MARS IN PISCES – the Reluctant Warrior?

caution-heavy-fogMy daughter’s got Mars in Pisces. I’ve always thought it is one of the harder signs to host Mars… mostly because it’s like punching fog. My daughter gets plenty mad about stuff, but she absolutely tortures herself over whether or not she has the “right” to feel the way she does. That’s problem number one, the fact that normally Mars really doesn’t want to “feel” stuff, it wants to ACT on stuff. It’s visceral- every action has an equal or opposite reaction. But Mars in Pisces has the visceral reaction, then… the fog descends, confusion sets in and the groping begins. We spend lots of time on the phone discussing what she’s mad about, and in the end she usually comes up with a very creative way to approach the problem that is causing her to be angry, but just like water, it’s a circuitous route she takes, rather than the direct punch that, say, a Mars in fire would go for, or drawing a line in the sand like an earth Mars. And like all water, she has a very long memory for injustices. Only when she feels very, very safe does she let her Mars have an “instantaneous” reaction– there has to be a huge amount of trust built up before Mars in Pisces will just blow a gasket!

Mars in Pisces is the expert at sublimating their ange – hence all the athletes with Mars in the 12th house, or natural-born dancers with the Mars/Neptune influence, not to mention artists, masters at channeling their frustration through the creation of something ethereal. Sometimes the fog is a very, very good thing.

And, since Mars serves the Sun, Mars in Pisces will say a lot about how someone expresses their personality. My daughter’s an Aquarius, and her Mars in Pisces serves her Sun through a Doctorate. in psychology.

If you love someone with Mars in Pisces, I think the best thing you can do for them when they’re mad, is just BE THERE. Don’t try to fix it, especially not right away. You have to let them have their foggy reaction. Watch the bewilderment; kiss them gently on the forehead and just be the lighthouse.

Do you know someone with Mars in Pisces? What’s your experience?


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  1. One of my daughters and I both have Mars in Pisces. My daughter has Sun in Taurus and is a CPA working in a large pharmaceutical company doing internal auditing. I’ve noticed that on the home front she doesn’t have trouble standing up for herself, but in the corporate environment she does. She’ll stew in her anger until the point of tears, and despise herself for being “weak.” For me, Sun in Aires, I have my own business as a bodyworker doing massage, shiatsu, and energy work. I like flying under the radar, working one on one with clients. I think Mars in Pisces likes the floatiness of this field, a perfect blend of science and metaphysics, and helps me to deal with all the different personalities and opinions I encounter. In other areas of life, the Mars in Pisces fog can be a challenge.

  2. I am a rock climber and I enjoy studying the charts of climbers. I have noticed quite a few mars in Pisces as well as mars aspects to Neptune. Saturn in challenging aspect to mars is also a frequent aspect. Climbing is definitely about transcending physical limitations. I’ve been surprised at the physical intensity of mars in Pisces but I would say perhaps it’s also inconsistent.

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    I have Mars in Pisces tightly squaring my Sagittarius sun. In the past I often felt guilty for having such extreme feelings of anger even when they were completely justified. Not so much any more.

    1. my pisces mars is squared neptune in sag. lots of explosive stuff coming from who knows where. i spend a lot of time trying to figure out the roots of my anger so i can actually _do_ something about them…
      and *whew* yeah the _righteous anger_ wave can be pretty darn overwhelming. i have to be very very careful i’m focusing them in the right direction. it’s easy to get my sights fogged up in this instance…

  4. I have a young friend who has mars conjoined venus right on his ascendent. He is an incredible athlete.
    His father and i used to look at his chart when he was young (88′) and kind of new he would be an athlete based on “the mars effect” by michael gauquelin. We didnt know which sport, ended up being football.
    Also i briefly dated a women in London who had mars in pisces 1st and she could run a mile in under four minutes.

  5. Congratulations to you and Satori for your recent Astrology blog number 1 rating! Way to go! Your shared expertise on this subject has a world wide difference. Thank you!

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    Diane I love the way you phrased how to be there for Mars in Pisces- “Just be the lighthouse” is exactly right.

  7. Wow, I wrestle with this one all the time, “Do I have a right to feel this way?”. I have Mars in Pisces in 1H and sun and moon conjunct in Taurus, Aq rising. Like your daughter I have a doctorate in psychology. I am REALLY good at fighting on behalf of others!

  8. How would that work for a man with Aries sun then? And moon in Capricorn, especially in dynamics with woman with Pisces Sun, Aries Venus?

    1. Yz, that’s a complicated question you asked, and is very much synastry-related. Is it your Sun/her Venus? And your Mars/her Sun? Those are nice combinations to have in the same sign! A lot then depends on how those planets are aspected, and this is the stuff that makes for a great consultation!

  9. My friend has sun conjunct saturn and Uranus with a good amount of squares, venus pluto in scorpio,and mars in pisces.

    He has a lot of challenges and gets depressed and defeated. His anger and drive are hard to access. I also think he sees himself at fault and doesn’t see how other people do him wrong as much. He’s getting better certainly.

    But I’m out of my depth to help him. I try to get him to notice when he’s angry and that anger has transmuted to something else.

    How do you support someone like that?

    1. Yes, I could see a Sun/Saturn, Mars in Pisces person being self-blaming at first. To support them, I’d let them go through their angst of self-flagellation and quietly wait it through. Somewhere in there you’re going to hear the mutter of “it’s not fair.” (Saturn is the co- ruler of Aquarius, and is exalted in Libra). That’s a good time to ask them what they see as not being “fair”. Saturn/Sun can certainly take small steps towards demanding equal treatment, but I would never expect a big outburst or dramatic confrontation with this person- it would just be unseemly to them.

      1. Phew. I’ll try. I have a twelfth house mars too but i behave more entitled cause i have venus opposite mars trine jupiter.

        Do you have any advice on how he can get more of what he wants done, like to access his mars, and raise his self esteem? He is a performer but has fears that make it hard to pursue that challenging career (the sun saturn is in his fifth hous

  10. I have mars in pisces, tightly conjunct Saturn and Chiron, wide conjunct with sun and Mercury (late Aqua, early Pisces respectively) The Mars/Sat/Chiron has a nice trine to Neptune in 10th house (scorpio). I also feel like I am in the fog only because things that get people really riled up, I tend to gloss (not intentionally but a pick your battles kind of thing) over UNLESS it is something huge, ie unnecessary death (just happened) but I find when I am in the midst of a problem, I am the organizer of help and advice, so I can dearly understand the degree is psychology my office is a revolving door of solution seekers and I don’t mind, the only complaint I have is when the burden is to heavy it is hard to purge it quickly but I have learned how to over the years…. someone once told me Pisces seek peace through wisdom….I find that very true

  11. I think mars in Pisces is stronger than most people give it credit for. I believe that mars is in its triplicity in Pisces, which means that mars does have some power.

    1. Gee, I didn’t think I was saying that Mars in Pisces had no power. But it certainly would be Pisces-like to be misunderstood.

    1. I’m sure pharvey0829 will respond, but I will just start by saying that the first thing to remember is that triplicity refers to the ancient rulers of planets. Therefore, Mars ruled Scorpio. Scorpio is a water sign, so all of the water signs fall under Mars’ triplicity. Triplicity refers to “trine”- all the water signs trine each other. Complicating this, however, is the fact that the ancients differentiated between “day” charts and “night” charts. The rulers changed according to whether one was born during the day or night. For instance, in the day, the Sun ruled Fire, but in the night, Jupiter did. Only the element of Water had the same ruler for day or night… Mars.

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    Diane, I read something interesting a while back about how Mars in Pisces can best apply its energy. The gist of it was, when Mars in Pisces aligns itself in service of a higher cause (other people, beliefs, social justice), it will stand up for itself more readily and effectively because it’s for the collective good.

    1. ScottishFoldSoul, I concur with your idea. What I’ve noticed, about Mars in Pisces, is that the social actions happen on a personal interaction level.. I.e. social justice, that no one, ever, is going to catalogue.

  13. Being there – keeping to the side where I won’t impede actions (thinking of when the problem requires hands on). Asking questions that might help them to clarify, or vent.

    Offer suggestions that probably won’t apply, but may spark an alternative approach. (This last one, grace of Mars in Cancer.) 😉 Sing songs, silently, in thought; practice breathing quietly & deeply. Because…

    The overall message is, “I know you’re going to solve this… and look, you’re partway there.”

  14. A good male friend of mine has Mars in Pisces (which squares his Saggi sun, like ScottishFoldSoul). He has a tendency to excuse anyone who rightly makes him angry, but recently found the courage to cut off at least one leech-person from his life. His anger bursts, when they happen, look like tantrums, but I guess that’s because of the unexpressed build-up. He’s definitely not an alpha male type.

    My friend is a tattoo artist and body piercer (also painter and musician). Attack (Mars) through art (Pisces)?

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      I’ve cut many people out of my life over the past 10 years, family and friends, after putting up with more than I ever should have. But when I’m done, I’m done. Mars in Pisces, I’ve read repeatedly, expresses its power best through the arts, so it make sense your friend was attracted to playing music, painting and piercing.

    2. after sixteen years spent in a destructive leech relationship i’ve become very proactive about moving on. i have people who depend on me now, and can’t afford to waste my energy…

  15. Thank you for writing this, I have Mars in Pisces and people just don’t understand that we need time to get our anger out.

    1. Yes, water is like that. And…. in my opinion, it’s the strongest force of nature. Fire burns itself out, air currents come and go, earth can quake but not for long. Water… can erode rock— if allowed time.

  16. my sister, Aries sun, is Pisces mars. She has a strong professional career, in the government. She is a very professional, kind hearted, yet, inner warrior type of young woman. She doesn’t talk out her problems too much though, if she does she may do so only to her husband (Libra sun/virgo venus/Pisces moon.) and sometimes, if i’m around, she will do so with me. But it’s usually over the past. I seem to do the same thing, skimming over the past with past hurts. I didn’t realize I was doing so, when another close family relative told me, I keep going back to the past about the pain/suffering, butt hurt experiences like it’s fresh. So I have to stop. I told my mother the same things too, when she glazes over the past, (scorpio dominant) and I just realize it’s a water sign thing, to go over past hurts. But other than that, I find my sister’s water mars very compassionate, kind, considerate and she is easily liked, loved when you get to know her. She acts more libra though, because she is very polite to others, strangers, and less blunt.

    she kind of acts like, that famous celebrity, Aries sun/Pisces mars, Sarah Michelle Gellar, compassionate but tough. Maybe it is because they have Aries dominant in their chart (the warrior is open and out there)

    1. Past hurts can either be a fleeting thing or if the issue is really not resolved, if the soul is stuck there (and I’m betting you know the difference!) then each time you revisit the hurt, it’s like it happens all over again. That’s not good. And I’m not sure you can just tell yourself to “stop”– then it becomes repression. You may need a objective perspective (i.e., NOT a family member) that you trust (it’s important that you trust the person) that can hear you and help you to begin to heal, and then give you tools so that even if you think back to the wound, you don’t get totally re-wounded. Hope that makes sense!

  17. i am an aries with mars in pisces. (sixth house aquarius moon.) i think it’s exceptional helpful… in giving me perspective, forcing me to solve my problems creatively, and motivating me to drill down and commit to addressing, basically unsolvable (long term) problems (rather than quickly losing interest) for the benefit of the collective (or, so i hope.)
    i’m also working on a doctorate (my psych degree is a master’s 😉 and i’m doing something completely different now.

    1. well let’s see now, that’s 3 people on this thread with advanced Psych degrees who have Mars in Pisces! And I agree with your thought that Mars would serve your Sun by actually helping that Aries focus through something instead of just lighting the match and running!

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    I also have mars in pisces. And I do fight. Not with fists, but with the pen/keyboard/telephone or even directly with a verbal onslaught if warranted.. I getting to be quite a delinquent in my old age. Doenst help having mars pretty much in direct opposition to uranus. I think anyone in authority is stupid – they often are – and dont care about anyone who is not them. So I take them on. I’m taking on the hospital establishment at the moment. And I go the full hog. Until its settled no hospital treatment – even if its serious.. I cant stand stand those who dont standup for what they believe in – arm chair protestors.

  19. Yes, Aq Sun, conjunct Piscis Mars. I’m not sure, but a need for group community, playing in different music groups, or detaching by recreational escapism. When mad, sits, music, try to forget. Something I understand in theory, but not inside 🙁

  20. I have Mars in the 12th, and I really relate to this post. I don’t know if that counts, but I’m constantly trying to decide if I have the right to be mad. And I have to feel 800% safe before I have any outbursts of anger. I have Mars in Sagittarius.

  21. Please please guys, are there any physical activities for a sun saturn uranus in the 5th
    And Pisces mars guy
    To channel his drive and get out his anger?
    My friend is about to deal with having less structure and i wonder what he can do to stay purposeful and not melt down
    I havent been able to crack how he can practice his art (which requires an audience) or do more of what he wants so he doesnt beat himself up when he doesnt do it

    1. Any way for him to use his mars in pisces and access his drive?
      Things just become a miasma he beats himself over the head with

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