. That’s a Saturn square Mars statement.

  6. I have transit saturn, pluto conjunct my mars in 4th house now. my home life is good and relationship with my parent and my sibling is nice as usual, when transit pluto conjunct mars 4th house for the first time in 2016 i moved to the new residence with my family members.

  7. Transiting Saturn is now 3 degrees past square with my Mars-Merc (drive to communicate) in my 9th house (publishing) and I am now publishing like no tomorrow, very successfully, in a new venue! I am feeling (experiencing) a lot of cooperation (Libra) and love (Libra). It all just flows very easily.

  8. I have the same hand as you Elsa, Saturn in Cap transiting my natal Mars in Libra – but I can up the ante and raise you one – because it’s all going on in my Beautiful 7th house of relationships!
    I don’t fight anymore – I walk away and give the problem to a higher power who always solves it. And that of course does not mean I get what I want, but rather what the Divine determines is the greater good. I understand that now for many years and I have peace. But I have to say this Uranus transit of my first house these past seven years has really prepared me for this new path, and I am so grateful.

    Mars in Libra in the 7th will always make me miss my husband.
    Aries Rising

  9. Saturn is squaring my Libra Moon which Cap Mars is locked in natally with as well. To say it has been a crazy time the past half year, also with Uranus opposition to the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra would be an understatement.

    It was almost literal the open/closed door this week. Got dumped on text after 8 months in a relationship, and on the same day I have a telephone conversation with a woman who can help me get back home to the city where I have lived for 10 years as ‘she knows people’. Classic Mars/Moon energy. I have stopped counting how often this happens. The lady is a kind soul and we get along so nicely. The moving (Uranus hits my 4th house very soon) will probably be for my benefit as well. So at least there’s that. The silver lining. Even if I am crushed by the breakup, in this way, at least I might have an opportunity to heal in my new hometown. (Taurus/healing).
    Let’s pray for the better….

  10. I have natal mars in libra squared by natal saturn in cancer so I am used to this blocking energy all my life, even at age of 21 I developed an autoimune illness which makes my muscles weak and blocks my moves and speach (myastenia gravis). So this year I had one of my hard years, during saturn transit in capricorn squaring my natal mars in libra. Since last year I tried to redraw cortizone whuch I took 23 years and take other medicine, I did it but when I completelly redraw this drug in april when t. saturn made the first square with natal mars I begin to have excrutiating pains in all my muscles and bones. For me this transit made feel so much body pain that almost led me to depression. Pure saturn cruelty.

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