Mars Retrograde Square Saturn in Capricorn – Frustrating Setback

Van Gogh setbackI had two spine surgeries in three days, three weeks ago. They were my 5th and 6th surgeries in a five-year period. Hard to believe, I know.

The recent surgeries were a phenomenal success.  My spine was lifted off my nerves and my spinal cord is no longer impinged. I had a significant leg length discrepancy which *blink* is now gone.

Ten days post the second surgery, I woke up and realized I was completely comfortable.  I was stunned by this. I didn’t think it possible, I could ever have that feeling again.  As you know, I’ve been writing like a bat out of hell… I’m just happy. But then Mars turned retrograde.

Post the surgery, I did have a nagging problem.  It’s been nothing in the scheme of things. My legs are even. I can feel slight tightness, but no pain, where my spine is bolted. My incisions are fine.  So the problem is sort of extraneous. It’s floating out there for one of these doctors to address. I’m talking about my surgeon, my primary care and my rheumatologist. I will see all three in the next few weeks. I’ve felt triumphant. But then Mars turned retrograde.

When Mars turned to square the stellium in Capricorn that’s conjunct my ascendant / body, this nagging thing, exploded in intensity.  Man, it’s indescribable.  It’s not something I’ve never felt before.  I’ve felt it before, it’s just become insanely acute… and this is why I’ve quit writing.  The pain is triggered by sitting. Standing, walking and lying down are okay. So consulting (not email) is fine but sitting and typing – no.

I know there is not a problem with the surgery. It may be tied in that I’m now walking around straight instead of crooked – I’m also off pain meds except at night. I’m also positive this can be addressed because it’s so focused and isolated. It’s one nerve. I even know the name of the nerve!

I’m going to lying low(ish) until I can get some help for this. I just think it’s classic as far as the astrology goes. I’m not getting out of this quite yet! DELAY!

Mars Saturn is cruel. Have you also suffered a frustrating setback?

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  1. That is awful! And annoying, and frustrating! I’m sorry you’re going through that! I myself am a Leo rising, Mars retrograde is trine my Ascendant. But, I’m psychologically going through some things as the stellium in Capricorn and Mars square is activating a very heavy stellium of my own at the end degrees of Libra. But, it is what it is, lets see if I can keep my head on straight throughout this Mars retrograde! And I do hope your wait isn’t too long to feel better!

    1. Thanks and welcome, Shan.
      I won’t see any doctor until next week and then I will see all three of them, once a week.
      I think I am going into a back brace (this was told in the hospital) and starting physical therapy, which might be the thing that resolves this. I can tell you this: PAIN.

      But in the big picture, I am 80% fixed. I wake up pain-free, daily. Eventually this will be brought under control.

      I am very frustrated though, because I have a lot I want to say – feel should be said, and I also have a lot of ambition at this time. Understandable with these transits!

      1. Get the physical therapy! Hopefully before you see the docs. I just started going for my back and it really helped a lot. Fingers crossed it does the same for you.

        1. No, my surgeon sent me home with a follow up appt scheduled and no brace. He said I would be going into a brace and to physical therapy after my follow up. I’m doing as he reccomends.

          1. Hope it’s going OK Elsa, such a massive shame, nerve pain is the pits but am sure you will end up stronger in the end as an ‘expert patient.’ It’s a long road round that mountain…

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    Pamela Saint-Pierre

    I woke up this morning and started reading your new newsletter and hear of your success with your spine surgeries…3 of them. In 2006 I was kind of thrown in a moving RV and painfully hit my right side which had not been correct since then. Dragging my foot, tripping because I wasn’t lifting up my foot. Having several MRIs trying to find the elusive nerves that could be the problem, but no success, several PT, leg length discrepancies, walking totally off balance and finally told that this because of MS , thinking that it maybe sciatica or even my psoas muscle compromised with natural childbirth, 20 years ago,, lol and I which I’ve known it isn’t from MS. Tired of going to doctors, only to be referred to PT, trying to find my own solution visiting a great DO, chiropractors, massage therapy, acupuncturist to wake up and read that what I ALWAYS knew could be the problem because before that RV trip in 2006, I didn’t have problems with my walking and not a big lover of doctors and trying to self-pick directions of who may finally help ,of finding the impinged nerves that could be causing my possibly exact problems…it was a breath of fresh air, reading this morning at 4am PST that I may have been right all along in my self assessment. Thank you Elsa ?? as I am a firm believer that we are lead in certain directions for certain reasons and I have been a subscriber of yours for a few years. This gives me belief that I should re- ignite my search for finding someone who may be able to help me. Messing with my spine is a BIG step of faith , but to get confirmation to a possible prolonged problem would be a BLESSING.
    I am very happy your surgeries were successful. I have a 3 birthday, January 3, so this could be a sign for me or synchronicity.
    Thank you for your many wonderful newsletters and apologies for this long comment ?

    Warm regards,
    Pamela Saint-Pierre

  3. Hey Elsa just conveying information, my Sadge first cousin is having a similar sounding issue and after going to a specialist it is being caused my her immune system. She has a couple of autoimmune disorders.

  4. Elsa – have you considered getting an adjustable standing desk? Actually, simply elevating your computer on a stack of books, boxes works just as well. Standing while typing, working is better for us.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Hi Elsa,
    I read your blog pretty faithfully and really appreciate your smart, scrappy, honest and insightful approach to astrology and life. So sorry you’re having a setback, but do agree you will overcome and will learn more important things in the process. In the meantime … I second the “standing desk” idea. I use a kitchen cabinet to hold my laptop and then a remote keyboard and mouse on a tray that’s positioned on the kitchen counter at the right height so that my elbows and wrists are at the right angle. You may need to check those measurements out with a PT or other expert who can help you make sure your new “desk” option is truly a good fit. But it has worked for me, and while I can’t write for hours on end anymore, I can still get in a couple of hours a day (off and on) while standing all the time. I’ve actually come to enjoy being on my feet more, and I hope you do too (until you don’t have to). Keep on Healing!

  6. Today was not as bad. The rest might have helped. I may have done too much sitting too soon. Might also be lupus. The weather is screwy.

    Whatever it was, it was hideous for three days. Now it a manageable nagging thing, which is a freakish improvement.

  7. So glad you are 80% fixed, Elsa. Your positivity, and nearly happy ending, gives me hope.

    As for me. The astrology, transiting outer planets are forming a grand sqaure in my chart, smacking my moon, saturn, jupiter and uranus.
    I am having to watch my (now) ex-boyfriend fall in love with someone else. And I do mean watch. We’re neighbors. Watching him be so happy with someone else, happier than I ever made him, though I tried. I never knew he could smile like that. Excrutiating.
    Also having to face my selfishness. Yes I want him to be happy, but I wanted him to be happy with me. I faied on every level. And now I have to sit and watch.

  8. I hope this nagging thing gets fixed. Pain is tricky.

    But the main thing, the great thing is your spine is straight. That’s a miracle!

  9. Yes! Here I thought it was just me. 🙂

    Two setbacks:
    1. I began implementing warm water pool exercise into my life in order to try and improve my mobility/health. I had to take a week off when I developed a chlorine rash that needed to resolve and try to figure out which of the eight billionty creams on the market would make it go away.

    2. I worked very hard on an RFP response for funding for my program for the next four years. We’re told we will get the funding; in the meantime, every day I get yet another email from the funder needing more information or more justification of costs that they didn’t ask for previously. Our work cannot resume in October until the award comes in.

    Elsa, I admire how you handle your health challenges, they would seriously knock me to the curb.

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