Mars In Scorpio Square Jupiter in Aquarius Effects – PURGE

mars swordMars in Scorpio is currently applying to square Jupiter in Aquarius. You can expect unexpected outbursts all any and all kinds over the next week or so. The aspect is exact on December 8th at 26 degrees.

I’m talking about anger… or, rage, that a person or a “collective” may be trying to contain.

Can they do it? I’m guessing not!

This would not be due to some kind of failure. We’re coming to a point of righteousness, if that makes sense to you.

Mars is the point and Mars in Scorpio is all about coiled up serpent power.
Jupiter is righteous and represents the truth.

I wasn’t thinking about this when I started this thread – You’re Only As Sick As Your Secrets. But now I can see where that came from. Subconsciously (Scorpio) I know that repressing truth is making us (individuals as well as society) sick.

Are you sitting on a powder keg? What would you like to release at this time? 

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  1. Today, Jupiter is exactly trine, and Pluto exactly quincunx, my natal Mars (square Sun and Merc, and loosely – 5 degrees short – conjunct ASC. It’s been a quiet, getting-lose-ends-tied-up sort of day. Am I being fattened for something?

    ‘We’re coming to a point of righteousness, if that makes sense to you.’ Oh, it does! Precisely because of this: ‘… I know that repressing truth is making us (individuals as well as society) sick.’ The barrister Dr Reiner Fuellmich has been giving us master-classes on the need to push the truth out into the open, where it belongs.

    But oh! This: ‘I’m talking about anger… or, rage, that a person or a “collective” may be trying to contain.’ I have already done so much anger and raging lately that I have no taste for more. But I bet more will out, if at all triggered. I wish I could do a bit of humility too.

  2. This square will be interesting to watch. Mars will be on my Saturn, opposite natal Mars. So its an ongoing theme from the lunar eclipse. Affects my 7/1H and 11H (jupiter). I might want to fight but wont be allowed to,I might completely block someone’s attempts to discharge their anger on me. Its potentially explosive, and unpredictable. Tr Uranus is in my 1H and natally in Sag thus ruled by Jupiter no less. Wanna fight? Boom. And yet, Uranus could also turn me icy cold. Wanna fight? Talk to my ass walking out the door… Let’s wait and see.

  3. After posting on “when will people wake up” and seeing this post I got to thinking
    ….maybe not everyone is meant to see the truth
    ….maybe willful ignorance (repressing the truth) out there in the world is part of the larger picture (Jupiter) after all it does provides incredible contrast/shadow (Scorpio)
    ….isn’t seeing truth the path to wisdom, when we push beyond the self-serving part that is repressing truth for fear of change doesn’t that counteract wisdom
    ….why do I today (now in this world as of late) have a visceral bodily reaction to toxicity (literal nausea) when I am around those who refuse to see, hear, feel what is in their heart and what challenges them (closed mindedness)
    “Subconsciously (Scorpio) I know that repressing truth is making us (individuals as well as society) sick.”
    HOMEOSTASIS (thru nervous system) must be a discipline because we are surrounded more than ever with disharmony that can swallow and engulf us in a myriad of ways ‘fractioning’ our chosen path to see truth

    1. Interesting.
      There has never been so many open doors and windows as far as seeing the truth goes, as far as I know.
      And… it would not be possible without the Internet, for all it’s downside.

    2. This is where I’m at @hazel. I feel like people are existing in radically different paradigms at the moment. I can’t see ways to bring people across, it seems a massive waste of energy. Better to try to work on my still getting triggered. I do experience a lot of rage, which I mostly hold in, but also a terrible sadness. I also get physical reactions to the lying now as you describe. I think the question I’m asking myself now is, what is keeping me attached to the old paradigm (the attachment shows through the triggering), understanding that I think will help me let go completely over time.

  4. Yes I agree it is a waste of energy at this point and it certainly is not our responsibility either, at some point we have to let go. Taking into consideration Elsa’s comment above about ‘so many doors open out there to allow us to see’ I agree but it is a choice for each individual and that opportunity to choose happens several times a day and many choose not to see truth so I say perhaps not everyone is meant to see truth just like not every maple sapling covering the forest floor is not meant to grow into a beautiful strong tall maple. This is of course is my simplified two cents 😉

    I have been stuffing my walls for years (15+)…any construction/renovation we have done over the years (and we are in one now) I have placed printed articles, medical publications, books of all kinds in my walls. I am now preparing to introduce a whole new section of truths into a new space.

    The anger, emotions and shock are extremely difficult on the body; we are living in times where the sympathetic nervous system is active all the time. The parasympathetic nervous system (rest, digest) and the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) cannot both be functioning at the same time. I make a point to check in on my breathing throughout the day as I go about business because the only way to deactivate the flight or fright (anger emotions etc) is thru breath slow diaphragmatic breathing thru the nose, no special sitting session or anything just trying to keep it in check.
    We have to take care of ourselves!!

  5. I have Mars Scorpio H3 natally, so about par for the course for me. I have an extremely painful hip labral tear for the past 6 years since a fake chiropractor here(South America) disabled me almost completely with a massive push to the small of my back for no reason. I thought it would “go back into place” as it felt like a dislocation of my hip and tailbone, but every attempt to see specialists, masseuses, acupuncturists, etc has turned up no relief, except a chiropractor that fixed it 100% 2 months ago, but that night it slipped back out of place. For the next four sessions he tried to convince me he couldn’t do it again because I had arthritis,more than actually trying to do it again. So I started over with a traumatologist, and he said the same BS. “See this arthritis? That’s why I won’t do arthroscopic surgery, and no one else in the country will either.” So I asked if he would write a letter stating I couldn’t get the care I needed here, but only overseas. He said no because he didn’t recommend it. He also implied that I was not a healthy person for my age, and he said once the synovial fluid was disrupted, that was it for my hip- but I had prolotherapy last year which disproves that, and the only reason I had to stop running track- 10 laps every other day nonstop- was this injury! I was so mad I started crying, went upstairs to the kinesthesiology office, and burst into tears when they asked how they could help me. Cried the rest of the day in frustration and dispair- can’t leave the country for help without a letter from a doctor here saying that I can’t get the help I need without leaving the country. It seems they only treat people up to age 45 with surgery for that, but I never ran into medical agism in the USA. I told this Doc he was probably behind the times. At least I had the presence of mind to say that. Still furious.

  6. I am considering publishing financial abuse of me and my family by a wealthy tenant. He has me over a barrel financially in order to manipulate a deal on his terms – ON MY FAMILY/TRIBAL INDIAN LAND!
    I am afraid of this guy, but must protect my family. I am supporting three families on this rental income which he is withholding. Two grandbabies.
    He has chosen Christmas season to do this.
    He is doing it clandestinely and puts out a very compassionate corporate image.

    Truth is my only medicine, at this point.

    Mars In Scorpio Square Jupiter in Aquarius, eh?

    Makes my heart pound.

    Must be the day to publish.

    Am I crazy?

    Your prayers, please…

  7. watching my child repeat my mistakes with abusive relationships… including a partner who sabotages relationships with family.
    learning radical acceptance and patience is so hard. to step back and let them learn their lessons.

  8. Purges are not solely related to Scorpio and Pluto but also associated with the SN of the Moon and the polarity point of the Black Moon.
    The New Moon last nite hit the polarity point of the Mean Black Moon and some inflated financial vehicles became vulnerable.
    It is now also a “rolling purge” as Mars approaches the lunar SN.

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