Mars: How Big Is Your Dog and Can He Hunt?

“P, you’re not the least bit afraid of me are you?” my husband asked.


“Well that’s good. And it’s strange because I’m a dangerous bastard,” he said. Β We both laughed.

“Well I’m not afraid of you. It’s never crossed my mind I ought to be afraid of you! In fact I think you’d just as soon be afraid of me,” I said, mindlessly. Β “Say! Do you think I’m one of those little dogs who thinks they’re a big dog? Am I little dog barking as if it’s gonna be able to do some damage? Is that me? Oh brother, maybe it is.”

Chalk this up to Mars (aggressive)Β conjunct Mercury (thinking) in the (inflated) 9th house.

Where’s your Mars?

33 thoughts on “Mars: How Big Is Your Dog and Can He Hunt?”

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    the other Kat

    I have a shirt that says “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog” so I bet you can guess my answer πŸ˜‰
    Mars in Sag but at home in 1st house.

  2. Mars in 9th house Aries; small dog who can sound big. In fact, it is my only trick, besides cutting and running.

  3. Mars in Leo the 11th House. I have two sides to my Mars. The amicable jovial side Mars/Jupiter/Moon stellium in Leo trine Neptune, strangers on the street tell me their life stories, children and animals tend to strongly like me, I shy away from competition unless dragged into it.

    And then there is the Leo stellium square Uranus, Mars trine Sun, side of me which once roused is a force to be reckoned with. With my Uranian traits I could definitely benefit from lessons in patience and compromise. When somebody manages to get me angry its usually people I care about with whom I’ve reached a major impasse in our relationship who can solicite my anger and know what buttons to push – in those cases I swallow my anger and leave the premises till I cool off because I don’t want to say something in anger that I’ll later regret (especially since I have a 1st House Pluto opp a 7th House Mercury which if I allowed it could be surgically cruel). In rare cases where I am physically attacked by a guy (women can walk all over me, and its not uncommon for me to get “love punches” from girls attracted to me, this is all probably related to my Mars/Moon conjunction) or a bully is picking on a helpless person then I get mean. I don’t win every fight but the bullying does stop after that. In the past I have been accused of ganging up on guys I get in fights with because I leave a pretty good number on their faces.

    All and all, Neptune has the most aspect in my chart and Neptune abhors violence (I feel the results) and confrontations leaves a bad hangover. No matter how much in the right a may be with my actions.

  4. I am such a big “dog.” (Cat, actually. πŸ˜‰ )
    It’s kind of funny to me: I’m a short, chubby female so everyone expects they can punt the chihuahua across the room, yanno? But when they try they find themselves taken down chop-chop. *lol* That ain’t no chihuahua, man, that’s a tigress! You better recognize. πŸ˜‰

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    Little Miss Hermit

    Apparently, I’m a big dog – who confuses herself with a fly on the wall a lot of the time…;) Scorpio Midheaven w/NN and Uranus; Pluto conjunct Mercury, Venus and Mars in Libra; 8th house Sun (Virgo). The confusion lies with the Neptune/12th;D

  6. Mars in Aquarius in the 11th square Uranus and trine Pluto. i don’t know but i think i am a small dog that explodes at random moments. the strangest things set me off, but THEY SET ME OFF

  7. Taurus with Mars in aqua… small but deadly.. grew up in a hardknock group been in plenty of fights… never lost. I date an italian scorpio who is the big dog and I never back down although he could eat me for breakfast. Fortunately he thinks my “firey” side as he likes to call it is sexy.

  8. i am laughing at the Google ads in the margin “Dog Dominance Aggression” and “Learn Advanced Whispering”

    seriously, though, somebody once asked my husband if i beat him up because they thought i was a “donna aggressiva”. it was a shock to me because i don’t see myself that way- a big dog. i’m a PISCES, jeez!

    by the way, i never beat my husband up. lol again.

  9. I’m a big dog who thinks she’s small and wonders why folks freak out. Mars in Sag in the first ss my uranus (in scorpio, :D)and widely square my jupiter in pisces. Or maybe all that jupiter makes me think I’m bigger than I am. Whatever I am, I’m confused about it and don’t understand why folks react the way do. LOL.

  10. Big dog disguised as a small dog: Mars conj Mercury in Scorp conj ASC with Venus in Sag in the 1st. My bite is FAR worse than my bark. πŸ™‚

  11. This looks so fun, I’ve been charmed out from my ‘lurk cave’. πŸ˜‰
    Chart stuff is *totally* new for me. Corrections and suggestions are welcome…here goes:
    Mars sits very alone right on DC in Sag 7th house.

    In a ‘fight’ by and large, I’m a herding dog.(small thinks big?)
    I ‘know’ where you are ‘supposed to be’ and its my ‘job’ to get you there. Tenacious to the point of uber-obsession. I’m the one who is (often rightly) accused of not “letting shit go already!”.
    I tend not to view things as a ‘fight’ right off–rather, I’m pointing them in the right direction via talk talk talk (barkbarkbark!)[Lib w Gem rising].
    But ‘stubbornness’ meets with increased pressure-*morebark!*, nipping heels, snapping, circling and pushing in the ‘right’ direction (aka I listen to the argument & get more ammunition to counter).
    Like a herd dog, I’m at the top of my game if the pen is full and all think it was their idea to be there in the first place.
    Big downside to this trait is my tendency to place so much importance and self-worth on the outcome of any and every encounter. My balancing mantras are “is this the hill you want to die on?” and “today..on this can be right or you can be happy. what’s it gonna be?” Helps me keep some perspective.

    Funny cos’ my profession (Proj Manager) self-identifies as ‘cat herders’.

    NB: the above holds true of argument or disagreement. My take on physical aggression is:
    I don’t start it. I’ll remove myself if possible.
    If I feel in danger and stuck? My priority in that moment is to kill or cripple the threat.
    That being said, I’ve talked my way out of some seriously scary situations.

    Thanks for another interesting topic, Elsa!

  12. Ha ha, Amber!

    I’m with Diane L on this one. There are folks who make me feel small sometimes. I just have to remember I’m not as small as they think I am. Because I’ve often proved otherwise when sh*t hit the fan. πŸ™‚

  13. Generally I’m a lover, not a fighter. I have Mars in Sag conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd. Generally I think of myself as a big scary-looking dog (Pluto rising) who is too slow and stupid to fight. πŸ˜€

    If I get pushed far enough to fight, I feel sick afterward. Never feels good, always feels like I’ve broken something irreparably.

  14. I am a cat, “above” the barking of large or small dogs(lol!)nor am I much intimidated by them. I just hiss & scratch or run for the nearest tree/inaccessible hideout πŸ˜‰ Leo Sun & Merc in the 7th, Mars in Sag, 12th.

  15. Taurus Mars is part of a grand trine in earth. I’m just a placid cow in the pasture unless you insist on fucking with me over an extended period of time… then the bull gores you.

  16. The comments made me laugh. I am a small dog who think she is larger, very large. Mars in Capricorn in the 6th house.

  17. I have a sneaking suspicion, that I’m a human jack russell, small, but spunky and full of attitude. and once I get my teeth in something you ain’t prying it out of my jaws.
    mars in leo

  18. Elsa, That’s a terriorist for ya’. I actually own a jack russell, when I take her for walks, she gets attitude with LARGE dogs, the neighbors tell me not to worry about their dogs, I told them it’s not THEIR dogs I’m worried about.

  19. Yikes, Elsa.

    One of the dogs I walk is cute as a button. A Pug. Likes to play and play and play. So do I. He always jumps on my legs for a few seconds to say hello, scratches without meaning to, then circles them and laps my hands.

    One of the last times he jumped on my leg, he scratched the sh*t out of my thigh. I didn’t realize it until I went home to change my pants. But the little guy left a large artistic red scratch encircled by a black and blue bruise.
    Easy to forgive. The Pug wasn’t aiming to kick my ass.

    I think dogs don’t realize their own strength!

  20. Definitely a big dog who thinks they are small. I am ALWAYS surprised at how many people find me intimidating. I see myself as so retiring and meek. Not the case, apparently. Mars in Cancer, in the first house.

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