Does A Person Have A Lot In Life?

saturn manIs there such a thing as a “lot in life”? I think there is!

For example, I have black hair. I can dye it all I want. When it grows back in it is still going to be black.

I realize this goes against the current thinking that you can have anything you want, if only you write it down or wish upon a star. Yes! You too can be as rich as Oprah.

I think this is ridiculous but  I have Capricorn so perhaps I am naturally dour!

But seriously, says the goat. I think there are limits. What do you think?

24 thoughts on “Does A Person Have A Lot In Life?”

  1. I wouldn’t call it a “lot” exactly, but I think there are parameters for each of us, beyond which it’s probably highly unlikely we’ll ever manage to go. But I don’t think this means that if we find ourselves in a difficult or uncomfortable situation that we have to see it as our “lot”, because that “lot” is but a small area within much wider parameters.

    Dunno if that makes any sense at all. 🙂

  2. but a lot of it depends on hw you choose to “do your job” there’s positive an negative expressions and i think we have the choice in how we express the energy we’re given.

  3. I do think some doors just wont be opened for some no matter how loud they knock. And others dont even have to knock, the door just opens. But its worth knocking just to see right?

  4. I strongly believe in having a lot in life, as you describe, for the same reasons as you describe. The hair is not suddenly going to turn red, for example. I think, the sky has limits, and I’m generally called a negative sour-ass for it. I believe it is because people mix it up with the lack of wanting to invest hard work in something, but I also attribute it to an enormously sheltered life in the West. There really are no real limits to the mostly young people, I have gotten criticism from. They are in their 30ies now, and I can see a split between those, who still have no family obligations, and who went into the working market without any problems, and then those, who came to this Earth with physical limitations, which break out now and those who have families and mortgages. The latter group does see, what I mean. The other group are either Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, or they will understand when they hit their 40, and suddenly they can’t act 17 anymore.

    I have the Sun in Fifth House. And I think, the best way to make oneself a splendid person is to reach the sky within the set limits. For example, to wear clothes and make-up to bring that black hair out to its fullest potential, to stay with your example. I also believe, most people _can_ reach the sky within their limits, which is, where the work is to be invested.

    But as a Moon in 12 house, I also know, that there are a few, who have been given such a hard lot, that it almost resembles a cosmic birth defect of sorts, and they need all the help and compassion for their situation, they can get.

  5. libra rising says:
    yes and no

    (yes) we have a fated lot, we’re f***d, so let’s make the best of it,
    (no) yet shifting my perception can totally change my experience of whatever reality.
    (both) the lot is a very large map and we can still choose our destinations, even when we take detours, choose the ‘wrong’ fork, a bad road or go off road entirely.
    Which leads me to: isn’t it the journey that counts?
    ( ) let’s say we chose our lot -peticulars of our incarnation in order to experience certain things, then our lot was really up to us, so we dont really have a lot? Maybe I can totally release my past, change the contract and create a new lot –it self disposable & renewable at that. But that is a pretty scary precept. so much power. ‘unacceptable’. I dont dare to try, Im too attached to what I know. ;P

    isn’t the best lot is to love your life?

  6. This reminds me of something you wrote a little while ago. You said that your natal chart gives you potential energies that you choose whether you want to utilize or direct in some way. You manipulate what you’re born with to achieve what you think your lot in life is.

    I believe less in the idea that no one has a calling than the opposite. I think that people are equipped to do certain things and choose whether or not to do them. Then again, I think I have a lot in life. And that’s not dying young. Because of this, I’m more chilled out and less scared of dying at this time. I also believe that I’m going to fall in love once and for good. This is why I’m not that worried about finding a mate in the future like some girls are. Especially the kind that come from a culture where you marry early.
    The most minimal conception of a lot in life helps you live without being afraid to die every second of the day.

  7. I agree with “TheBlackScorpio”‘s assessment. It seems to me, too, that many who don’t believe that we are born into our “lots”(and/or who don’t have compassion for those worse off than themselves)are often persons whose own lots include a great deal of situational resources and freedom of movement in their lives… You know, the ones who always say, “Well, if I can do it, ANYBODY can! There’s no excuse!”

  8. @Deb . . . me too!

    We NEED limits/boundaries (Saturn) to work within and focus our energies. “Lot in life” has gotten bad press. Maybe because it implies we might have to work harder . . .

  9. i believe we have a lot in life, yes…but within that lot there are wide ranges of experience…i mean, the acreage is open…and you can dig a hole, lie in the mud, stay in a corner, play the field, climb the mountain, jump the fence….and of course, you can transcend it altogether…but if your lot came with black horses and fields of wheat, i would probably try to recognize that horse is not a dapple gray frolicking in oats

    mercury in aquarius
    saturn cap conjunct jupiter aquarius

  10. heehee, my pisces kicks in as an afterthough here…

    that said, no harm in playing make believe as long as you recognize as such 😉

  11. When I was a kid I thought everything was mutable and open ended and that there were a thousand possibilities. Now I don’t think anyone has any choice– based on their background, their genetics, their friends and associates — all of it plus what a person knows at the time adds up to fate. Most of what happens to you you just can’t help. And most of everything else, you can’t help. So I go with the lot, which can be a very freeing concept.

  12. Elsa,

    Yes. I believe in the idea- one’s LOT In Life. It’s how we respond and will we suffer or not. Maybe the LOT is our “lesson”…;)

    When we had our consult, you mentioned my Saturn square (leo) Moon as something I experience as “my family (mother) burden”- So again, my LOT AND my greatest life lessons (gifts).

    Anyone else?

  13. yeah, i see it. some people have insanely difficult challenges, some have mostly gravy. but regardless of the lot, people sure wear them a lot differently.

  14. Yes, I believe that we have a lot in life. There is as Demelza puts it a hand we’re dealt and try as we might to run away from it, that isn’t going to work.

    However, I do believe we have choices in how we deal with that. We can make the most of it, i.e., see it as an opportunity for learning and growth, or feel sorry for ourselves and envy other people for their supposedly better lot in life.

    Although I’m not on board with the “I can wish myself into being as rich as Oprah” fantasy, I do think that there is something to be said for having an abundance mentality versus a poverty mentality…and not just regarding money.

  15. I’m a Libra Rising and I see duality in natal chart potentials. The lot in life can go either way.

    Two men I know each have Pluto Mars tight conjunctions. One is explosive in arguments and tries to control the conversation. Positively, he can win debates and pursuade groups. The other man hates arguing or any type of disagreement, which is not practical when things have to be discussed. This same man was a martial artist for twenty years.

  16. Yes. In the same way as there is so much learning we need to get a grasp on in this life. That’s my take on it. We go through something/our “lot”/challenges/obstacles because we’re supposed to learn something from it.

    Although it may just be my capricorn moon talking, I cannot grasp the idea that freedom from challenges means doing what I want whilst ignoring circumstances/people around me. There’s usually a lot more work involved when trying to strike a balance and learn from challenges…, than dismissing challenges (or lots in life) as freedom limitations. Then again I am also pisces, so I am familiar with prisons.

  17. I believe we can control some things, but I also believe (know, because I live it) that some of us simply have life go a certain way, no matter what we do. I have a chaotic life, even now, when it is the most peaceful I’ve ever known. Other women can go and have a hysterectomy and get on with the hot flashes and night sweats. Me? I have the hot flashes, night sweats, and a kidney situation that hasn’t yet been resolved after five months! I not only have a dog, I have a big drooling dog who went blind. I have a horse, but the horse wants to be friends with the blind dog who doesn’t know what the hell that is she hears and can see in shadow if the sun is just right, so she barks. Nothing comes without effort or turmoil, it seems. Amazingly enough, thanks to Elsa and the astrology I’ve learned – I’m sailing through all of it with a smile on my face. It is – what it is.

    I blame it on that Pluto/Uranus/Asc. I mean, what else could I expect from that?! lol

  18. I believe there are limits in life though I am a Libra. For me, the greatest limitations I face come from me. Moreover, I do think positive thinking can better one’s situation however positive thinking alone will not make you rich, happy,etc. In the end, some people really are handed a lousy set of cards in life and I feel for them.

  19. Make with less, do without, start from scratch, go again. My capricorn rising with saturn in 1st in a nutshell.

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