Mars Conjunct Pluto – Passion vs Rage

Mars vintage bookI’m well known to be a hot head. I don’t deny this. But eventually I realized it was time I took control of my fast temper.

“But, I’m Italian,” was no longer sufficient!

This got me thinking about how passion is good – rage, not so much. I started to define the two.

Passion is controlled rage for me.  I can be driven by passion, but there’s a line somewhere and when I cross it, I know it. I know I’m out of my mind, but speaking anyway – for this reason – I want to!  

How’s that for a Mars!

Babies yell their heads off for as long as they like.  I decided to get this in hand because I’m way too old to behave that way.

Are you passionate, raging, both or neither?
Do you have excuses for your rage (i.e. you’re Italian)?
Where is 
your Mars?

40 thoughts on “Mars Conjunct Pluto – Passion vs Rage”

  1. I’m Italian, so I use it too. I have to be careful about letting my saggie stuff and aries asc speak before my merc in scorpio and moon/mars conj in libra have weighed out the consequences. Age has helped me with that, thank God!

  2. I was dating a guy that had Mars opposite Pluto (10th), he definitely channeled his passion into his career. But, he also had Saturn & Capricorn all over his chart. His sex drive was off the charts, man oh man. And he’d always say he had a lot of inner anger, but I never really saw it the way I thought it’d manifest with Mars Pluto in one’s chart. He was young and uncomfortable with his darkness. Also had Sun sq Pluto. He had a secret that we didn’t last for me to hear… I always wondered if it was sexual trauma or something.

  3. Mars conjunct Chiron in Aquarius. I find myself having to stand very strong, while everyone else rages around me. Partly it’s being at odds with the patriarchal society (and believe me, I’m not a traditional women’s libber). I feel I’m just trying to be fair? I have some issues with others trying to control me that have enraged me over the years, though. Wow! Step back from that line in the sand. You walk over there and do whatever you like. I’ll walk over here. And if we’re side by side- cool.

    1. Me too, Jilly. But, sometimes the illness triggers rage, and Mars (in Leo) is Vulcan for awhile. With Mars conjunct Pluto in my 12th house the explosions or more implosion … mining the hidden secrets to aid in a course of healing in unexpected ways.

      1. Rereading this old comment, Mars is conjunct Pluto (and Saturn) in the 7th and 8th Houses not 12th; and all three square a Scorpio Sun and Merc. Rage and Passion still duke it out in my life at 70+. I don’t know that that is a ‘bad’ thing though it does a lot of energy either way; and for my overall health it’s actually NECESSARY to express that Mars outwardly so the backup within does blow all circuits to hell!

  4. Raging passion… Mars conjunct venus in aries opposite my libra moon. I’m pleasant as can be, moon in 10th…(calm volcano on surface). I feel so deeply, even the most subtle things. Pisces sun conjunct IC with my Mars and Venus brewing things underneath in my 4th. Scorpio rising for sure!

    1. PS, and I’m noted for my calm nature. Well I tell ya, I almost had an anxiety attack a minute ago. Trying to calm myself now…ooo

  5. I very seldom have rage, Mars in Taurus in the 12th, when I do it’s usually triggered by a Mars transit….like right now.

    Mars has been in my 7th house for a month and I have been in a rage the entire time. The good news is it’s leaving my 7th any minute now.

  6. Had a conversation on anger/rage with my brothers the other day. We talked about how we inherited/internalized/learned anger as a behavior pattern.
    But I don’t flatter myself. Some of this anger is mine. It is mostly passion (Venus square Mars) and irritations from outer agression (Chiron opposite Mars) But I need to change ways of behavior anyway. And yes, I did excuse myself a lot of times.

  7. Oh yes I’ve been feeling this one….have Mars in Libra, but moon in Aries conjunct saturn, sextile Gemini asc and SQUARE merc in cap. Raging inside (often, but especially now) but somehow the Saturn / cap areas of my chart do allow me to channel it along acceptable lines (perhaps the mars in libra too) just as well as on the inside at the moment it feels like a magnified rage….pushing the boundaries of its containment. I hope the Pluto part of this transit will allow for some growth, restriction is driving me nuts lately, perhaps I’ll learn something useful through this.

  8. I have potential for passion and rage. I say it’s my 1H Mars and Mars conjunct moon. I have been known to throw stuff (when I’m alone) and I knkw my words have the potential to cut and hurt. I am very careful how I act out in anger and often just shut up while thoughts swirl in my head (Mercury-ruled). Cardinal types hate when I shut down like this, but believe me, it is for the best. I am easily soothed, though, with kindness.

  9. I would in no way excuse it, but growing up with my mothers scotch-irish family, I would say the italians have got nothing on them in the rage dept. They sure were a heated bunch and stubborn as hell. Anyone crossing the line was dead to them. I have a libra moon so I do not let the temper blow on someone but when someone crosses the line, after great internal deliberation, they are dead to me. I am done trying to be accomodating and amputating the scourge from my life. I get that trait from them and I do not think it is a bad one.

  10. Both transiting Mars and Pluto are currently conjuct my natal Mars 11 degrees Cap in my 2nd house. Eeeek it’s making me nervous

  11. I’m passionate and – sometimes – raging (Mars in Aries squared by Chiron, Uranus, Saturn and opposing Moon, what a mess).
    BUT… I’m also Italian.

    1. Mars in Aries here too 🙂 I consider myself a passionate person and when a situation calls for it, I can be pretty angry.

  12. No. I am not a rager. I rarely get to the point where I’m extremely angry, usually I let the heat of anger dissipate quickly by not letting it build up. I have mars conjunct Sag Ascendant (from 12th house side). It’s energy is accessible to me. If I get irritated I go do something to burn off the energy (something physical) or I express my opinion about the topic without getting nasty or raising my voice.

  13. I was passionate. I saddled those projects and drove them home. My body felt it yesterday, though, so I took it easy last nite. The rush of energy did take me closer to buttoned up for winter.

  14. I have Mars conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn in the fifth trining my Virgo moon in the first, squaring Pluto and Uranus in the second. I have Irish and Scottish blood. I’m pretty much a mutt, actually. I have anger issues and a colorful vocabulary. I do not suffer fools gladly.

  15. I have Mars-Venus-Pluto conjunct in Libra and I’ll admit this: I don’t know the difference between passion and rage.

    If you’re raging, it’s because you’re passionate about something. Maybe to an extreme degree *smiles*, but it is a point on the spectrum.

    I throw myself into everything I want, hard-core and entire. If I’m the least wishy-washy it’s because I don’t care one whit. Unfortunately, this can also lead to quick burnouts when I go too deep, too fast and overextend myself. :/

    1. Re-reading this old thread to find some clues to ride out the currents of the Mars-Mercury conjunction (11/8/21) after a deep dive of passion to meet and house a new grandbaby and his family. Lots of coordinating and accommodating so fire and drive was necessary. Tapped all the sources for a short period. Burnt out, and short tempered now they’re boarding a plane for their home. My natal Mars-Pluto-Saturn stellium at my age witnesses the screaming baby of a nearly one year old: a small and powerful mirror. Oh, I’m too old to do that??!! OH.
      Need to re-fine(find) my voice in time for my new birthday coming soon.

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    I have sun in Sag square Mars in Pisces. My passion and rage often feel too huge for my body to hold without ripping at the seams. Hate to fight though, I’d always rather f*** it out than fight it out!

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    No excuses, but I could always blame it on the rain, yeah yeah. Cause the rain don’t mind, and the rain don’t care…

  18. How do the words sound to you?
    Passion has a positive tone, rage ALWAYS sounds negative.
    For me they are not the same, nor do they have to be connected.

  19. Good idea to differenciate the two!
    I sometimes have passion, but luckily rage is rare.
    Blew up in a very intense way 2 days ago… Pluto currently transiting square Mars maybe ? I hated it!
    N Mars in Libra in 12th does not like this, and I’m not at all Italian, so no excuses.
    It was a strange stress connected to a friend who died a week ago. Such a sudden and intense rage – OMG! I could hardly recognize myself! But that stuff is there, somewhere inside, waiting to explode.

  20. I was the second of two Daughters raised by a single Mom who constantly raged at us to control our behavior. Now that im a Mom, a kinder, gentler, more permissive version certainly, but i feel rocketing rage fill me at her brattiness/ her hitting me/pinching me/ not hard but still. Its hard to take a step back, breathe and not freak out.

  21. I can be both passionate and raging. Mars is very dominant in my chart and that’s rather an understatement. Mars in Aries at the critical 13th degree, conjunct Vesta, square Pallas exactly, trine Uranus and Jupiter in Sag, both trining my Asc. The real potency with my Mars, I think is it’s near exact parallel with Pluto. I’ve been prone to rage since I can remember. I remember the first time I got angry, I was maybe 4, and my sister took my toy. I remember feeling taken aback with what came out of me. Like what was that? That came out of me? It was powerful enough to scare a grown up. There was one time, right after my parents divorce, I was like 5 or 6, and my dad had a girlfriend who would come over on the weekends we would be over at his house. She had this annoying boy who was always cranky so needed naps during the day. She tried to make me, my sister and brother take a nap too. I flew into a rage and told that woman we don’t take naps!! I scared this adult woman so bad, she didnt say a word, she looked like she was going to cry and she left and never came back. My dad said he never heard from her again. We laugh about it now. But, yes, rage prone…powerful rage. I hate injustices. I cant tolerate misuse of power. But think with Uranus, in the mix I can step outside of it and detach quickly.

    Now that I’m older, I have more control over it.

    1. Just to add… as much as I’m prone to rage, it’s always been impossible for me to rage at my child. I’ve never even spanked my child. I have infinite patience with children and animals. It has to be my Neptune H5.

  22. Im very passionate. I get angry. But rage is something that Ive only experienced a few times. It made me feel sick to my stomach. I hated it. I am Italian:)

    Seems like passion is Love and rage is fear.

      1. I am! Blue eyes. Very fair. Northern Italy and Switzerland are where my people are from. Polenta not pasta. People who only know Italians from The Godfather are surprised when they hear my last name, assuming its my married name.

  23. I was thinking of rage as explosive anger with an intense emotional charge. I always have some amount of control over what I do when I’m angry, even when I’m extremely angry, so if you take rage to mean being completely out of control, I can’t say I’ve ever experienced that. I’ve heard of the type of rage where people black out and cant remember what they did.

    There have been times where I have felt *almost* to the point of losing all control, but when this happens, I instinctively turn the anger on myself, so I dont hurt anyone else. So I guess that’s having some sort of control, since in the moment, I can make a choice not to hurt someone else.

    There have been maybe three times I can think of in my marriage when my husband relentlessly backed me into a corner, literally and figuratively, which put me into close to an uncontrollable rage. You just should not back a Mars like mine into a corner. If I am trying to leave and you physically restrain me, lord have mercy. I think we have worked through a lot though, this has not happened in a long time.

  24. Sun, Mercury, Mars, Pluto. In a Stellium In Scorpio. Square Saturn. Opposing Moon in Aries. Sextile Venus, Jupiter in Virgo and Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn.

    Let me tell you something.

    I am a literal walking volcanic natural disaster. I have been bullied for my passionate nature and explosive temper, but I’ve always loved and believed in living life to the fullest every single day. Emotional, physical, intelligent, and just barely rational. Passion is Rage’s most positive expression. Rage is when you flip the switch, and the switch is very flip happy. Live with Passion and Rage. Both are what makes us human and God.

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