Defending The Moon In Scorpio

Today my sister was complaining about dark, manipulative energy.

I wrote:

“You have never liked Scorpio moons and most every friend I have, has one and that’s a fact. Obviously I have an affinity. Us swamp things have to hang together, I guess.

You, with your moon in Sadge have moved on.”

We grew up together and studied astrology for nearly forty years. We really ought to have this figured out by now.

This is the same sister who told me to get down because people were going to shoot at us.

“You can’t dodge a bullet!’ she said. I just stared down at her, crouched. “Get down, Elsa! You may not care if you die but I care because if they shoot you, your blood is going to get all over me.”

On that I snorted because she’s quite funny but I did not get down. You don’t think I am going to miss seeing what the men with guns were going to do? Come on!

12 thoughts on “Defending The Moon In Scorpio”

  1. I still SO love my ex-husband with his Sag. moon and my ex-soulmate with his Sag. moon. The thing about them that I LOVE the very most is that they will not be told what to do; not by anybody.

    Theydo what FEELS RIGHT TO THEM AT THE TIME! Right on Sag moon, love y’all!!!!!!!!!!

    Signed, (for this post) Leo-Moon

  2. Do you ever meet a scorpio moon who doesn’t own their scorpio-moon-ness? I am speaking of a scorpio moon who has it square pluto in her natal chart and feel she wants to float above it somehow (my perception).

    I remember a post from last week (?) about manipulation. Why on earth do they do that? Why can’t they be more, well, straightforward and less twisty? This from a not so straightforward Cancer stellium 🙂

  3. Maybe it’s my packed 8th house, but I love Scorpio! Two of my best friends have Scorp moons (one with a Scorp Sun and Venus too) and I find it easier to ‘get’ them better than most people. I have another Scorp friend with a Sadge moon and while we see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, there are some areas where I get LOST!

  4. I love Scorpio too! In fact you might say I specialize in them in a way as my Ascendant is 0 degrees Taurus so they always fall in my 7th House.

  5. I do so appreciate the people in my life who get me, because I know how hard it is. (Scorp Moon, Rising/Neptune Conjunct). I have had very few “true” friends – but I would do anything for them, and they know that.

  6. my partner has scorpio moon/venus/neptune conjunct. i am grateful that he understands me and he’s accepting of how despondent i can be when life gets on top of me. he encourages me to just “let it out” which i need with my capricorn moon…i can let it rip if pushed but so often that is riddled with shame/worry that i look bad for doing it (curse of a cap moon i guess).

    i hope this comment doesn’t come up twice but i have a suspicion it may.

  7. I am married to a scorpio moon. His strong emotions help me to develop strength in new ways.

    I like to say that I like to run from Scorpios but I can’t hide. My dad is a scorpio, my mom has a scorpio rising. My husband has a scorpio moon and my oldest has scorpio rising. I have a scorpio boss.

  8. lol, i agree with your sister, sag moon.
    Its not that i dont like moon in scorpio, its just the moon is not in a natural possition here and it can manifest in most negative way.
    I look at the whole chart and whole person, but obviously id take speacial notice with such difficult placement. What with the moon’s influence being of great importance.

  9. PS. One of my close friends is a scorpio and also has knowledge of astrology, he dated a moon in scorpio female, ha ha ha ha, he has a tauras moon , ha ha ha ha , he told me yesterday , he does not like moon in scorpio. So i say big big difference from sun to moon.

  10. I’m a Libra with a scorp moon, venus (square pluto), saturn and mercury. My ex was a scorp with a scorp moon.

    For a really long time, most of my friends were either scorps or scorp moons, but now there’s been a transition to mostly cancer and pisces pals, with a few sadges.

    Around that same time, my progressed sun moved into Sag and a lot of the darker scorp stuff dropped away from my life (including my ex).

    My progressed moon moves to sag this summer and I figure the transition will then be complete.

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