Mars Conjunct Neptune: “Stimulated” By The Ethereal

Venus, Cupid and MarsMars is conjunct Neptune today and if you have planets in the fixed signs around 24 degrees Aquarius, you are sure to be feeling this big time.

Mars is your get up and go, and Neptune will dissipate your drive. In other cases, there are sneak attacks and in still other cases, the attacks are imagined. The opportunity to undo yourself today is sky high and the odds you become stimulated by something that isn’t even there (for good or ill) is almost guaranteed.

Personally, I feel tired today. I called the soldier who is also tired after driving through the night. “I wish I could smell you,” I said. “I’d feel better right away if I could.”

“Not now, P, I stink.”

“Doesn’t matter, I could still smell you underneath and it always makes me feel good. Do you know you smell the same now as you did when you were 19? You really do, it’s the same smell and the same feeling and if you were here right now everything would be right.”

Who can relate? Got a Pisces Mars, maybe? How about Mars in the 12th?

20 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Neptune: “Stimulated” By The Ethereal”

  1. My sun is at 24 deg. Aquarius! I’ve got Mars in Pisces too.

    Honestly, today I am feeling weird, though I know I shouldn’t. I got news early this morning (before I went to bed) about something that might happen in a few months that I should be happy about but it’s got me feeling all weird and nervous.

    Ha! I think I am totally feeling the “stimulated by something that isn’t even there (for ill)” thing.

    On the other hand, I am feeling VERY motivated and energized today. Things I’ve been lazing around about… I think I am finally ready to actually start them and have somewhat of a plan.

  2. mars conj. neptune and i’ve been feeling this for a couple of days. also got weird allergy action, so i physically feel as if i have been or are about to cry but without emotional upsets. it’s kind of surreal and leaves me tired.

    and i’m not only feeling emotional for no reason, others i know are too. but on the plus side, the hurts are disappearing seems almost as fast as they occur, it’s seeming.

    and the smells – yes!

  3. ha ha! i just realized i said i’m not emotional and in the next sentence said i am… noooooooooo. i’m not feeling any neptune……:lol:

  4. My boss has Mars conjunct Neptune in Libra rising. Among my many names for him are “Captain Ambiguous”, “Sweetness” and “Action Man” (the last being said with much sarcasm but the greatest affection).

  5. Yea I agree too! Especially when I’m sick (a cold) like today
    I’ve got Pisces mars square neptune! I feel that I’m not forceful when I want to get something for myself… Like I use roundabout ways to get them (I’m a Cancer ascendant also!) but it’d be a lie to say that I don’t have ambitions… I’m just not upfront about them..

  6. I have marte em lion and netuno in scorpion…When my hart says GO, I runnnnnnnnnnn! It fell like a intuision.

    About conjuncion i remember that day…i was in love with a men by net lol..Totaly insanny ande crazy…But my hart sad go….and i gone….

  7. My husband came in from the market with a whole bag of goodies and I was just lying around reading this morning. anyway, he set up the grill and started cooking and before I knew it, he had rounded up everybody and we were gathered for an Easter feast that he cooked completely. When he got up from the table after most had gone, I went and gave him a hug and he smelled exactly how I always remembered him smelling and I said it …..”your smell takes me back to when I first met you”……very interesting this smell thing going on….

  8. My husband has this conj in his 7th. He was a solo sailor when he met me after losing his boat’s mast. Sailor’s aspect. I love it.

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