Judgement And Feelings: Saturn, Moon And Validation

Baudelaire Orphans“Someone feeling wronged is like someone feeling thirsty. Don’t tell them they aren’t.”
–Lemony Snicket

Venus in Scorpio is aspecting my Saturn Moon today. Due to varying Pluto Venus-type connections there’s been a lot of talk recently about “corpses” returning. Today the corpse was me. Of course with Mars transiting my 12th house I was able to keep it under wraps. Shhhhh! This all happened internally, in secret (12th house). No one was harmed by me, but me. The 12th house is also the house of self-udoing.

Elsa told me, more than once: Pisces likes to confess. So here’s the deal. I spent the early afternoon looking at the charts of people I have amputated (Pluto) for cause. I was looking at the charts with a judgmental heart (Saturn Moon). I was looking for a common theme among them. Specifically I was looking to see if I could pinpoint a reason they appear to fare well even when I think they stink. I was actually able to come up with some similarities. But here’s the thing: instead of feeling better, the more I discerned, I felt worse.

I remembered a set of two plaques we used to have in the powder room when I was a kid. One had angels, one had devils. One said, “What is moral is what you feel good after.” The other said, “What is immoral is what you feel bad after.” Those mottos are arguable (and imagine facing them as you sat on the toilet every day as a kid) but what struck me was that whatever I was doing wasn’t making me very happy. So I stopped. I decided digging into other people’s business with malicious intent doesn’t feel good to me. So it must be bad for me. I had been using my Saturn Moon to judge others, and it felt bad. I turned my judgmental Moon on myself, and stopped, and I felt better, a lot better and the more time goes by the better I feel. I know from personal experience with a Moon wrapped up in Saturn and Pluto that if you don’t stop digging when it feels bad you can turn into territory where you lose that sensitivity. Your pain/pleasure signals get mixed up, and then how do you protect yourself; how do you know what’s right?

The most righteous judgement is employed on oneself, controlling oneself. It’s good to go back to the source (yourself) if you feel growly.

Dug up any corpses of your own lately? Have you had to face being the corpse yourself?

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    ” I know from personal experience with a Moon wrapped up in Saturn and Pluto that if you don’t stop digging when it feels bad you can turn into territory where you lose that sensitivity. Your pain/pleasure signals get mixed up, and then how do you protect yourself; how do you know what’s right”

    Excellent info! Thank you satori. I have sat conj ASC from the 12th opp moon conj 7th. Sat trine Pluto and moon sextile Pluto.

    I’ve been wanting to dig. Didnt seem to be getting anywhere digging on myself so thought about digging on the other. I’ll heed your advice. Thank you from a fellow confessing Pisces
    With natal mars in the 12th

  2. Perfection, judgement, guilt. Hi Satori I’d love to chat, but I’m off to sweep my front porch.
    Love You just the way you are :)))))

  3. You must have had wise parents Satori. That’s a great place to place those ‘proverbs.’ I never thought of it that way, but I know you’re right. Thanks for the heads up… I have a Pisces moon with Cap rising, so I hate to confess. 🙂

  4. I’m guilty. Moon conjunct Pluto opposite Saturn.

    I looked to see if there was a Juno connection between myself and the two people I loved. I pretend it’s ok because I only changed the date to the other person’s birth date instead of creating a chart for them.

    There was a synastry Juno connection, Jupiter conjunct Juno in both cases. I only feel a little bad about it. I was being noisy yes, but no ill intent was meant.

  5. Yes, have become aware that sometimes I wear the corpse’s costume. I don’t know why I inherited that thang but I did. I’m swingin in the balance right now. Folks been slappin me back in the face with it and we laugh. I got this work ethic thing that has my team mates adding an “itious” to my name that I think is synonomous with vicious.

    I got a really good surveying partner right now who gets it on some level. Probably 30 years my junior, but he says today, you know we get each other. I says I know, we’s alike. Our drill sargeants keep each other alert. We are intense together. I’m thinkin overall, though, intense just ain’t no good anymore. One of my gen ed instructors says it’s only 25% hard skills anymore, and 75% soft skills (peopo skewlls) that gets you a job. No wonder we’re in the tank economically. So I gotta soften it all up. Go with the flow. I don’t know what these young folks have got up their sleeves, but it must be their world now, because it sure isn’t mine “out there” anymore. I’m in the minority category now. Majority is 25-55. I could judge all I want, but it does no good. It’s all moment to moment.

  6. I went digging up one of the corpses from my past yesterday. I stopped myself from acting out though. I did a search on FB, found him, discovered he has a child that would have been conceived while we were still married. There’s just one mutual friend among his list, my finger hovered over the button to send a message, but I stopped. What point would there be to opening that moldy can of worms? I feel a little icky for digging, but good that I walked away from the deep hole.

  7. Way to go Carrie… I’m proud of you. “you did good.” 🙂 I see nothing harmful in knowing truth though, sooner, later, whenever.

  8. Huh? Where you perhaps talking about me, Satori? lol
    Moon? check. Saturn? check. Pluto? check.
    And, yes, I do feel better when I bring the stuff back to where it should be. Back to me!
    It’s good to remember if all that *need* to change my enviroment is making me feel sick, I can easily feel a whole lot better if I invest the same sort and amount of energy in myself.
    I’m learning and learning, and some of your post have really helped me a lot.
    I was thinking about your narcissist post you wrote earlier this year. It really planted a seed for something good to happen for me. It was like Inception!! lol

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