Mars In Libra – Weapon At The Ready

libra charm“Look,” I told my husband. “I HAVE manners. I may or may not choose to exhibit them but they do exist and I deploy them…  I can put them into action at any time.”

He laughed and laughed and laughed as I sat there on my end of the phone realizing that to Mars in Libra, manners are a weapon that will be brandished if necessary.

“I admit I don’t always use them, there are times I don’t want to use them at all but when needed, they’re there so don’t you worry, I am capable of grace and I mean grace to the extreme if need be…”

He was rolling in laughter but wouldn’t tell me why.

10 thoughts on “Mars In Libra – Weapon At The Ready”

  1. goddess, it is true. “I thought I wasn’t going to like her but she was so damned nice!”

    ha ha ha ha

    It’s sick I admit it and that’s why my Mars is broken in Libra!

  2. Mars in Libra is such an odd energy to work with. I think one time Elsa, you had remarked that Libra energy gets projected onto others. And I find that is a very accurate description of how my moon/mars conj in Libra works out. It gets balanced when I integrate my Leo rising/stellium into the equation but I don’t get to just count on them balancing each other out, I have to work at it constantly.

  3. Shaina, it is strange. I am at my core a very kind person but I am so much happier going casual. I can do the high end manners if I have to but honestly, I’d rather not know you if you require that because it’s so unnatural and demanding of me.

    It’s like going to a high end restaurant – I have written about this before.

    There are way too many forks on this table, I think. This is way too much trouble…

    I’ll do it but honesty, the meal is never any better than what I’d gotten somewhere more casual but I have to ACT like it is better which is another pain in the ass.

    I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone who likes this stuff – I enjoy and appreciate a connoisseur of anything – anyone with passion for anything, it’s just not my gig.

    The best parties I have ever been took took place on the roof of my house or out at Henry’s house after he died, and there were some pigs running ’round the desert, see?

    But everyone was happy and laughing and really that is all I care about.

  4. My theory: having Libra means having taste. Discernment. It doesn’t necessarily mean you deal in insincerity, frills, b.s., or anything except exactly what you know you like. So I think your preference for casual just means you have a clearly-defined taste.

  5. Yes Mars in Libra here!! I tell people yep I am nice but don’t be fooled into thinking I am a doormat. I myself am almost instantly revolted by someone who acts snooty and better than others.

  6. I think good manners require you match the manners of the people you are with and I can do this to the high, high end, I just prefer lower maintenance.

    It’s just too, too much polish for me. It takes an effort to finesse, I guess you could say and I have other ambitions

  7. I have a Libra Stellium (Mercury, Mars, Venus & Pluto are all in Libra) but I also have Scorpio ascendant so while I’m friendly, very polite & well mannered, I can also be extremely crude & hostile when I feel disrespected in anyway. In such a situation, my Virgo sun & Scorpio rising combine to deliver a brutal tongue lashing that will most likely leave the recipient huddled in a corner, shaking & scarred by the attack. It is a contrast that’s almost as stark as my natal sun/moon opposition. (Virgo/Pisces)

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